So on call is finished. And this is a dram I haven’t really had time to get into. The Shackleton is a mackinlay brand, but is from the hand of Richard (the nose) Patterson.

Crafted from over 20 of the finest highland single malts, this blended malt is based on Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt, a whisky discovered under the ice of the Antarctic, left behind from Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1907 expedition to the South Pole.

Eleven bottles of Mackinlay's were discovered in 2007, ten of which were in perfect condition. Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender, Richard Paterson, then spent weeks in the laboratory nosing, tasting and deconstructing the components in order to recreate the lost malt. Using this recreation as a foundation, Paterson then built upon the blend to create a new Scotch with a real warmth and depth of character, much like Shackleton himself.
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Thurs, April 5th aT 7pm ONLY!... Free
Who wants to meet the MAN behind the Lens?
Richard Patterson, a world traveled cinematographer who just completed an incredible tour of Sicily will be lecturing and sharing his experiences with us, on his new Film Documentary: "Soldiers of the Sea"🎬🎥 on April 5th at 7pm ICF building, Wheat Rd, VINELAND.
Once you read the first sentence of his BIO, you will, for sure, in super power speed reserve your spot.
This is a Free event and we are sure the room will fill in a flash. (no pun intended).
Check out Richards website to find out a little about the incredibly interesting life he leads. Check out his Man
Soldiers of the Sea is a half-hour documentary film shot in Messina, Sicily, that will chronicle the 2000 year-old tradition of hunting swordfish hunting. The documentary will follow the oldest fisherman in the village Nino who one of the last remaining traditional fishermen to practice an ancient and sustainable fishing method.
The environmental issues this film will confront are local vs global food sourcing, industrial vs sustainable fishing and the passing of a 2000 year old tradition...
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Richard Patterson - Modern Love, 2017 (In a negotiation of two languages, Patterson combines carefully rendered oil portraits with passages of abstract painting as a means of generating a binary – and mutual – existence between the two contrasting languages of figuration and abstraction. These “masks” of abstract paint literally anatomize - or frame - the figure beneath, and in doing so also act as a conceptual acknowledgment of the inherent voyeurism of painting. There is a type of nostalgia at play here, yet it is not one locked to an epoch in time, but rather a general sentiment towards the Romantic treatment of subjects, and for the gravitas endowed by translation through oil paint. Often repeating the use of an image to explore the possibilities in a motif, Patterson deliberately plays with the alteration of his references; fusing one figure to another, creating hard edges, masking out areas and filling them with abstraction. The resulting paintings are somewhat elliptical, dodging direct translation, as Patterson’s process has disassociated the content from the subject.) #art #artdaily #artlover #contemporaryart #richardpatterson #painting #exhibition #show #gallery #nyc #timothytaylor #layering #hyperabstraction #abstract #love #source #references #subject #studio #nostalgia #fragment #imagery #postmodern #concept #archive #arensbergarchive @timothytaylorgallery

What a dope night we had playing for @kirkwhalum & @john.stoddart. The energy, the Vibe and the spirit was definitely in the building for both shows!!! Now it’s time for bed...a brotha is TIRED!!! #GereyJohnson #RichardPatterson

My office for tonight’s show with the saxophone man himself @kirkwhalum & keyboardist @john.stoddart. Looking forward to having 2 great shows full of fun and grooving. #GereyJohnson (Guitar) #RichardPatterson (Bass) OOOOOWEEEEE!!!! #SUPERBLESSED #SUPERGRATEFUL #BEYONDHONORED #DrumLife

Listening "Live Around The World" from Miles Davis (Warner Bros. Masters, 1996). Live recordings from 1988 to 1991, issued much later in 1996 on this CD, covering the last years of the brilliant career of Miles Davis. Certainly one of the best albums of his last artistic phase, that is the somewhat unequal pop fusion period. Some Miles Davis's albums of the 80s sound over-produced (at least for me), lacking spontaneity of the best jazz recordings. Absolutely not the case with this album: dynamic and spontaneous playing, inspired improvisations, great sound, even the "cheesy" '80s synths (for a younger audience this may sound a little bit dated; I was a teenager in the 80s: it works great!). Incidently, to me, his best outputs after his long hiatus are live performances. Notable musicians during that period are certainly Kenny Garrett (he plays on most of the tracks on alto saxophone; he plays also the flute) and Foley on lead bass. Kenny Garrett's solo on "Human Nature" is stunning, offering a memorable improvisation; this is certainly a strong moment of the CD, and Davis's playing on "Time After Time" is particularly touching. On the AllMusic site, Scott Yanow concludes his review stating: "No Miles Davis collection is complete without this important set". Highly recommended. Personnel: #MilesDavis [#trumpet] #Foley [lead bass] #DeronJohnson [#keyboards, track 11] #BennyRietveld [#bass, tracks 1-6,9,10] #RichardPatterson [bass, tracks 7,8,11] #MarilynMazur [#percussion, tracks 1-4, 9] #ErinDavis [electronic percussion 7,8] #RickyWellman [#drums] #MunyungoJackson [#percussion, tracks 5,6,10] #RickMargitza [#tenorsax, track 6] #KeiAkagi [keyboards, tracks 5,6,7,8,10] #JohnBeasley [keyboards, track 5] #JoeyDeFrancesco [keyboards, tracks 1,2,4] #KennyGarrett [#alto #saxophone, #altosax tracks 1-5,7,9,11, #flute on tracks 8, 10] #AdamHolzman [keyboards, tracks 1,2,3,4,6,9,10] #RobertIrvingIII [keyboards, tracks 3,9] #jazz #livejazz #LiveAroundTheWorld

To all my friends in Yerevan!!! Be in Tbilisi on those dates!!!! #repost #nefofmiles #crazylineup #vincewilburnjr 🥁 #davidgilmour🎸#ravicoltrane🎷 #richardpatterson #realmusic @nefofmiles ✊✌️🎹🎼🎚🥁🎛

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