Priceless spending, let me count my blessings 👁🎯☯️🎰🚨🚨🚨🎟 #imrich #richinlife #richinlove #richinhealth #blessed

Summer love’n with family 💜 thanks Kayla & Pierre for the quality time & bbq. #somuchlove #wearefamily #richinlove #thankful #sundayfunday

Sun Shiny Selfie Stick Shenanigans. After 8 shots- here I am!

I had a great time with my wife in St. Louis. Having the opportunity to hang with your best friend, learn, grow and laugh are then true unspoken riches that you can miss if you don't take the time out. #richinlove #summertimefine ☀️ #richforever

When in Isla part #1 🍹

•I'm the oldest of 4 kids, I also have a 30 year old half brother I didn't know until I was 18. I acquired 2 more step sisters when I was 19. (Technically I was 28 when they legally became my sisters.) •Recently graduated with my B.S. from ASU's College of Health Solutions in Speech & Hearing Science in Aug of 2016 at an "older age" of 26. •I changed my major 4 times.
•I have worked in my field & wasn't fulfilled by it.
•I have worked in the restaurant industry bartending for 9 years.
•Currently I have been helping my boyfriend with his business for 1 year.
•I've paid off 3 cars.
•Lived on my own for almost 10 years. •I've had to "start over" in relationships & friendships several times.
•I've lived in 5 major cities to date. •I have ran 3 full marathons, 7 half marathons & a full Tough Mudder.
•I've competed in 2 NPC shows (training for my next show in 9 weeks.)
• So why do I feel like I have accomplished so little? •Is it because my path has been so winding? •I feel so much pressure to be the best bc I have so many looking up to me, yet I feel that I'm "younger" than half of my younger siblings.
All bc I don't have a career laid out for me, I'm not married, I don't have babies yet, I don't own a house, I haven't been anywhere tropical (or even out of the country besides Mexico.)
•But you know what... I have failed over & over & over again yet my family still loves me. They still look up to me & somehow still think I'm a cool person. They still think I'm strong. I am so blessed for that.
•Now if only I could stop telling myself I'm not good enough, maybe I would be able to find my dream job, get that house I want & be a success on my own terms. •Until then, I will keep trying & failing until I get it right. •I'm not sure where I'm headed but I promise, it won't be boring!😉

"She sees in black and white, thinks in greys but loves in color" #blackandwhite #sarilingsikapshot #selfie #richinlove #selfworth #metime #justme💋

Regrann from @living_abundantly360 - @living_abundantly360
Even if things are not going 100% how you want them to you should still be able to congratulate your friend, your partner, your lover or whoever it is because that's only a moment in time that you're having that thought of lack.

However if you project it onto somebody else is going to create more negative thoughts and end up manifesting more into your reality.

Control your emotions and redirect your energy and create something different but don't expect the next person to dull their shine are to accept your bitterness because you can't get your s*** together!! •
You can't stand the fact that somebody else is doing better than you is a self reflection of how much you trust, believe & is invested in to whatever it is your doing....

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Who needs a gym when you can get the best workout of your life right outdoors? Went with my Blakester and @bjonesusmc for a walk through #downtownaugusta and then a 4 mile bike ride with Blakely in the bike trailer, along side the Savannah River. It hurt so good 😅We all left with a little mud on us, tired bodies and an open mind👌🏻 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 🇺🇸
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Uh so since I started my new job the main thing I learned is that rich people are probably more miserable (generally) than the poor and the things you’ll cherish when you’re old and what make you happy now have nothing to do w money and everything to do w love. Idk about you but the latter is what I’m gonna strive for.🐣✨

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