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Scribblers were started as an initiative to build a community of like-minded youths, who are passionate about anything and everything related to literature. From obscure poems to unpublished short stories, it has been a platform to perform, share and discuss about writing in general. As literature isn't bound by language, we aren't bound to a particular language or mindset either. Scribblers is a growing yet closely knit society, and we're always on the lookout for writers, readers, performers to whom words are the world's greatest treasure.
We present you - "Scribblers 2.0" : A RC-HITK Initiative!😎💜
Write-up : Rtr. Tara Shankar Chakraborty (President)
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#RC MSIT and RC Calcutta Landsdowne took to the claustrophobic streets of Kolkata to light up the lamps of education in order to eradicate darkness from the world.
, with a prime motive - Spreading awareness about the need to get educated. The campaign started from Ballygunge and ended at Lake Market. Rotaractors spoke to the vendors to persuade​ them to emphasise on educating their children and themselves. We also gave them kits and notebooks and requested them to use them well. Each kit contained pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, pair of scissors and a notebook . This was an infinitesimal effort from our end to create the buzz about right to education and importance of literacy to survive in this world.
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Rotary Awards and Thanksgiving Ceremony.

Only a week to go... Are you ready... #wrw

We congratulate Rtr. Rajarshi Adhikary for being the President (2017-18) of Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta. May the club shines more under your leadership.
May you and your entire team have a wonderful year ahead.
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Throwback to the most important event of our club; "The Presidential Election 2K17!"💜
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Rtr Soumik and Rtr Raktim visited mumbai with a few other rotaractors from #rid3291

Throw🔙 to District Officials' Training Seminar.
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Celebrating 50th Year of Rotaract.
Get this frame.

Go to www.rotaract3291.org
Click the tab #Rotaract50 and follow instructions! :) #rotaract50 #rid3291 #rotaract3291

We wish a wonderful Happy Birthday to the newbie to the club. 😊
#rcclansdowne #rid3291 #rotaract

Congratulations Rtr. Smriti Raha. We are extremely proud of you. Keep up doing good work.
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Rotaract club of Calcutta Lansdowne has undertaken a joint project named "Mandela 67 - Making everyday a Mandela Day" along with other rotaract clubs from various Districts, initiated by Rotaract Club of Vishwahita, RID 3232.

The project comprises of peace pledge required to be taken by every member of the club at the club meeting. The club will also distribute among it's members the list of Quotes of Nelson Mendela as provided by the host club.

We aim at promoting awareness about Nelson Mendela at the intra club level and also installing the courage to stand up against odds and fight for justice and World Peace.

Let us all make this World a better place for our future generations.
#rcclansdowne #rid3291 #Mandela67

On the 99th birth anniversary of Nelson Mendela, Rotaract club of Calcutta Lansdowne pays tribute to Madiba for his anti apartheid revolutionary work.
#rcclansdowne #rid3291

"Some things taught outside academics stays with us forever "

Inspired from the above saying, we, the teachers of Chowbagha literacy Centre organised #HANDMADE, an event to teach kids some skills which would set them apart as well as empower them, on the occasion of " World Youth Skill Day".
The event comprised of things like learning knitting, making storage box and waste bins out of used cardboard. We also taught kids how to manage waste product.
The enthusiasm of the kids was amazing and the workshop gave them a much needed break from studies.

#Chowbagha_literacy_center #rid3291 #rotaryinternational #rchitk #skill #skilldevelopment #worldyouthday #worldyouthday2017

Rtr. Rohit Prince and Rtr. Anwai Archit were invited to the Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Club of Delhi Akash in India International Centre. The installation was super awesome, following to which Club Pin Exchange was done. Both the Rotaractors went on a fellowship to Central Secretariat, explored the area, and had a small discussion.😇😎💝
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All students see in their teachers is how dedicated they are. No one teaches less or more, it's all about who are consistent. Keeping the same in mind, we have resumed chowbaga literacy classes and it was indeed a beautiful start. Kids were excited like us for fun yet informative learning session wherein we organised a quiz on GK. It's bliss to watch their hands shoot up and sometimes scream answers out of mere excitement. We are hoping to have a great year ahead.
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We congratulate Rtr. Rajarshi Adhikary for being the President (2017-18) of Rotaract Club of Central Calcutta. May the club shines more under your leadership.
May you and your entire team have a wonderful year ahead.
#installations #2017-18 #rid3291

Rtr. Anwai Archit along with the members of Rotaract Club of New Delhi went to the Ayudham Society for Old and Infirm. Rotaractors organised an Art and Craft workshop with the kids. Rotaractors divided the kids into groups of 5, and divided themselves into various groups. The kids were instructed to make a Wall Hanging using strips of coloured paper. Rotaractors distributed snacks amongst the kids, and had an awesome lunch in the Dining Hall.
Rotaractors had a small discussion with Rtr. Anwai, and a Club Pin Exchange with the Joint Secretary of RCND in the presence of the Secretary of RCND and other fellow Rotaractors.😇💝
#newbonds #rid3011 #rid3291 #rotaract #rotary #rchitk #rcnd #rotaryinternational #clubpinexchange #art&;craft_workshop.

‌Rtr. Anwai Archit was invited to the installation ceremony (अभ्युदय) of DRR Rtr. Vivek Pangasa and his Executive Council for the tenure 2017-2018. The installation ceremony was successfully organised by the Rotaractors, and witnessed by the invited honourable Rotarians. Rtr. Anwai Archit was felicitated by DRR as an International Rotaractor. DRR Rtr. Vivek Pangasa and Rotarians shared their expectations from the fellow Rotaractors for the tenure, and what all new ideas the DRR came up with. Rtr. Manmeet Kaur introduced our member to the team mates and the delegates. The day ended with lunch and group photography.
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Rotaract Club of Calcutta Landowne wishes you all Happy World Chocolate Day
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Rtr. Anwai Archit volunteered in an event organised by Rotaract Club of DTU. Rotaractors gathered inside the Ambience Mall, Gurugram, set up their desk, and began with the "Organ Donation Drive". Rotaractors went around the mall premises spreading the word, and letting people know how their contribution could save many lives. People were convinced to sign a pledge form, which would help the team to contact the donors in future. People enthusiastically participated and an awesomatic response of 104+ pledges was recieved. The day ended with the DRR visit to the project spot.😇💝
#newbonds #rcdtu #rid3011 #rid3291 #rotary #rotaract #rchitk #rotaryinternational #organ_donation_drive.

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