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In this broadcast, Pastor Rick explains that the Bible says we don’t have to have big faith to accomplish big goals. You just need a little faith — in a great, big God! We can trust God for the unbelievable! Listen to #DailyHope through the #LinkInBio #PastorRicksDailyHope #RickWarren

@SaddlebackChurch interns are attending the Purpose Driven Conference this week, learning alongside 3000 pastors and church leaders from 37 countries and 40 states! #PDChurch #InternAtSaddleback #SaddlebackChurch

This week the @impactchurch staff had the privilege of attending the @pdchurch conference with @pastorrickwarren. Today Pastor @travishearn was interviewed live. Check out our Facebook page to watch the full interview. #pdcconference #saddlebackchurch #rickwarren

Finally made it to my second PD conference! #purposedrivenconference #rickwarren #pdchurch

The freedom to choose is our greatest blessing from God, but that also means we may make foolish choices that harm us and harm the people around us. In this broadcast, Pastor Rick helps you understand that your identity is shaped by your choices. He shows you how to make choices that will positively affect the rest of your life. Listen to #DailyHope through the #LinkInBio #PastorRicksDailyHope #RickWarren

The More Grateful You Are, the Happier You Are
Study after study has linked gratitude to happiness; psychologists and sociologists have proven that the more grateful you are, the happier you are.
If you want to have healthy relationships, you have to start with an attitude of gratitude. You will be far happier and enjoy your relationships more if you will develop the habit of being grateful for the people in your life.
Philippians 1:3 says, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God” (NLT). That simple truth is the source of good relationships. When people stop doing this in a marriage, they crumble. When you stop remembering why you got married in the first place and the good times in your relationship and you stop being grateful for your mate, your marriage is on a long slide into oblivion.
When you think of the people in your life, is your first feeling gratitude? Probably not. More often it’s, “What do they need to do for me? What are our problems? What have we got to get done?” Your first thought is not gratitude. But Paul’s first thought for his friends was one of gratitude, and it is the model we should follow if we want our relationships to last.
Here’s the problem: The longer you know someone, the more likely you are to take that person for granted. Isn’t that true? The longer you know someone, the easier it is to focus on that person’s faults and the bad times instead of the happy times.
That’s why it takes effort on our part to make the decision to have an attitude of gratitude for the people in our lives. The longer our relationships, the harder it may be to remember. But, when we develop the habit of giving thanks to God when we think of our spouses, children, parents, siblings, neighbors, coworkers, and small group members, it’s going to have an eternal impact on our relationships.
#adventuresofchakrapink #Rickwarren #happypeople

To go to hell you have to do almost the impossible...

"Real heroes make sacrifices for others." -#RickWarren #saddlebackchurch #saddlebackav


Is TRUTH AND REAL.From the book GOD'S POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.by #rickwarren #christianlife #godistheway #peaceandlove #neveralone

#rickwarren dice 👉 el peor enemigo del éxito de mañana, es éxito de hoy🏆🙌 ❓
Y tiene razón ✔Pensar que uno ha llegado cuando se ha logrado una meta tiene el mismo efecto que creer que uno lo sabe todo ❌
Sydney Harris insistía que 👉 “Un ganador sabe lo mucho que le falta por aprender, aunque sea considerado un experto por los demás; un perdedor quiere ser considerado un experto por los demás antes de haber aprendido lo suficiente para saber que no sabe mucho 👏👏👏 el #emprendedor de hoy debe estar dispuesto a entrenarse todo los días 💪 hasta convertirse en un aprendiz intencional #go 💪 extendemos ésta invitación a los #emprendedores #estudiantes #amasdecasa #empresarios a ésta #conferencia "Liderate para Emprender" #maturin informacion 📞 0424-9667834 @jorgerivero.r

Our small group is watching the #pdchurch conference online. We learned small groups are relevant ;-) #rickwarren #pastorrickwarren #saddlebackchurch #saddleback #saddlebacklovesberlin #saddlebackberlin

This week the @impactchurch staff had the privilege of attending the @pdchurch conference with @pastorrickwarren. Today Pastor @travishearn was interviewed live. Check out our Facebook page to watch the full interview. #pdcconference #saddlebackchurch #rickwarren

@SaddlebackChurch interns are attending the Purpose Driven Conference this week, learning alongside 3000 pastors and church leaders from 37 countries and 40 states! #PDChurch #InternAtSaddleback #SaddlebackChurch

You were placed on earth to build your character. If you did not need to build your character you would have been introduced immediately into Heaven. Life is a course in character development. Life is preparation for eternity. God's #1 goal for your life is to make you more like Jesus Christ. Build your character by learning the fruit of the spirit. Set goals in faith to build your character and pray, "LORD help me to demonstrate ___________ in ___________ situation so that I may be more like Christ." #rickwarren #rickwarrenwisdom #dailyhopepodcast

Sinceridade sempre com Deus.
#Dia12 #God #RickWarren #UmaVidaComPropositos

Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?
Think about your life right now - spiritually, emotionally, financially, relationally, and physically. Evaluate those areas - are you where you want to be?
If there's an area above that makes you uneasy, you don't have to stay there! But you won't be any different a year from now unless you INTEND and DECIDE to be different and better. Don't waste any time - get on with it!
So, ask yourself:
1) where am I now? Take a self-evaluation.
2) what would I like to change?
It's never too late - be bold and make some goals for yourself.
Message me if you need accountability!
#goalsetting #determineyourposition #makeadifference #goalsetting #decidetochange #betterthanbefore #insideouthealth #accountability #support #beachbodycoach #iinhealthcoach #rickwarren #genesis24

Where would we be without friends to come alongside & support each other?
The happenings of 2010/2011 were a wake up call⏰🕭& I, we couldn't have journeyed without the support we got. Truth is, some days my thoughts weren't the "healthiest" & where I was used to going the extra mile & reaching out, I found it a stretch just to get out of bed🛌 Many miles & milestones later, I'm so grateful times & thoughts have & are changing because of renewing my mind & making better choices, because of loving more & judging, mostly myself less💡💡💡
Big shout out to the wonderful Sheila sharing about "Flow" classes on @spiritradioire this morning. She has been such a support to me & to many, showing us the difference stretching out & strengthening the body & core has made is huge, not just in physical form but in my energy, digestion & circulation👌🏼 I'm more conscious of my breathing & balance & have better posture like in ballet days💃🏻
I love the words of life & truth she brings to meditate on while we "flow"🙆🏼 Everything from Psalm 23🌿& 1 Corinthians 13💓 to armour🔛 & perseverance 💪🏼reminders- especially during planktime ha😰.. so helpful to the mind, will & emotions as well as body. Classes start back September all over Dublin or contact Sheila at www.protempo.ie for more info or to start a Flow where you're at Xxx➡👐🏼💡
🌻🌻🌻 #stretch #flow #healthy #wholeness #wellness #workout #friends #core #loveis #journeyingtogether #better

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