The past six months of my life included a lot of struggle, failure, and learning. I’ve never been more challenged physically, mentally, or emotionally. Everyday came with a new challenge, but with strength, support, and determination I overcame my injury. 6 months ago I completely ruptured my ACL, tore my lateral meniscus, and strained my MCL. Today, I’m glad to say I am 100% cleared. Thank you to everyone who never gave up on me. I’d also like to thank those who did choose to give up on me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without both. So thank you all for your support❤️ I’m back😈 #revengetour #btmw #trusttheprocess

Our next senior is #26 Jessy Snyder. To her “Detroit mercy has given me the opportunity to grow academically and athletically while staying close to home.” #DetroitsCollegeTeam #revengetour

Starting off today’s Senior Countdown is #9 Brittany Fenney. For her Detroit means “a second home and an eye opening experience giving me the opportunity to learn about myself and make some great friends.” #DetroitsCollegeTeam #revengetour

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