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Moving from his characteristic fuchsia works, Richard Mosse has produced a series of monochrome images 'Heat Maps’ and a series of film stills to accompany his new video installation ‘Incoming’. The project, showing now at Jack Shainman, uses a telephoto military-grade camera that detects heat radiation to focus on refugee camps and staging sites, honing it at points on individuals and groups who are long distances away. @jackshainman #richardmosse #heatmaps #jackshainman #jackshainmangallery

Someone fell asleep on me so I could see the incredible #RichardMosse #incoming installation @barbicancentre in peace. Closing next week so if you haven't seen it you should. Powerful important show.

Richard Mosse, Hellinikon Olympic Arena (detail), 2016, digital C-print on metallic paper, 50 x 104 1/2" unframed, @jackshainman, NY through today. @richard_mosse #richardmosse #jackshainmangallery #nyshows #closingtoday

Tomorrow night is a special night.. not only is Wolfgang Tillmans' show at Tate opening, but also Richard Mosse's new immersive video installation 'Incoming' will open at Barbican Curve. For 'Incoming', Mosse has worked with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and composer Ben Frost to create a new conceptual documentary work about the refugee crisis unfolding across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Claire de Rouen will have a limited number of signed copies of the new book on Mosse from MACK. Pre-order now to avoid disappointment - email or message me.. #wolfgangtillmans #richardmosse #mack #barbican #tate

INCOMING. @richard_mosse. 2017 @mack_books
Refugees and migrants across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe are captured with a new weapons-grade surveillance technology that can detect the human body from 30.3km. Blind to skin colour, this camera technology registers only the contours of relative heat difference within a given scene, foregrounding the fragile human body’s struggle for survival in hostile environments.

Richard Mosse. Still from Incoming #72, 2016. Digital c-print on metallic paper, 23 × 54 × 5 cm (carlier | gebauer)

@richard_mosse Congratulations my friend- stunning and vital work, hard earned and well deserved. Richard Mosse has won the 2017 Prix Pictet for his groundbreaking series "Heat Maps". An exhibition featuring the series will open May 6th in London. @vamuseum #RichardMosse #heatmaps #jackshainmangallery @prix_pictet

Just over two weeks left to see Incoming at the Barbican Curve in London, a multi-channel video artwork by Richard Mosse in collaboration with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and electronic composer Ben Frost.

The coinciding book presents stills from the film, following the narrative of journeys taken by refugees and illegal migrants along two of the busiest and most perilous routes leading into Europe.

@richard_mosse @trevortweeten @ethermachines @barbicancentre @jackshainman @ngvmelbourne @prix_pictet #MACKbooks #RichardMosse #BarbicanCurve #photobooks


AntiHeros. - Venu dans le monde en larme, mine de rien je marche en frôlant l'abîme à chaque pas en espérant ne pas terminer la vie en drame.
Un ciel bleu ici et un ciel enfumé la bas je vis là où amour et chaos règnent au même endroit.
Cependant comme toi je rêve peut-être moi aussi en regardant le couché du soleil, espérant sans doute que mon lendemain soit aussi chaleureux que l'horizon ardent devant moi.
Je vis, là où malgré les désolations deux êtres sont capables d'aimer encore au point de créer et de former trois.
Bien et mal marchent sans doute main dans la main, le beau et le laid font sans doute partis de la même pièce cependant si demain m'ait accordé c'est peut être pour que je puisse faire en sorte que ma vie prenne plus de valeur.
Force à moi, force à nous. #Peace

#Photo par #Richardmosse #Congo

Richard Mosse. Still from Incoming #72, 2016. Digital c-print on metallic paper, 23 × 54 × 5 cm (carlier | gebauer)

Heat Maps series of panoramic photos of night scenes in refugee camps in Greece by Richard Mosse. Details. Superb. #richardmosse #heatmaps #heatsensitive #photography #monotone #refugees #refugeecamps #panorama #greece #night #people #culture #prix_pictet

A section of one of @richard_mosse's thought-provoking heatmap images of refugee camps in Greece. Only a few more days to see the @prix_pictet photography exhibition @vamuseum, final day 28 May. Would recommend checking it out.

#London #igerslondon #photography #photo #heatmap #richardmosse #prixpictet #thevanda #vandamuseum #greece #humanrights #refugees #art #thisislondon #museum #exhibition #londongram #bandw #blackandwhite #kensington

#Noveltyat @vamuseum for @prix_pictet photography exhibition on the theme 'Space'. Here @ottosteinert with Tokyo Compression. On until Sunday 28 May #prixpictet #photography #exhibition #award #space #prixpictet2017 #prixpictetspace #michaelwolf #richardmosse

Richard Moose
Winner of the #prixpictetspace, #2017
Moria camps, Lesbos, Greece, 2016
From the series Heat Maps 2016-2017
Digital c-print on metallic paper
Courtesy: the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Tirage vu à l'exposition Prix Pictet en mai 2017 au v&a, London

#victoriaandalbertmuseum #photography #london #lemarinette #price #jackshainman #richardmosse

A piece I put together for Yale School of Management has just been published in their online magazine, Yale Insights. There's a great accompanying essay by my friend Michael Kavanagh (also a Yalie). The piece is about globalization's impact in eastern Congo, with a focus on Mai Mai Sheka, one of the more notorious armed groups in the region, who are involved in mineral exploitation in Walikale territory, and have recently been challenged by multinational industrial mining interests.


This is Sheka, leader of the rebel group Nduma Defense of Congo, and one of eastern Congo's pariah warlords. Sheka & his men are alleged to have carried out the systematic rape of hundreds of people in the infamous Luvungi mass rape, which lasted days, reinforcing the regrettable stereotype of Congo as rape capital of the world.

http://insights.som.yale.edu/insights/portrait-warlord #richardmosse

#london #richardmosse #heatmaps #refugeecampgreece "heat maps reveals intimate details of fragile human life while living at a refugee camp. The project meditates on the condition of refugees through ideas of hypothermia, climate change and mortality"


Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

Richard Mosse, Prix Pictet 2017
Idomeni, 2016
From the series Heat Maps , 2016-17 © Richard Mosse

#v&a #museum #richardmosse #prixpictet #london #exhibition #photolondon #photography

Richard Mosse - The Enclave
An exhibition I went to a few years back where photographer Richard Mosse captured images of the Congolese civil war through an extinct type of infrared military film. It also featured a film on multiple screens in a car park in Soho. It was haunting and powerful.

@alona_pardo and @richard_mosse enjoying a laugh in the run up to what was a very eloquent talk on the making of his #prixpictet award winning work Incoming today @photolondonfair @somersethouse #london #photography #conceptual #richardmosse #alonapardo

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