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At this rate I’ll probably have the series finished by the week’s end. 📖 📚// #SharpesRegiment #BernardCornwell #RichardSharpe #Novel #Series #Books #Literature #CurrentlyReading

Two on One

Don’t get in my way

Triple Threat
@bobbywayward1 vs. #RichardSharpe vs. @cupofjoekeys Friday, March 9th in Union, NJ! #wearewrestlepro

Playmobil soldiers: some custom Playmobil riflemen in skirmish formation. #playmobil #playmobilcustom #sharpe #richardsharpe #bernardcornwell

6. přečtená kniha tohoto roku. Že mi to ale trvalo... Ze začátku mě to vůbec nebavilo, ale manžel to pořád hrozně vychvaloval, tak jsem vydržela. Všech asi 15 knížek, které jsem od Cornwella četla, miluji, ale tuhle už si asi nikdy znovu nepřečtu. No, námořní bitvy nechám raději chlapům. 🤔 #dnesctu #dnescitam #reading #books #knihomol #whatiread #bernardcornwell #sharpe #richardsharpe #history

Happy birthday to Bernard Cornwell, born #onthisday 1944, an English author of historical novels, he is best known for the series he wrote covering the Napoleonic Wars with rifleman Richard Sharpe as the hero (played admirably by Sean Bean in the ITV television series).
Cornwell was born to a Canadian airman and an English woman in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and adopted by the Wiggins family who were members of the Peculiar People, a strict sect of Pacifists. After his father died he changed his name to Cornwell which was the name he wrote under.
Thanks to @oubien_ourien for the props 😉.
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So, thinking I would only read the first one, I started re-reading Bernard Cornwell’s terrific “Sharpe’s” books, mostly to get my creative juices flowing as I prepare to write a particularly martial chapter in my sequel to Transcendent Loyalties. Given that Cornwell’s books are like Lay’s potato chips (Bet You Can’t Read Just One), I am now on the 4th one in this series, Sharpe’s Trafalgar, and know full well that I will keep going until I’ve read them all—even though I should be working on my own book. Sharpe’s Trafalgar is a testament to Cornwell’s storytelling genius in that he crafts a plausible way to get Richard Sharpe, infantryman, onto a ship and (eventually) into the midst of the Battle of Trafalgar. I do believe Cornwell served aboard one of His Britannic Majesty’s 18th century naval vessels in a previous life because he writes about those ships with enthusiasm and in fond detail. As I’ve said in the past, Bernard Cornwell is an absolute master of historical fiction. Furthermore, he has several series set in a wide range of historical periods. The Sharpe’s books are a good place to start reading Cornwell. If you like rip-roaring, rousing adventure, I’m betting you will enjoy the books, and that’s even if you think you aren’t interested in Britain’s war(s) against Napoleon.

I full on grew up thinking Sean Bean was called SEE-ANN BE-ANN, the secret Sharpe fan that I was. 📺 @annwarham @debcorcoran28 #itmakessense #seanbean #richardsharpe #growingupinthe90s #SLO5YO
#REPOST @northwitch69

I like to experiment with what I read. So I tried out Bernard Cornwall. Not for me, but great stories. And look at those covers!!
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February #grimdragon Day 4: I cant even.
#icanteven believe it’s Super Bowl Sunday already. Since my mighty Detroit Lions are not in the game I will be rooting for my squares. 💰🏈
Before the game starts I’ll be in 1803 India reading #sharpestriumph by #bernardcornwell. .

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So, being the suckers for Toofatlardies games we are, we've decided to take a dip into the Napoleonic era with 'Sharp Practice'. Being a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe series in my teens (and the later TV series) I did not need much of an excuse to choose the Peninsula Campaigns for our planned games. I then wondered if anyone had taken the trouble to sculpt Sharpe, Harper and the Chosen men and sure enough I found a truly excellent set from Brigade Games. So, even though it will be many months before we actually get our figurines & Spanish scenery ready for some swashbuckling Napoleonic skirmishes, we felt we had to post a few photos of these outstanding figurines. #toofatlardies #sharppractice #95thRifles #Napoleonic #Sharpe #RichardSharpe #BrigadeGames #28mm #militarygaming #tabletopgaming #wargaming #historicalgaming #PeninsulaCampaign

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