I just love this healing broth from Medical Medium. Feels so nourishing and tastes wonderful. I alternate taking a warm tea or this warm broth with me when going out. Oh and listening to Rich Roll podcasts is always so informative.

Couple new wardrobe additions thanks to the @richroll store. Spreading the message! #ultramindful #plantbased #plantbasedultrarunner #richrollpodcast #helptenthousand #wholefoodplantbased

"There's a huge lie in the world right now and that is that we all hate each other" - Tom Scott


Heading home - and catching up on @richroll podcasts and getting inspired - after a lovely weekend visiting family in Sacramento.
So many great vegan options keep popping up..it is so exciting to see.❤ When we used to go up there were a few mainstays we could count on such as Andy Nguyen Vegetarian, El Papagayo and Whole Foods for vegan options. This past weekend we had brunch at @pushkinsrestaurant and dinner at Anna's Vegan Cafe and great coffee with vegan pastry options at @templecoffee and more great fresh, whole food options and vegan brands at the Sacramento Co-op.

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Hit ye olde starch targets again this week, but dropped down to 88% due to obvious lack of exercise 😂🤷‍♀️. I don’t mind. I’m still achieving my goal for April. Still contemplating doing the guym thing in the AM(s) again but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The weather hasn’t figured itself out so I’m still using that as an excuse to not yog outside. I’ll just keep reminding myself that diet is way more important than exercise when trying to change body composition and work on getting in at least 2 more days of some form of exercise which will most likely end up being walking. I miss just wandering around my town listening to @richroll podcasts. Honestly if I get my sleep schedule arranged properly it’ll be a lot easier. And when I finally get this backlog of vlogs caught up that’ll help too. Editing has gotten really simple since I haven’t “filmed” anything since the second day but I have some things on the list to talk about in that format so that is the big plan for my day off.
Started my starchy week off right with a giant potato + 1/2 and CHILI. 😍😋🤤👏. I’m definitely still on board with this warmed up frozen blueberry kick I’ve been on to get my daily fruits in. Sooooo good! Must try!

"When you put on really effective armor, you do keep things out but you also keep a lot in.” Tim Ferriss in the #richrollpodcast (aka my favorite podcast of all times so check it out!)
My NEW BLOG POST is about my experience hitchhiking and staying at people's house in New Zealand. It's also about opening up to people, about gratitude, and about growing - it always is.
✳ www.grrrow.wordpress.com ✳
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Looking forward to digging into this new book I learned about via the #richrollpodcast The mind is the new frontier of human #endurance #truenorthliving #running #ultra #ultrarunning #book #endure #healthliving #workout

Excited to be finishing up one good read, and starting another. Especially since listening to the recent Rich Roll podcast with Alex Hutchinson, and reconsidering how we view limitations and the role that the mind and body play in finding those. Likewise, I find myself falling back to Ironman training in my daily life. Recently, when facing challenges traveling coast to coast and covering Silicon Valley companies that are tough as heck to break into. Persistence. Hard work. Love the process. Regardless of what that process is, if you follow hard work, results will come. #endure #alexhutchinson #richrollpodcast #mindoverbody #persistence #ironmantraining

Not sure when last I was so utterly captivated by a book!! This is a true story of Rich Roll who went from being an unhappy, over worked lawyer with alcoholism to one of the world’s top ultra athletes...as a vegan 🌱 No mean feat at the age of 43! He is married to a kick ass chef wife (Julie Piatt) who is so cool with her plant based hippie yoga lifestyle 🤸🏼‍♀️ This book is inspirational on so many levels; wellness, love, working through tough times and overcoming obstacles, digging deep and pushing your body to the absolute limits, courage to take the first step, plant based lifestyles, becoming your most authentic self and accepting that life often takes you on a journey you may not have planned but ultimately exceeds all expectations. I highly recommend this book! 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️📚 #richroll #juliepiatt #srimati #richrollpodcast #theplantpowerway #vegan #plantbasedlifestyle #wellness #yoga #meditation

So much research has been done on a plant based diet. The EPIC study (European Prospective investigation into cancer & nutrition study. The EPIC Oxford study. PubMed study, healthy meat eaters vs vegans. Harvard.edu the Nurses Study, JAMA study. Seventh day Adventist Study Loma Linda University. North Karelia Project, Finland. UCSF lifestyle study & how diet lengthens telemores. The China Study. The verdict is eat a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Here is a list of Whole Food Plant Based protein sources. We are so fortunate to have many doctors bringing forward their own studies and implement them in their practice. Many have compiled a lot of the research into books, DVD, YouTube & podcasts. Check them out! #drcolincampbell #ripesselstyn #drdeanornish #drgarthdavis #drneilbarnard

I have signed up for 6 races in my small city between now and October! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️OMG OMG OMG 😲 #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #instarunners #runningmotivation #trainingformarathon #fatgirl #instamoms #fitmom #biggirl #themirnavator #richrollpodcast @themirnavator @iamlshauntay am I crazy??😂😂😂😂#plussizeathlete #effyourbeautystandards #cantstopwontstop

Spending time in nature that is free from chemicals, is vital to our maintaining our gut health. In the mind-blowing podcast with Rich Roll, Dr Zac Bush refers to the health benefits of spending time in the bush - with ferns in particular. Aren’t we lucky ferns are so abundant in New Zealand! My sister and I spent three hours @zealandiaecosanctuary yesterday hugging trees, stroking ferns and breathing in the beautiful fresh air. #microbiome #guthealth #richrollpodcast

Just finished “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll then went straight to his podcast and listened to the episode where he interviews author and endurance athlete, Alex Hutchinson. Added Alex’s new book, “Endure” to my @audible_com wish list. Audiobooks and podcast episodes are piling up faster than I can get to them, but it’s all good. I’m devouring the lessons at the same time I’m learning some physical stuff the hard way. // #rejectingmiddleage #brwrma #thisis48 #thisismiddleage #brwoodland #middleagedman #richrollpodcast #alexhutchinson #endurance #endurancetraining #endure #ultra #findingultra #runningdad

Just finished “Finding Ultra” by @richroll then went straight to his podcast and listened to the episode where he interviews author and endurance athlete, Alex Hutchinson. Added Alex’s new book, “Endure” to my @audible_com wish list. Audiobooks piling up faster than I can get to them, but all good. I’m devouring the lessons at the same time I’m learning some physical stuff the hard way. // #richrollpodcast #alexhutchinson #endurance #endurancetraining #endure #ultra #findingultra #runningdad

Weekly produce haul! After listening to The Rich Roll Podcast episode 353 with Zach Bush M.D. I’m trying to buy as much organic produce as possible. It was quite frightening to learn how much residual pesticide is in our environment and what a widespread detrimental impact it is having on our health. So I’m totally motivated to be a bit more organised. Since we live semi-rural I’m now picking up our order from @naturallyorganicnz when we are in town for swimming on a Friday. I think it actually works out cheaper to do it this way too! Win win!! 🐘🌿🥔

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It’s feeling a bit more like #spring on day 156/365 of #inspiredtomove365 😄 I found some flowers a bloomin’ on my run today and had to just sit for a minute and enjoy the beauty!
Today was a great run, partly bc after listening to @richroll and @alexhutchinson talk about endurance and that basically a lot of the limits we have on ourselves can actually be overcome. Instead of listening to just our body, we need to listen to our mind bc what we think about ourselves can either hold us back or give us the opportunity to totally exceed our greatest expectation. In the midst of my run today, I felt the tightness in my chest from picking up my pace but instead of stopping, I kept going....and you know what, I kept going and started to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This will be my main practice now bc as Alex Hutchinson says, “In a wide variety of human activity, achievement is not possible without discomfort.” The only way to the finish line at the #nycmarathon in November is getting comfortable with that uncomfortable...and honestly, this spreads through out my whole life! In order for me to succeed, I need to just keep going even when it’s painful. Thank you guys for a great podcast, and everyone else check it out!! It’s on the #richrollpodcast called ‘Alex Hutchinson On Redefining The Limits Of Human Performance’. #checkitout


Day 21:

It’s going great! Although it’s only been three weeks, I am confident in saying, I’m never going back. By no means am I saying consuming a plant-based diet is easy, but by no means do I think it’s that difficult. It does help having a wife @nohealani59 who is a phenomenal cook! And yes, still doing #intermittentfasting

I haven’t lost any weight (due to having already lost it prior to this) and I feel this is the leanest I’ve ever been. I’m sleeping like a baby, and I’ve never felt, internally, this good.

The pictures above are two books I recently read, @worldpeacediet and Finding Ultra, that were some of the influencing factors in trying this. Along with listening to @richroll podcast with @drjkahn There talk is around 90 minutes, and unbelievably informative. If going down the plant-based diet’s route is a possibility for you, I highly recommend the books as well as listen to the podcast. World Peace Diet is unexpectedly dark, and a disturbing read, at points, however I found it transformational, informative and inspirational. Finding Ultra is a great account from someone with direct experience in making a lifestyle change.

I may do one more update at day 30, where I will share some of my overall observations.


Inspirational book for guys like me fighting to #refusemiddleage ! Big fan of @richroll and his #richrollpodcast !

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