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I honestly wish I could go back and relive Saturday all over again. I was so nervous, but I had so much fun!!! Plus, 4 hour conversations with your best friend are always a good time, right? Stoked for next year!!!! #revelbigcottonwood

The baby comes when the baby wants to come β€” even at Mile 8 of a half marathon. #revelbigcottonwood

The same, but different. But really...the same. @kalecardelivers @brycematteson #REVELBigCottonwood

Celebrating friendships and a new half marathon PR of 01:46:00 at #revelbigcottonwood #halffanatics #doubleagent #whydtheyhavetocutsharonout

I finished!!! 3:15:41 (7:28 pace) and 2 min faster than last year! I'm so so happy and so so happy I'm done! I feel like I cruised down that mountain (my half was a 1:32 😳... and mile 13 was a 6:30 pace... never ever thought I could do that). The last 10k were so rough.. I walked a lot! @lyddarunnergirl is a saint of a friend and met me at Mile 18 and paced me for that horrible out and back and she literally pushed me up the mountain to go hit my goal!! I can't thank her enough! I fought for every step but kept saying what my coach told me "the body achieves what the mind believes"!! I also met some super cute insta friends in real life today!!! And my family killed their half marathon today:) so many PR's they worked so hard for!! Thanks to all my friends tracking me, texting me, and messaging me!! Means so much 😘. SO HAPPY!!!! #bostonbound #runrevel #cottonwoodcanyon #revelbigcottonwood #marathon

We have trained together via snap chat and Marco Polo app for the past 5 months 1,500 miles apart. Tomorrow we bust out the 26.2 TOGETHER!! So so excited to run my first marathon with my bestie! #revelbigcottonwood #packetpickup

By far my slowest half marathon, and yet probably the proudest I've felt after running one. // The weeks following Alijah's birth were the most sedentary of my adult life. I didn't even attempt to run until 12 weeks postpartum (with good reason - thanks @birthfit!). Combined with very minimal training (those tiny humans are pretty convincing when they want you to spend all your free time with them 😍) my goal for this race was simply to finish in one piece. Mission accomplished. Although I think my hips felt better after passing a child through them than they do now. 😜Thanks to @runrevel for putting on an incredible event, and to my family for being the best supporters a girl could have. @adrianconway_ @courtbudzin @budzinlj @suejbriggs #revelbigcottonwood #5monthspostpartum


7 days post #revelbigcottonwood and I have a black toenail! The funny thing is, I ran in shoes a full size bigger! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Good thing I'm not a girly girl and worried about my pedi, ahem, or lack there off. #badass #runnerrightofpassage #runner #ketorunner #activeketo #ketoendurance #ketoathlete

It's been 1 week since marathon and this is how I feel: in a word? YES.
I had a Friday night with no stress of having to get to bed early, eat something fueling but not too heavy because of early bedtime/wake up, also got to drink some wine.
Experienced my first Saturday morning sleeping in for the first time in MONTHS...actually, the dog woke me up at 5 because he's now used to the early breakfasts, quickly sorted that out and was sooo happy that I got to go back to bed!
Arms are super sore from working out upper body for the first time in forever. Working out was bloody hard, but I'm excited to get back into full body work outs and not just slow, long cardio.
Been feeling tired and a bit unmotivated from lack of strict schedule. Figuring out what feels right to get back into routine. Overall? Marathons are sooo overrated. Happy to be done and done!! The thing I miss the most? Running with this chic last week.
#longpostsgetmosts #revelbigcottonwood #postmarathon #runhappy

Haciendo mi reverencia πŸ™‡ πŸ™ πŸ™‡
siempre respetando la distanciaπŸ’›
#runrevel #revelbigcottonwood
#marathontraining #chimarathon
#boston2018 #tercosyfirmes

Great time last week and fun to celebrate a few personal victories. Now back to the grind and looking forward to what's next! #izzoultrarunning #revelbigcottonwood #runrevel #bigcottonwoodmarathon

I'm baaaaack!! Holy crap this felt amazing 😍 when I tried to run Wednesday it hurt quite a bit; I've felt so lost and off all week not running, but today when I cranked up the treadmill and started running it felt SO good 😍 and the joy that coursed through me was insane. Does that make me officially a runner? 😳
All of the sudden I feel ok again ❀️
Shoutout to @runrevel for these awesome socks from my swag bag at #revelbigcottonwood
#run #runner #running #runnergirl #runners #runnersofig #runstagram #runneracommunity #runlikeagirl #igrunners #instarun #momswhorun #motherrunner #marathonmom #marathoner

I honestly wish I could go back and relive Saturday all over again. I was so nervous, but I had so much fun!!! Plus, 4 hour conversations with your best friend are always a good time, right? Stoked for next year!!!! #revelbigcottonwood

This Sport is my β€œOh Yes, Time to Fly πŸ¦…β€

Race pics are in so I guess it's time for a race report. For the second year in a row I didn't get that sub 3:30 (I may need to re-evaluate this goal 😬). Same as last year... I knew within the first 3 miles it wasn't my day. Legs were heavy and heart was roaring (not a good combo), and such a heartbreaker since I'd had three 20 milers in training that left me feeling confident. Somewhere around mile 5 I decided to go for it anyway.... maybe with plenty of Gu and a little luck I might stay on target πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. But as the miles slipped by I knew there was no sub 3:30 happening that day, and the wall hit hard again at mile 20. Lessons learned: 1) don't wear slick fancy running socks! My foot slid all over the place and boy are my toenails mad now 😣 2) A dedicated running partner @kspend is an amazing thing... I only missed three runs this summer, and all three were when one of us was out of town. 3) I've got to readjust my taper/carbo-loading schedule. My legs were HEAVY starting 5 days out from race day... my Friday shakeout run didn't leave me with high hopes for the next day. πŸ˜” Blessings realized: 1) I have a way supportive husband and kids that love me a whole lot (already knew that though πŸ˜‰). And that is better than any race time πŸ’•πŸ™πŸΌ. 2) We are safe and sound right now in a home that is completely intact. I ran mile 16 with a guy from FL who didn't know status of his home anymore since Irma had moved west. I had just been worrying that the aid station would run out of Gu #perspective πŸ˜”Victories: 1) I successfully used fuel for the first time this training cycle and really liked it! 2) I pushed through the wall a lot harder than last year... instead of a 6 mile walk to the finish, it was more of a 6 mile hobble... every victory counts πŸ˜‰. Really, I didn't miss my goal by 18 mins, I PR'ed my "hit the wall" time by 32 mins! That's some kind of PR. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚ Next up: St. George. I won't be racing, but still excited to run.

Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon: because being able to sit down unassisted is overrated πŸ˜‚πŸƒπŸ˜­πŸƒ#quadpainfordays #marathon #revelbigcottonwood #26.2 #bigcottonwoodmarathon

Happy to have finished this one! I was blind sided by the altitude at the start being 9,700 ft & this beach babe got to enjoy a big slice of humble pie πŸ™ˆπŸ° #revelbigcottonwood #stayhungry

Giving some love to the fans at the finish of the #revelbigcottonwood #bigcottonwoodmarathon @runrevel

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