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1% of All LaFerrari's in one hand😱 Which colour would you pick??👇
By @thomashowarth

Winners always find a way! 💵💯
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You gotta have big brass balls 💯❌
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When you randomly run into one of @progenspecialoperations Itali LMs in a parking lot. You ask the owner if you can park up with him for a pic.

🍖 = murder

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👉🏽Don't get me wrong, I like the fancy clothes, the yatchs are cool, and the cars are nice, but the problem with this video is it doesn't show the work, the time, the sweat and the real investments that were able to make all this happen. Over these least couple of months I've really seen first hand what it takes to expireance a life that is nowhere near average. ITS HARD WORK, like @jetsetfly says "NEVER PROVE YOURSELF WRONG". ⠀

Please don't fool yourself and hide behind the social media blanket, or think you are working simply because you have nice things and associate yourself with successful people. Ask yourself if you are actually putting in the time and perfecting your craft to AMPLIFY your life. Nothing frustrates me more than the people who reach out to us and are waiting for a miracle to magically happen simply because they "WANT IT", but put forth little to no effort to attain real RESULTS. ⠀

The challenge is everyone wants a rainbow, but doesn't want the rain. Everyone wants treasure, but refuses to dig. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but aren't willing to die. In order for true GROWTH to occur in your life, you have to be willing to take ACTION. REAL AUTHENTIC ACTION. ⠀

You need to REFUSE to let your excuses weigh more than your commitment to be your best self, and actually PAY THE PRICE to get the results you envision. ⠀

Challenge yourself to make the DECISION that you can BE, HAVE, and DO anything that you DESIRE; all with an open HEART and a gracious SMILE across your face.⠀

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La Mârle® Parfum Boutique
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Siempre me pilla cuando le miento, no fue intencional baby lo siento... #RichKid

Finally my FTU has someone called #richkid 😂😂😂 #ftuyard #teslamodelx #greenwithenvy ☺️☺️☺️

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