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Using up that FSA! These items qualify 😍 Now let's see if this works 🤔 #revivelighttherapy #larocheposay @revivelighttherapy @larocheposayusa

Been using this red light therapy device from @revivelighttherapy to stimulate collagen growth and remove dark spots. And it's been working like a charm! Check out my latest blog post to read all about it. If you decide to get one use code anickalights for 20% of your purshase 💰
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It’s BOGO time! Purchase our new dpl® Neck Pillow Pain Relief light therapy system and get a 2nd device free. Click the link in our bio for details. #revivelighttherapy #bogo

Guys! I wrote about my blue light face wand on the blog! This has been one of the most requested blog topics since I've launched, and I wanted to tell you all about my @revivelighttherapy journey. Link in bio! #nofilter #nomakeup #bigsteps #revivelighttherapy #ledtherapy

Getting pretty for Marrakech Kerdashian style 😜. 2 more sleeps. #revive #ledlighttherapy #revivelighttherapy #hotsalon #marrakech

So happy to have this 2day #revivepainwrap #revivelighttherapy between my shoulder & my hip it feels so good! #kkhips #kkfit

@revivelighttherapy Has some Amazing Light therapy tools for anti-aging, pain and this cool baby is for spot treating acne!!!
"THE SPOT" retails for $29 and is their portable version of several size options for their ACNE light therapy. It's both usb powered & battery operated so you can use it on the go.FDA cleared & a safe non-invasive acne treatment and preventative tool. I was sent this about 3 weeks ago & my son and I both have given it a good test & still use it daily! It's no joke! This truly works, and ITS FAST! When he'd wake up & Says "ugg I'm breaking out"I said use the tool, now he comes to me "where's that light thing?"🙄 Both of us notice our random acne pop ups heal 3X faster using The Spot😗 I've started using it more on areas that tend to break out & have had less break outs from it!❤ Ok, so this is the small one meant for spot treating which is perfect for myself & son so when we see face demons pop up we do the painless, fast treatment & within less than a 1 1/2 days those angry face demons are banished! We've also noticed LESS breakouts as this Kills acne-causing bacteria, clears existing breakouts & prevents acne flare-ups .Safe for all skin and tones and types, including sensitive skin like mine🤗 I'm loving this tool and since they make the anti-aging tool I'm all about that tool now!😃 Thank you to @revivelighttherapy and Paris 💕for sending me this life changer!
Find it at : revivelighttherapy.com or @revivelighttherapy link in bio😉*pr

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We're rockin our halo light @beautycon. #beautyconla #revivelighttherapy

It's almost Black Friday/Cyber Monday and NewBeauty.com posted about some amazing deals. Check it out! 📝 @danifontani ✌🏼️😉 @revivelighttherapy @mdsolarsciences #blackfriday #cybermonday #revivelighttherapy #mdsolarsciences #newbeauty


We have a new website! To celebrate, we're offering 20% off site-wide. Use the promo code “NewWebsite" at checkout and enjoy all the benefits of LED light therapy. Click the link in our bio for more info. Sale ends Friday!

Respect the skin you’re in. #revivelighttherapy

Stay focused, stay sharp, stay motivated. #revivelighttherapy

Don’t let darkness keep you down, always keep moving toward the light. #revivelighttherapy

View from the top. 👐 #revivelighttherapy

Take your body and mind to new places, and let ReVive Light Therapy take care of the rest. #bodyrestoration #revivelighttherapy

It’s BOGO time! Purchase our new dpl® Neck Pillow Pain Relief light therapy system and get a 2nd device free. Click the link in our bio for details. #revivelighttherapy #bogo

Our dpl® technology reaches deep into joints and tissues to generate increased circulation and remove toxins. #revivelighttherapy

Always push yourself, you may be surprised at what you can accomplish. #revivelighttherapy

One more day to shop our 10 new products with a special discount code. Use the code REVIVENEW at checkout on our website for 30% off! #REVIVENEW #sale

Bright lights, big city. #reVivelighttherapy #ilovenewyork

When you have that Friday Glow. 💡💥

Get your head in the game. 🏀 #gameface #gameon

Something special every day! Check out @zulily for special deals on our devices in the Fitness & Recovery Event. Link in bio 👆#revivelighttherapy #zulily #zulilyfinds

SMILE 😄! Whiter teeth and healthier gums are a flash of light away. Our dpl Oral Care whitens teeth, freshens breath, reduces gum bleeding and pain, and enhances gum health. #revivelighttherapy #oralcare

“It’s in your hands, take action.” Today, on World Arthritis Day, we join the effort to raise awareness of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. Our dpl Flex Mitt uses infrared light to provide comfortable, quick relief of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. #revivelighttherapy #worldarthritisday

Red to blue - our lights are designed to fight everything from acne, to pain, to aging, to bacteria - and more. #revivelighttherapy #lighttherapy

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