Throwback thursday! It's been almost 3 weeks since I crossed the finish line at #ecsny and I've gotten so swept up in life I haven't had much time to reflect.
A year ago on Monday I went for my first trail run. It was hard, I walked most of the 4 miles, but I loved it! I turned to the trails over and over as a way to deal with the traumas I was facing and the trails held me, caught my tears and provided me peace. It seems only fitting that trail running has remained in my life as I've healed and moved forward. I am so proud of what I've accomplished and I am excited to see what the next journey is.

A slightly cooler morning means getting this little fur monster out for some miles. I’m beyond excited to have him groomed tomorrow, hoping it makes him a happier little Bork in the heat. I think I was also looking fly af today, and my matching was on point 💁🏻‍♀️ #seeninspandits #runningwithdogs

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Tempo Wednesday! It feels so good to be back in a regular running schedule. I'm following a maintenance plan of 30-40 miles per week probably through June (when I'll decide what my next goal race is 😊). While training for my 50 I found myself running a lot of long slow miles so I'm making an effort to have 1-2 tempo or speed workouts per week. Also, now that Finn is a year he can come on real runs with me (no more than 4 road miles right now though!) #run207 #runmaine #mainerunners #rfth #runlikeagirl #optoutside #forceofnature #dogswhorun

Last #sugarloafmarathon post, because I finished strong, and felt strong thru to the end, which is a great feeling. It’s also crazy to reflect on how far these legs are carried me in the past year, completing two sprint triathlons, two marathons, and one ultra! In long endurance things like this I usually always hit a point mentally when I think “nope never again”, but as soon as I’m done I’m thinking about what’s next. I haven’t signed up for any big goal races yet, but might be looking at some neat big goal ultras for late summer and fall. We’ll see. For now it’s a shake out run, and just having fun.

We ain’t mean to do it to ‘em...
📷: @bby.lissa
Get ready for my next 45 IG captions to be #RFTH lyrics lolol. Pero click the link in my bio and watch the video thooo.

On June 9th, RFTH will be joining @occoastkeeper's Huntington Beach Clean Up! A little less than a month until the big day! Join the cause! 🌊❤️ 🌎♻️🏠
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Happy #medalmonday ! I may have only PR’d by 11mins (I felt capable of more, I seriously underestimated the impact of downhill to my knees and hips), but time is just one mundane measurement of improvement, and overall I’m really happy with how I raced, and all the other ways I felt like I improved. I may have hit a wall at 20/21ish, but I felt overall way stronger thru to the end than I did at my first marathon. After this marathon my body didn’t feel so destroyed and dead, I was able to eat, and do more than sleep the day away, I even got a good buzz going. I also feel like I did a billions time better nutrition and hydration wise this time around, consuming 200cal of @tailwindnutrition and most of a cliff bar. So my time may not have been what I wanted, but my body is operating more efficiently, getting stronger, and recovering faster, which means way more to me than my time! Hope everyone had a positive #sugarloafmarathon experience!

Woooo! We did it! #sugarloafmarathon #marathoner

Who’s running sugarloaf marathon&15K this weekend? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Goodluck to all the runners and thank you to all the volunteers! Remember if you see a Moose run faster! This moose was seen less than a quarter mile from the famous sign (swipe left). #rfth #runforthehills #run207 #mainerunners #sugarloafmarathon #moose #mainetheway

Kindness doesn't cost a thing ❤️ & neither does getting involved with RFTH.. 😉 we'll take all types of bottles/recyclables! 🌎♻️🏠
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#Ten9Promo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST KIND-HEARTED PRODUCERS ON THE PLANET, EVEN THOUGH I'M A DAY LATE (I'm on East Coast Timezone)!!!@breekaysounds I'm incredibly glad to have you in my life!! Although, we haven't met in person yet, your grind is one that I look up to, as the business owner of @ten9promotions!! Your unmatched zeal for Jesus Christ, loving on others and passion for producing is often a driving force for me as a person to keep going (especially as an introvert)..Oh, and thank you for hitting the "heart" on my pics! ('cause IG fam be low key hatin' on me! Lol!) I also am glad that your sister-ship (is that a word?) with @kasairi is genuine, not just business-minded....WE NEED GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS! Thank you for exemplifying that! I write all this to say @breekaysounds that I genuinely love you sis! 😊❤️You will always have my support in business with @ten9promotions and as a brother in Christ!! 😊❤️ Pic Taken: May 14, 2018 #Breekay #Kasairi #BreekayXKasairi #BxK #Assassins #RunForTheHills #RFTH

Happy birthday to the best twin in the world. Pictures really are worth a thousand words and I will elaborate on each one!!
1. Here is from our first project we EVER put out in 2014 called #nosubscribers! We had heard some trash song and knew we could do better! 😂 We decided on a whim to make a project and haven’t really stopped since! I’m so glad we are actually cousins and you can’t get rid of me 😈
2. This pic is from our little photoshoot project called “Javelin”, before we fully knew how to do our makeup....and eyebrows 😂
3. Idk where we are in this picture, but seriously, you are the reason I poke peoples armpits and noses!!! 😂
4. We randomly went to the Griffith Observatory and had the BEST TIME EVER!! Idk how or what we did but we laughed sooooo much and we posed in angles to make it seem like Einstein was holding the phone because we’re weird like that lol
5.. Our second show on our way back home...more travels soon come!
6. Overthrone. We tasted the good, bad, and ugly with this project. It kinda stopped us for a minute dealing with issues on the business side 🙄😒 but we made it through (with Jesus only) because people would’ve been cussed out otherwise.
7. You’re such a nerd and I watched this over and over wondering why I didn’t laugh while you were making this joke because I’m laughing historically NOW! I was probably too focused on recording the candid moment lol
8. You think highly of me 😂 and literally make me feel like I can sing the highest notes in LIFE!!! Lolol
9. This is hilarious and never gets old! 😂

These are the little moments I live for! I love you guh! Happy 21st 😉🖤

#Repost @kasairi with @get_repost
#RFTH 📽: @zachsperrazzo
🎵: @breekaysounds 🎙: @kasairi

#RFTH 📽: @zachsperrazzo
🎵: @breekaysounds 🎙: @kasairi

Man! Y’all never disappoint! Keep on killing it, sisters! 😎🔊🎶🎶🎶 #Repost @breekaysounds
Full video link in bio. 🖤
Filmed/Directed by: @zachsperrazzo
Written by: @kasairi & @breekaysounds
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#Ten9Promo "Run For the Hills" by @breekaysounds x @kasairi (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Copyright: @breekaysounds x @kasairi
Vid Filmed/Directed by: @zachsperrazzo


Pic Taken: May 14, 2018 #Breekay #Kasairi #BreekayXKasairi #BxK #Assassins #RunForTheHills #RFTH

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