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At my friends event in NYC!! @toofaced congratulations on your #1 Selling mascara ❤️it to death! with @tinsleymortimer #rhony #rhoc #toofaced

We’re off to Iceland next week on #RHOC and Aspen gets to experience her first girl’s trip! Lol! ✈️

Had a great time in NYC with @stevelodge_oc and @ritawilson on @bravowwhl last night. Earrings by @roniblanshay dress by @jdosi #rhoc #bravo #season12 #nyc #bigapple #hotbartender

When housewives collide!🍎🍊 #RHONY #RHOC

Meghan King Edmonds weighs in on Peggy Sulahian and Shannon Beador’s confrontation at her dinner party. “Not only was Peggy rude to my friend, but wow, what a time to bring up the David/Diko conversation to Shannon! Horrible timing. Not to mention, I thought this was already hashed out? I don’t understand why Peggy can’t communicate effectively – she just plays dumb and it’s so transparent. How inappropriate for Peggy to ask Shannon if she trusts her husband. Then when Shannon says, “don’t go there,” Peggy’s response is, “I don’t know anything.” What?! She implicated herself right there. Shannon is so emotive and wears her heart on her sleeve, so what did Peggy think her reaction would be? Peggy needs to learn better timing and really needs to stop with the cancer card. She gets mad when anyone talks about her health, but she keeps bringing it up. Don’t bring it up if you don’t want to talk about it,” she wrote on her Bravo blog. “I loved how Tamra and Shannon were so accepting and open-minded with Mystic Michaela, regardless of their strong Christian beliefs. Kind of funny how Vicki is afraid of a psychic, yet I’ve watched her have multiple psychics on TV...guess she has something to hide? And I knew Lydia wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a psychic, but at the same time, why not? They are people, too, made in the image of God. It was a little disappointing, but I’m happy that she still decided to come for dinner and wasn’t disrespectful about it.” Details at iRealHousewives.com #RHOC

What a “colorful” party at Meghan King Edmonds house! Meghan has a lovely yellow aura. She is curious and intellectual, she wants to find ways to help people. Therefore, her true intention for having me was to try to help these ladies communicate more effectively. ✨What people don’t often understand about the unique thing I do as an aura reader; is that I nurture insight into oneself and compassion for other people through understanding of each individual’s innate aura colors and combinations. 🌈

Shannon Beador really touched my heart. She has an inner core of indigo that is completely surrounded by yellow. The indigo is the part that is emotionally psychic. She feels other people‘s intentions. If somebody is coming around her with an intention to hurt, she feels that hurt and the pain coming at her. The surrounding yellow protects this vulnerable core with logic and intellect. However the two at this time are not communicating. This is why she will become extremely emotional when she feels intentions of other people but is not able to always able to adequately communicate it.

Unfortunately some people who are intuitive use that skill to find vulnerability in others and exploit it for their own benefit. I find that this season especially Shannon has been a target of that. As I have indigo energy myself, I felt all the feelings she was feeling that night. The intent was to cause pain. I find Shannon to be a very genuine person who needs protection at this time. 💛 #mysticmichaela #rhoc

I have no idea where the champagne went @joeannehannabycummins 🤔🙊😂😂 #party #champagne #fun #besties

It was nice to see the girls for spot of lunch on Monday #rhoc @officialrhoch @itvbe @tatturestaurant #lunchtime #czechgirl #manchester


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Think my NJ Housesisters were the only Cake issues?! 🍰Check out Housewife Wannabe Season of how my friends deal with cake so far
Link in my Bio!!
Xoxo Debbie 💕 #HousewifeWannabe #Debbie4housewife . .
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Love these three with all of my heart! 💓 So much perfection in this picture! #RHOC

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If no one wants to do this for me when i have my baby, i will have to book it myself!! #ilovevicki #RHOC #sheismyfav #only40dollars

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