Feeling it! That was tough. Ended these 20 miles at 85 degrees today and with the 7 at GMP yesterday, I am FEELING IT! I kept my pace easy on this one because I knew I needed 3 hours on my feet. My Garmin had my back on this strategy too because after mile 2 my pace was stuck at 3:20 so even if I wanted to start playing beat the clock I couldn’t see my pace real time (note to self: look into that Garmin fix before race time!) Taper time and ready to get race ready! ☺️☺️ .
#mile splits: 9:15, 8:56, 8:55, 8:42, 9:00, 9:25, 9:24, 9:17, 9:10, 9:23, 9:38, 9:30, 9:15, 9:09, 8:41, 8:40, 9:32, 9:39, 9:46, 9:42
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I’m just feeling off today. I need to get a last 20 miler in soon so I can begin tapering and I thought today was the day. I didn’t get out the door until after 1PM and it had already reached 84 degrees. I got 4 miles in 7:42 and went seeking a/c at the gym for another 3 miles at 7:42. I know this is good pace on paper and right where I need to be but I just couldn’t get my head in the game, my tummy felt off, my legs were cramping. I need to go home, roll, reset and mentally get ready to show up tomorrow (hopefully earlier in the day). 2 training weeks left until my marathon 😲😲 Things are getting real.
#marathongirl #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #goalchaser #bostonqualifier #upsanddowns #marathontraining #runchat #runnersofinstagram #happysaturday

Most classic Kori trail fall to date. I saw the rock, but I was thinking about cheese and failed to pick up my foot high enough to clear the rock 😹😹😹 #itsallaboutthecheese #coordinationisoverrated #bqorbust #hansonsmarathonmethod #headupwingsout #territoryrunco #oisellevolée #runwild #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon

Saturday's run was my third 20 mile run of this #marathontraining cycle. One more to go and officially 4 weeks from #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon.

I took a few days off prior to this one to make sure my legs felt right. I've been battling some mild aches and pains. Typical for my training. Wednesday I did some track style intervals on the Treadmill and then rested until Saturday.

Saturday I started with @kristinatobler in the dark at 5:30 am. We both had twenty miles in mind with a slightly different route but with the same ending spot. I gave her a 15 minute start given our different paces. Thank goodness for my #blackdiamondstormheadlamp The darkness was opened in front of me until the sun came up. It was still smokey in the valley and a little warm. I also was unwise in eating a lot of junk on Friday which I felt on this one. Despite that I went after a target pace of 7:52 or better. Nailed it with a 7:40 pace. Two more weeks and I'll start tapering because the #lightattheendofthetunnel. Kristina was also successful on her 20, her furthest ever!

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Oh, the blinding optimism of a new pair of race day kicks. The intoxicating smell of new running shoes, the bright happy colors, fills me with indescribable joy. This is my bliss. Four weeks til race day. #bqorbust #hansonsmarathonmethod #headupwingsout #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #oisellevolée

I've worn this bracelet almost every minute since it was produced soon after the Boston Marathon bombing. It's five weeks til race day and I'm trying to live up to this mantra. I've run 640 miles, lost 20 pounds, and challenged myself to run faster than I thought I could. Every step of the journey is the journey #bqorbust #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #hansonsmarathonmethod #headupwingsout #territoryrunco #runwild #neverthelessshepersisted

Good #morningrun. Got a bit of a late start so it was warm and very smokey. It was nice to be back up #MiddleCanyon after it was closed for a few weeks due to a forest fire. I was glad to see the canyon was still intact other than a few burned scars up high (see the second pic). 15 miles with a target pace of 7:35. Mission accomplished.

The next three weeks I plan on ramping it up before concluding with a two week #taper before #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon.

#haveagoodrun #runoutside #runUtah #goals #training #motivated #running #instarunners #runhappy #seenonmyrun #fasterwithage #nowgogetit #findyourstrong #irun #optoutside #runningman #health #runnerscommunity #runitfast #marathontraining

New week and goals! .
8 miles at an easy pace, 8:32. I don’t know why this felt way easy. I think it’s cuz I ran my long run Friday and than did recovery run Saturday and took Sunday of. This morning my legs felt so refreshed! I think I am going to try that again when I have a supper long run! Cuz I love ❤️ how good my legs feel, even after 8 mile run! .
Happy Monday and cheers 🥂 to new week of race training! 6 weeks left till #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon 😱

(Selfies are just so much easier than the photo timer... 🤪) First time running up part of the infamous Gibraltar Rd. What a beautiful sight on foot! Proudly closing out the week with 52 miles! I’ve been focusing on slowing down the pace lately to be able to get to these digits and it’s been paying off. This “recovery run” (if you can call it that with 1,300 ft of vert) post 20 miles yesterday felt way too darn good. With 8 more weeks to go of training, I can’t help but think that whatever happens on race day it’s truly about the journey and not the destination. What a journey it has been thus far!
#revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #marathontraining #radrabbit #gibraltar #santabarbara

@viacalligraphy credit
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Always root for yourself and root for others 💪

Woman to me as I ran by her for the third time on my tempo laps #shevlinpark: you must be training for something! Me: a Boston qualifier! Her response: good girl!! Thank you, kind stranger, for acknowledging my effort. At that moment, it meant everything ♥️ #bqorbust #hansonsmarathonmethod #oisellevolée #territoryrunco #runwild #workhard #dreambig #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #eightweekstogo

Thank you America for the opportunities you’ve given me for the past 23 years! Belated Happy Birthday! 🇺🇸 While everyone had the freedom to immerse themselves in the glorious warm sunshiney day yesterday, I had to pay my work holiday duty for the year. Yay for all National holiday freedom for the rest of the year!!! While on-call I was able to get some mileage in at the track. 🙌🏽 Of course, while carrying my phone in hand and in paranoia after every text messages I received. My hubs ran to the track to meet me and we were able to enjoy a short walk beachside. 😎

Congrats to my hubs for doing the dishes, doing his own laundry, taking Kinley out for her daily run... (He really likes kudos! 👍🏽😉) Oh yeah.... and placing 3rd overall at the Semana Nautica 15k in our neighborhood Elings Park. But seriously, way to represent on your first local race in our new hometown @chrisglibert ! 😘

#USA #sbcc #borntorunfree #santabarbara #marathontraining #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #4thofjuly2018 #radrabbit #runinrabbit #runningcouples

Hooray for lasting 5 miles in the stroller today with only having to stop once because of fighting kids! 👏🏼 Gorgeous (but windy) run this morning to complete another week of marathon training! #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #marathontraining2018 #mybiggestfans

Lucky is a husband who has a wife that follows him not knowing where, how far, how long, and what conditions. 🤪

Ran 7 miles around Hope Ranch on Friday on wood chip trails, bugs galore, squishy dirt with lots of🐴 💩. Not exactly my ideal run, but new and interesting nonetheless.
15+ miles the following day with @lauralaubs, followed by a Summer Solstice Party with the best co-workers, and enjoyed the parade with an old friend from Savannah.
8+ Sunday Funday miles on Mountain View Drive to top off a 48-mile week of running!
So thankful for a weekend filled with good people, exploration, new running routes, and healthy legs, head, heart, and lungs that feel invincible!!! #santabarbara #radrabbit #runinrabbit #revelbigcottonwoodmarathon #marathontraining #chasingboston

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