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The Narst Supper - Big Narstie

This is a bit of detail from the Narst Supper, featuring all round legend Big Narstie. 
It is the only piece that I based on an existing painting, (The Last Supper) 
Just liked the idea that this extravagant banquet was how Narstie has supper. 
#ReubenDangoorTakeover #bignarstie #thelastsupper
Massive thanks to @reubendangoor for taking over our Instagram account today! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Jus A Royal. @dizzeerascal was one of the earliest examples of real success in Grime, achieving so much so early on. Boy in the corner is still a legendary piece of work and so he had to be crowned the king. 
#ReubenDangoorTakeover #dizzeerascal #grime

#DavidAttenborough is probably one of my favourite humans. I was properly excited for the return of #planetearth. He is part of a series of unlikely cultural figures who I've drawn dabbing (Corbyn, Trump, May). I just like the image of it, I feel like he is probably the last person in the world who would ever do a dab
#ReubenDangoorTakeover #dab #dabbing #planetearth2

I created this after Corbyn won his leadership re-election. He'd got a fair bit of support from the younger generation and so dabbing felt appropriate as well as a bit of fun.
#ReubenDangoorTakeover #corbyn #jeremycorbyn #dabbing

This was the first piece I created in the Legends of the Scene series.
At the end of last year it was clear that Grime was making a major come back, with a brand new audience from a younger generation. I wanted to pay homage to some of the forefathers who started the genre and pose them as Grime royalty. These are the guys I was a fan of as a kid.
I felt like this oil painting style was the perfect way to do it.
@skeptagram has been flying the flag for the U.K for so long it was only right to put it in the image. The white horse was the perfect addition to the all-white tracksuit. .
#grime #skepta #reubendangoortakeover

My favourite part of the @KuruptFM piece. Big up Steves #ReubenDangoorTakeover @reubendangoor .
#peoplejustdonothing #pjdn #KuruptFM

Artist and designer @Reubendangoor takes over the BBC Three instagram account today! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "I've worked with @Kuruptfm on a few projects now, but this is actually one of my favourite pieces to date. It was made for the #KuruptFM take over at the @Tate Britain for them to present a work of art to the gallery. Their performance went so mad they ended
up closing Tate early

#ReubenDangoorTakeover #TateBritain #Tate

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