I had this amazing dream yesterday.
It all started with a boring lesson in the university. Then I suddenly found myself in a tattoo shop in Neukölln, standing next to Lara and Kalin. I was like “what the hell?!” They told me that they wanted to say hello and catch up for one day. We didn’t waste much time outside and went to my place. Even Berlin was not charming because all we wanted was to be three of us and prepare our own table.
We started with putting some delicious appetizers, a loot of wine for sure, then penne arabiatta. They were delicious but they all ended at some point (and pretty fast!) The only thing that was never getting less on that table were the conversations. We had so many things to tell and every subject opened another talk.
I was asking myself how a single night with them gets me so much stronger, happier and motivated. I wanted it to last forever. Then I heard an annoying sound.
The alarm clock.
I woke up.
I saw Lara next to the bed.
She was getting prepared for the flight.
She asked me why I am looking at her so weird.
I told her, “I saw a dream.” At least it felt like it.

#reunioninberlin :) 💁🏻❤️ #vephieontour

vitaminsea🐚🏄🏽‍♀️+ fruitsfruitsfruits🍍🥝🍑 = onetruelove❤️

From Beer-Sheva to Berlin ✈️♥️ #reunioninBerlin #friendsforlife

Happiness is being with an old friend after a long time #reunioninberlin #happytoseeyou @ianbenedict131 have fun and goodluck with your Berlin Marathon 2017 #proudofyou ☺️🇩🇪

Such an amazing year ! Thanks to all of you I'm leaving with these memories in my mind ❤️ It's only a goodbye #reunioninberlin#erasmuslife#theend

Irish flavor creamy hot bitter chocolate☕️ #afternoonteainmaisondechocolat #rauschschokoladenhaus #reunioninberlin

맥주가 이렇게 귀엽기 있냐구....예쁜 언니가 맛 두개있다고 했는데 무슨 맛인지 몰라서 그냥 첫번째꺼루 달라고 했더니 홍초맛😉 홍초맛 맥쥬! Tooooo cute for a beer #berlinerkindl #airbnb#berlin#reunioninberlin#민지와재원이

On my way to Berlin😊 유럽 로망이 없는 나한테 베를린만은 로망이 가득한 곳인데, 단벌로 여행할것같구....벨린에서 베를리너 따라잡기는 글렀다#ICE#berlin#reunioninberlin

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