To the mujeres who inspire, uplift, empower, and love unconditionally.💚 #NationalSistersDay #PhiLambdaRho #Rhosas #sisterhood

We would love to recognize our sister Claudia “Illariy” Alegre for participating in the 24th Annual SAEOPP McNair/SSS Scholars Research Conference in Atlanta this past weekend, where she presented research conducted this past year focused on immigration and documentation status affecting mental health- such as depression, anxiety, and psychological distress- of Latinx migrants in the US. 🤩📊📚 #ucsbrhosas #academicexcellence #thephinest #rhosas #EtaChapter

#latepost congrats to the newlyweds! Wishing you so much happiness and success in this new chapter of your lives 💗 and shoutout to @santias1 for being a great wedding date 😉 #summerwedding #summerlove #rhosas

Guadalupe "Elara" Trujillo
Memory: One of the most rewarding things I accomplished during my undergraduate was sharing an extremely personal spoken word shedding light on sexual assault. As a survivor, I was unbelievably proud of myself for steeping forward and empowering myself through my poetry. I hope that my vulnerability will inspire others to heal and regenerate from any pain caused by others.
Goals: “I will further continue schooling by working towards my teaching credential. To serve my community in all I can, I hope to serve as a High School teacher in under-represented communities. I hope to inspire to reach far beyond the means provided to them. “ We’re so lots of all of your accomplishments, chapter loves you!💚 #classof2018 #philambdarho #rhosas #thephinest #etachapter

Congratulations once again to our 17 new sisters 💚 you all have truly demonstrated stRHOng passion for Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Inc. We are excited to see what the future has in store for us and the contributions to making our ELITE ETA chapter blossom. We are happy to call you our sisters! ✨ #etachapter #thePHINEST #philambdarho #RHOSAS #neoBrunch #beOWT

ΜEET THE NEOS: Last but definitely not least #18 Cindy “Khalela” Rauda •
Scorpio ♏️ • 3rd year transfer • Psychology and Spanish Double Major •
Favorite Color: Green •
Hobby: I love photography! Especially film photography. • "My goal is to become an Autism Researcher in Central America. I hope to show my people that mental health is just as important as physical health and my goal is to discover as much about Autism in Central America as I can for the betterment of my community." #BeOWT #philambdarho #ucsbrhosas #etachapter #rhosas #thephinest #PHOTOGRAPHYskillsA1 #FOLLOWher

MEET THE NEOS: #14 Monica “Chandini” Bajwa •
Scorpio♏️ • 1st year •
Undeclared (leaning to biology or public health) • Fave Color: Green • Fun Fact: I love soccer and going on outdoor adventures •
Goal: “My ultimate goal is to become a PA (physician’s assistant) and then travel around with an NGO bringing health care services to people who don’t have easy access to health care.” #etachapter #thephinest #rhosas #philambdarho #ucsbrhosas #BeOwt #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #13 Mia “Ziggy” Salas • 1st Year • Scorpio♏️ • Hufflepuff •
Communication and Sociology Double Major &
Spanish Minor • Fun Fact: Harry Styles blew a kiss to her in concert. • “My goals include advocating for mental health (and overall wellbeing) awareness and creating an open, safe, tolerant, and supportive environment for people of all identities to flourish as individuals. I also hope to inspire other young Chicanx/Latinx to embrace their identities and pursue a higher education.” #beOWT #etachapter #thephinest #ucsbrhosas #rhosas #philambdarho #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #12 Maria “Almundah” Santiago •
Aquarius ♒️• 2nd Year •
Sociology and Communication double major • Favorite color: Black 🖤
Fun fact: my celebrity crush is 50 cent • Goal: I wish to travel the world as much as possible. Hopefully visit Brazil, learn Portuguese and get to see everything Brazil has to offer not just the tourism that is advertised. I also hope to one day be able to help, educate and inspire the kids from my prenda hometown to dream big and attain higher education. #etachapter #thephinest #rhosas #philambdarho #ucsbrhosas #FollowHer

Shva “Nirvana” Star • gemini ♊️ • 2nd year • communication major and a Chinese and earth Science minor • My favorite color is green , I love to create things and I have a serious green thumb. I love to dance and spread positivity . •
In my lifetime I will advocate for the voiceless and help create a safe space where equality in opportunity can exists and flourish. #thephinest #etachapter #rhosas #philambdarho #ucsbrhosas #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #10 Daniela ‘Izari’ Lozano •
Scorpio ♏️•
2nd year Double major in Chican@ Studies and Spanish •
Favorite color: pink and glitter •
Goal: As a high school guidance counselor, I will push under represented students to reach their full potential and pursue higher education. I wish to become fluent in sign language not only be able to reach Spanish speaking students but also with disabilities. #etachapter #philambdarho #rhosas #ucsbrhosas #thephinest #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #9 Karina “QUEEN” Cruz • Scorpio ♏️ • 1st Year • Political Science Major • Fun Fact: Shes held post malone’s hand. • Goal: “In the future I want to work in government making policies; I specifically want to improve our immigration system. I’ve always had amazing mentors who’ve inspired me, making me want to do that for upcoming chicanx/latinx generations.” 👑#thephinest #etachapter #ucsbrhosas #rhosas #philambdarho #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #8 Aileen ‘Amari’ Arellano • Cancer ♋️ •
2nd year political science + middle east studies double major • goal: she wants to be involved in research of the middle east + us politics. Aileen aims to work for an NGO in the future. • She wants to aid in making the road to higher education more accessible for low income kids in IV. #thephinest #rhosas #ucsbrhosas #etachapter #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #7 Rossie “Erendira” Perez • Pisces♓️ •
Major: Sociology Major • 1st Year • “A goal of mine is to travel the world. My favorite place to be is the small town of Manalisco, Jalisco where my parents are from. “ • “I want to make other women of color feel proud to be who they are and embrace their culture.” #ucsbrhosas #thephinest #rhosas #etachapter #FollowHer

MEET THE NEOS: #5 Jackie “Lola” Ornelas • Capricorn ♑️ • 1st Year •
Major: undeclared but leaning towards communications •
Fun fact: loves to dance, especially hip hop 🔥 #ucsbrhosas #thephinest #rhosas #philambdarho #FollowHer

We wanted to thank everyone that came out to our 4th annual Loteria night ✨💚 we had a great time hosting the event! A special shout out to our Cultural chair Mariela “Ameyal” Cruz Aguilera for taking leadership and dedicating countless hours in planning such a successful night! #etachapter #philambdarho #RHOSAS #thePHInest #loterianight2018

The ladies of Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Inc invite you this THURSDAY @ 9PM to an evening of música, lotería and bomb birria. 💃🏾 🗣😋 CONTACT ANY OF THE RHOSAS FOR TICKETS and MORE DETAILS🌹✨✨ #RHOSAS #thePHInest #etachapter #LoteriaNight2018

Throwback to last years lotería! You still have a chance to get your ticket for our Loteria night happening TOMORROW @ 9PM , a night of good company and música 💃🏽 Your ticket includes a plate of birria, chances to win gift cards and six flags tickets. #ClaimyourCarta
Tickets $8 - contact this page or your favorite Rhosa for more information! ✨ #etachapter #philambdarho #RHOSAS #thePHInest #loterianight2018

By all the laughs, the tears, and the immense work we put in these amazing mujeres and I officially made it to the PHIner side of life! Love each and every one of you !💚 Thank you to all the Sisters for guiding us on this journey 🌹and a special Shoutout to my Big for all her care and support, I’m beyond grateful to be your little along with my amazing twin!❤️#onlythePHInest #Iotaline #ΦΛΡ #RHOsas

Shout out to the Delta chapter alumnae for their Rhosas in Education workshop! #rhosas #EducatedLatinas #EducatedRhosas #LatinasinEducation

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