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One last look of goodbye before takeoff for the season. See you next summer puffin✌️ #iceland

Shooting with some friends is the best think you can do😊 thank you @ole.dohl and @christiankaukler! It was such a great time in iceland🇮🇸❤
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Thank you so much @samsungmobile_de😊
📷 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8
📍 Location: Stokksnes, Iceland
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Flow. #iceland

The Icelandic puffin is such an AMAZING creature and you can find A LOT of them in Látrarbjarg in the Westfjords🇮🇸🐧
Photo by @marcelsreise

Always better together xx

Shadows cast over the lake as the sun goes down for another awe-inspiring day in Iceland! ❤️ #iceland

Grocery shopping for #vegan ish in Reykjavik has been a breeze. 🙌🏼 I'm seriously blown away by how vegan-friendly this city is! Also, found some stevia sweetened, sugar-free jam! 🙀 I've never seen this in the states - super stoked to try!


Just two Karaoke cats In our natural habitat 🍃#reykjavik #kareoke #nightlife #music #love

Por do sol as 22hs.

아이슬란드의 백야, 레이캬비크의 거리, 코지한 카페 #whitenight #reykjavik #cozycafe

We've been back from our three week Europe trip (the longest trip we've ever taken) for almost four weeks, and we have been out of Austin for the past week with family, and I'm SO ready to be home and start planning some personal shoots, finish up my edit list, FINALLY update our blog and website after a busy season, oh and update our 2018 travel schedule 😍 AND celebrate some great news we got this week! ALL this while simultaneously planning our next trip in my head because I'm already ready to go somewhere new 🤷🏻‍♀️ What can I say, wanderlust is insatiable. 💗

Just Leif presiding over sunset at Hallgrímskirkja. Goodnight Iceland, your capital made for a lovely first day🇮🇸

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