In the original Marseilles deck, Justice was key 8, and Strength or Force as it is sometimes called, was key 11. We learn in the classic Waite deck that he switches these two cards, Justice is now 11 and Strength, key 8. 🔮✨
While this fits with the modern interpretation of the order of tarot and the individuation process (Jung), as well as the numerological analyses of Waite's restructuring, as Richard Roberts says in 'Tarot Revelations', "His [Waite] cannot be authenticated as true to tarot tradition, since the earliest known deck is exoteric." Meaning, it refers to an external reality rather than an inner, esoteric one. Waite's symbolism, says Roberts, was left secret on purpose, and now unintelligible to the world. Should we assume it's then, irrelevant?
The Marseilles deck being a much earlier deck, and according to Joseph Campbell, based on medieval symbols analogous to Dante's thought #dantealighieri #divinecomedy show in perfect order why Justice is 8, and Strength 11, as Campbell lays out in 'Tarot Revelations' (a must read!)
Waite gives no reason why he re-orders these two cards. We are left to assume it's because it's more in line with Waite's tarot model based on Hermetic and alchemical thought of his Golden Dawn Society.
My question is, what does the tarot community feel of these two cards being reordered by Waite? I'm working on designing my own deck and very much leaning towards Campbell's camp of thinking and the original order found in the earliest decks. Please share your thoughts!
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O psicólogo e educador australiano diz que o ensino das emoções nas escolas pode proporcional ganhos econômicos e menos gastos públicos.

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Richard S. Roberts photographer 🎥 (on right)
#RichardSamuelRoberts was Born May 4, 1860, in South Carolina, he was a self-taught photographer, who operated his own studio in Fernandina, FL, where he gained a reputation as a portrait maker. Success was achieved as a result of long hours of study that could only be done after he had finished his day's work as a stevedore and later as a fireman laborer. He read books and magazines on photography, becoming familiar with the nuances of lighting, angles, shadows, and backgrounds. His dream was to become a master portrait-maker, with every picture a true reproduction of the subject.
Roberts rented a studio in the heart of Columbia, S.C. Carolina's African-American commercial district on Washington Street in 1922. At the same time working as a post office custodian from 4 a.m. to noon. For the next 14 years, the thousands of pictures that Roberts took comprise a stunning visual history of every aspect of the African-American community in South Carolina's capital city.
The discovery of the glass negatives initiated a major research and preservation project. With the invaluable cooperation of the Roberts family, a display of #RichardRoberts' photographs was held at the Columbia Museum in 1986 as part of the city's bicentennial celebrations. Many of Roberts' portraits have been collected and published in a book, "A True Likeness: The Black South of Richard Samuel Roberts: 1920-1936." The pictures are the most realistic collective images of South Carolina's African-American life in the early 20th century, especially the rise of the economically secure middle class.

An outstanding photographer, Richard S. Roberts showed that self-determination is often the key to success. He shares his time in history with those whose lives he documented through photography. However, for more than 40 years after his death in 1936, this most accomplished of photographer remained virtually unknown to all but his family and those who had been his closest friends.
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How sweet 💕 @sunnyseeds in Powell River BC 📷

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A selection of treats for Fathers’ Day and the Pop Art papa in your life.
From Sir Peter Blake’s screenprint ‘75 Years of the Beano’ (£2,500) to Ian Swift’s ‘Swifts Crisps’ (lithograph, £200), Richard Roberts’ ‘Tobacco and Confectionery’ (screenprint, £125) and Nick Morley’s ‘Pink Cowboy’ (linocut & screenprint, £177) we have the perfect print to suit.

Two of our actors have been stolen!! Congrats to #KateBaxter (@thatkatebaxter) and #RichardRoberts (@richard.dee.roberts) for starring in #AnEnglishGentleman Follow them and see images at @aeg_shortfilm #1700 #perioddrama #historicaldrama #barrylyndon #film #helenkeller #whirlpoolfilm

My first video did not look like this. But we do have the words that we speak. So I speak that I love Mondays! I love every single day, including Mondays!! I’m so filled with energy! You have to speak those things that are not as though they already were. There is death and life in the power of the tongue. I choose life. Hence, I love Mondays!

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Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING ON TIME word on Miracles we were blessed to receive today from Minister Richard Roberts, (@richardrobertsorm)!!
Were You Blessed? Were You Healed? Were You Set Free? Are You Wenting? (Being Healed As You Go?!) Please share ALL YOUR TESTIMONIES below, we've loved to celebrate with you?

Have a wonderful day Lighthouse Family, we love you and there's nothing you can do about it!!
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Join us to hear from our special guest and friend Minister Richard Roberts, @richardrobertsorm - this Sunday at 8:30am and 11:00am. HEALING will be in the house!
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Designer Richard Roberts opens Janacek’s CUNNING LITTLE VIXEN at West Australian Opera this week in Perth. This gorgeous production directed by Stuart Maunder premiered at Victorian Opera last year.

See designer Richard Roberts’ beautiful set design for West Australian Ballet’s production of LA SYLPHIDE opening 18 May at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Perth. View Richard’s designs www.rroberts.com.au

What do genetic engineering, #DNA fingerprinting, and synthetic insulin have in common? All three would likely not exist without restriction enzymes, naturally-occurring gene editing tools to which molecular biologist, Nobel laureate, and member of our Scientific Advisory Board, Sir Richard Roberts, has dedicated a considerable portion of his research.
Roberts is responsible for isolating most of the world’s first known restriction enzymes, drawing much interest from other researchers. In the 1970s, as requests for information on restriction enzymes came pouring in, Roberts needed to devise a way to keep track of them. The result was a database called REBASE, which today is home to more than 200,000 restriction enzymes. Read more on Endpoints.

Illustration by Jenn Liv (@jennliv)
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