If you believe in something nobody can take it away from you
If you stay strong nobody can beat you down
If you stay true to yourself nobody can drag you down - stay positive and you'll attract those things in your life you need on your way to a better world! 💚 #motivationtuesday #motivation #newera #revolutionarysociety #staystrong #forabetterworld #believe #standup #fightforrights #staywoke #passion #dreams #goals #goodvibesonly #keepitgoing #nevergiveup #bethelight #shine #innerpeace #earthling #happiness #love #peace #harmony #revolution #inspiration

Can't contain my excitement. Two feminist Muslim icons, Susan Carland and Hana Assafiri, are the new owners of "I Am My Own Guardian" limited edition prints. These prints are so limited edition i printed only three. Which means there's only one print left. If you're in Melbourne and would like to own the last one get in touch with me. The artwork is printed in blackish ink on off white 300 GSM BFK (acid free archival) and is 80x120cm. And of course signed and editioned. And yes that's Waleed, he's a feminist icon too 💜 #urbanwalls #SaudiArt #SaudiFeministArt #IAmMyOwnGuardian #أنا_ولية_أمري #feministicons #سعوديات_نطالب_باسقاط_الولايه #HanaAssafiri #printmaking #screenprinting #madeatsca #usyd #sydneybasedartist #sydneycollegeofthearts #MoroccanDelicacy #conversationsalon #melbournelife #melbourneeats #melbourneiloveyou #melbournefeministart #arabiccalligraphy #silkscreen #عيشي_حرة #MsSaffaa #revolutionarysociety #ResistanceArt

Melbourne people, I will be speaking at this event on March 2nd with some fantastic speakers and performers. Please join us. Link to the event in my bio. "Thinkers & Makers Salon @ The Good Room is on Thursday March 2nd from 6.30pm. Join our awesome host Sukhjit Khalsa and guest presenters Ghassan Hage (anthropologist and author of "White Nation"), Ms Saffaa (street artist, researcher and cultural activist), Nazid Kimmie (poet, writer, multi-media artist), Fiona Boyd (entrepreneur and founder of ArtsHub) and special guest musician Hari Sivanesan (internationally acclaimed veena artist) for an evening of creative presentations, discussions, performances and music. Refreshments and nibblies provided. Book online NOW!
We look forward to seeing you on the night." #revolutionarysociety #MsSaffaa #melbournelife #MelbourneEvents #ilovemelbourne #Artandactivism #culturalactivism #brunswickeast #lygonst #Ilovelygon #thisisbrunswick #MelbourneCity #melbourneculturalevents

The government has discovered our power and they're scared. #EndGovernmentCorruption #RevolutionarySociety

Super stoked to get blocked by @revolutionarysociety for pointing out the historical fact that Mexico did not exist when this map was made and that the US existed and occupied most of the territory on this map decades before Mexico existed.

Fact: the nation of Mexico was established in 1821. Prior to that it was territories controlled by France and Spain. Prior to that it was land controlled by indigenous people who had no concept of what "Mexico" was and certainly never established the borders depicted in this map. If knowledge is power, as that page claims, @revolutionarysociety is the intellectual equivalent to a solar powered flashlight. When you're ready for real truth, from a real libertarian, unblock me.
Until then, @revolutionarysociety sorry you have anal discomfort and yes, I block back.
#igmilitia #truth #libertarian
#history #butthurt #revolutionarysociety

A wise man once said,"The people will only UNITE & NATIONALIZE when their conditions change."
The days of marching, and asking for civil rights is fruitless, yields no real results, and is quite embarrassing now.
Power is the illusion of force.
The pale skin dominates because he overstands the mass usage of fear.
As well as the negative effects it has on our physical frames.
Lack of knowledge breeds fear.
We as a community do not have the proper knowledge to govern ourselves, and because of that foreigners, who don't even own the water or the land, are selling it to you, but only after they poison it, and it appears our communities only response is to get celebrities involved or donate water ?
Noble deeds & gestures but does it stop the next selected official from doing the same ?
When does the nonsense stop ?
If you haven't noticed these racial incidents are increasing daily, and are clearly on a systemic level.
What is taking place in Detroit is just a test run for what the pale skin has planned for doing, across the land.
All planned by the United Nations - See Agenda 21.
The Elders stated years ago that the pale skin here in America, would drive the Unconscious Muurs or 'blacks' back to their Nationality, by the usage of racism.
The problem of racism has been properly identified but how to deal with it sadly has not.
We are far to accepting of racism and what it brings, we act as if this life is ok ?
Our Creator did NOT make us to be ruled by these people or any people. We are Muurs !!??
The European Nations will not assist us in our endeavors to become a Nation again, and some of our own brothers & sisters will help them work against Us.
When are we - as a Nation of intelligent people, going to decide once and for all, how are we to deal with this issue called racism ?
Are you not tired of it ?
History has shown us that oppression can only be defeated by a Nationalized United Front. It is written that - Fire burns, but it also purifies.
Muur Love Beloveds.

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