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Segundo día de nuestro curso de habilidades quirúrgicas, sesión práctica en el laboratorio #elbowsurgery #returntothebasics #elbowarthroscopy #cirugiadecodo #demadridalcielo @universidad_ceu_sanpablo

Tête dans le cul 🍑 s/o @feli_ks.aart le photographe

What is it about a fire that fascinates?......sigh....#family #carbondale #soulfood #returntothebasics #fire

I do nothing consistently. It's like some kind of screwed up internal war I have. I'll get on a schedule then go back to pizza and professional level couch sitting. 😒 It's time to get back to my mat. The state of my muscles is getting tense and intense. (Image on the right has been snagged from an inspiration on Instagram called @nwoy ....you go glen coco)

#healthytasteofknoxville So proud of Jason and the amazing job he does with Nourish by Vive. #plantbased#vegan#wholefoods

Hace dos semanas impartiendo clases de Vogue & Whacking en Morelia. #TheHouseOfMachos #ReturnToTheBasics #Voguing #Whacking #Punking

Without a healthy planet there isn't a healthy anything.
#earth #takecare #motherearth #globe #gogreen #returntothebasics #simplify #simplifyyourlife #backtonature


The one thing that I am learning to do is to listen to not just my body but my spirit, mind and heart. We are designed to be filled up with nutrients. (Nutrients come in food, water, sun, sleep, love and truth.) I believe we can move to give ourselves the nutrients we need and continually remind ourselves of what love looks like, taste like, sounds like, smells like, taste like and feels like. If it good and true, then it is love and it will nourish your whole person. Today, I am feeling spent, so I a made special trip to @juiceboxtn to give myself food that not only taste delicious but is beautiful and nourishes my whole-self. Thankful we have businesses dedicated to giving us food that is full of love. ❤️

#healthytasteofknoxville So proud of Jason and the amazing job he does with Nourish by Vive. #plantbased#vegan#wholefoods

May all your starch dreams come true! Potatoes are a big part of my #plantbased eating. They are my favorite food! Potatoes are the perfect food to satiate and satisfy your whole-person's need for #comfortfood and have loads of complete nutrients. I have never met a starch I didn't like and I am thankful that I get to eat as much of them as I like. Too many real studies out there that completely support eating potatoes. So go ahead and boil em, mash em, stick em a stew.

Hope to see everyone at Healthy Taste of Knoxville/ Veggie Fest this Sunday between 1-4:30. Come say hi, enjoy "Those Cookies" and some delicious treats from Nourish by Vive! As Always Eat Plants! TO BE HEALTHY IS TO BE WHOLE #plantbased#wholefoods#healthytasteofknoxville

Nourish By Vive's Roasted Potato Nacho Bowl with Walnut Lentil Taco Filling, Pinto Beans and Chipotle Crema available @juiceboxtn #plantbased#noguilt#completelthealthy#vivebasics#wholefoods#intentionaleating#weightloss#fightcancer#returntothebasics

Walking is enough! It is the perfect exercise to nourish your body and help support your musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, integumentary system, urinary system, lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, nervous system and reproductive system.
We don't have to do something crazy, extreme, spend lots of money or lots of extra time working out to give our bodies the things they need to do their jobs. We are designed to nourish ourselves with basic things and to practice nourishing ourselves every day. If you want extremely amazing results, then you have to return to being basic.

Mindfulness is absolutely vital to any sustainable and healthy change. More than ever, we are seeing the importance of the body and mind connection. Businesses, schools, churches and the diet and health industry are desperately trying to do the same thing that they have being doing for decades and fit mindfulness into a neat and marketable program. But mindfulness is not a program and there are no mindfulness formulas, because mindfulness is not a result and you can’t just do it.

So, what is mindfulness? According to the great Ellen Langer… “Mindfulness is the process of actively noticing new things, relinquishing preconceived mindsets, and then acting on the new observations.”- Ellen Langer

Mindfulness is daily listening, asking, looking, moving, learning and living. Mindfulness happens when we exercise our senses to experience our daily life. Mindfulness happens when we are willing to be honest about the mindless choices we are making each day and when we are willing to look up up from our mindless and comfortably boring routines, and use our eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hands to see, smell, taste, hear and touch more.

I spent years with my head down, just doing it. Doing my job, taking care of my kids, going to the gym, going to church, eating to be lean and staying in my routines that required no thought, imagination, feelings or senses. I can distinctly remember when some of my routines were taken away and I went on a vacation and I noticed the sky. Years and years with my head down, just doing it and grinding it out, and I hadn’t noticed the sky. That’s insane. I finally noticed the sky and it was beautiful and I couldn’t quit looking at it. From this point on, something changed. Not everything immediately but little by little my spirit, heart, mind and body started to wake up and I begin to be set free from just doing it.

No offense but diets are boring. Exercise programs are boring. Online computer health and wellness programs are boring. Most information is boring. Texting is boring. Most TV shows are boring. Living to make money is boring. Overeating happens out of boredom. Living life through a phone is boring and being weighed, measured, watched,

For the love of God, can we please stop with the calorie counting. First of all, most ways of counting calories are completely inaccurate Second, do you know how hard you have to workout to burn 600 calories? Third, do you really want to live your life counting calories? There is an easier and smarter way to eat and exercise that leaves this old way of thinking behind. Every "fit" person know your weight comes down to what you eat. The question is "How are we designed to eat"? I don't believe Adam and Eve, cave men or Daniel were counting calories. I don't believe we are designed to think about food this much. In Vive, we teach you how you are designed to nourish your whole-person and trust your design. If I could, I would have burned this chart. It's time for you to be set free from an industry that keeps you confused and constantly sabotaging your own health. You deserve to enjoy food and exercise. You deserve to live how you are designed! #vivealchemy#vivebasics#weightloss#plant-based

In Vive, we start by creating spaces to be. To be is to rest and to be nourished by the things we are naturally designed to do. Where can you be? Where can you rest? Discover how you are naturally designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move to nourish your being.

Thankful for these meals from Nourish By Vive and glad that we can offer delicious #plantbased meals to our friends and community. Vive is a completely #vegan company that believes compassion and care determines how we eat, exercise, shop, play and work. We believe integrity is having a business that reflects who we are and what we believe. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of our dreams and truth.

Sign up at vivealchemy.com for 30 days of VIVE to rebuild the foundation we need to "be healthy". Join me to rediscover how you are designed to be nourished from the inside out and stop living for results. We are more than what we do and we are so much more than what we look like. Return to the basics and create routines that you can easily and naturally practice to reveal your best self. Your health is in your hands. Learn the truth and learn how to love your heart, mind, spirit and body as a whole. Link in bio! We start tomorrow! #vivecomesalive#plantbased#walkthisway#plantbased

I have been plant-based going on 2 years now and I have never felt so great. It is so freeing to eat and enjoy food for the gift that it is and not worry about counting calories, portions or the negative effects that I saw while eating a high protein/ low carb diet. I work out 90% less and eat about 50% more than I did for 15 years. It's crazy to think about how hard I trained and how little I ate just to maintain my weight. Being plant-based has given me amazing results and has made me more aware of the connection that my choices have not just on my body but on my spirit, heart, mind and world. I am so lucky to have these delicious #plantbased meals every week from Nourish by Vive. I am very thankful that we can offer the same food we eat to our community. This week's menu is up! Link to our website ViveAlchemy.com to place your order! Please email Jason or I with any questions! Thank you for all your support and don't forget to sign up at Vive Alchemy and go Plant based with me starting Mon, Sept 4.

Che strana estate che è stata questa.. volata via letteralmente.. è solo all'ultimo momento mi sta regalando cose nuove xD
Però comunque è la vita che deve portarti cose nuove no?? Non il caldo e il mare hahaha

#picoftheday #blackandwhite #Beards
#bear🐻 #thisistheend #summer2k17 #returntothebasics #balconedicasa #ipostibelli

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