Menu is out! Nourish by Vive is Knoxville’s only ready-to-go #plantbased meal service. You can break all the diet rules when you go plant-based! Forget all the nonsense marketing about protein, portions, timing, macro and micro nutrients. Return to common sense and give your body the most natural Whole Foods.


Everyone deserves to learn how their bodies are designed to move correctly and how exercise was designed to build you up and not break you down. VIVE brings together the foundational exercises needed to prevent, reverse and correct the physical breakdown that happens in the hip, knee, ankles, feet, legs, low back, neck and shoulders due to a weak butt and improper alignment.

The Basic VIVE Workout is more than a #workout, it is an exercise class that teaches and retrains the whole-person to think about and do exercise differently.
The Basic VIVE Workout is for all ages, genders and fitness levels who want to regain strength, flexibility and mobility by returning to the basics and remembering how we are all designed to VIVE.

#returntothebasics & #latergam dans tous les sens du terme pour un sujet toujours actuel et essentiel !
L'importance de nos proches autour de nous. Amis, famille... les vrais on les connais et il faut savoir les estimer
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J'ai la chance de vous avoir, vous en plus... Cerise sur le gateau !
🌍Ensemble nous formons une petite communauté positive qui je l'espère va continuer de grandir !
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Par ce temps magnifique, c’était un devoir d’aller courir... à la base c’était juste un petit tour du lac soit environ 6,5kilometres en mode tranquille... mais la route côté Port est fermée suite à un éboulement, donc mon petit footing tranquille c’est transformé en sortie Trail. J’avais oublié que j’aimais le silence de la forêt 🌳, ce calme.... Ce +300 de dénivelé. Les choses les plus simples font du bien au cœur et au corps #returntothebasics #calm #foret #silence #oufderun #endorphine #dénivelé #short #été #courseapied #trail #instarunner #instasports #runninggirl #run #contente

Seriously, we have to stop thinking we can outsmart nature or our bodies. Your body knows exactly what to do with natural whole foods to fight, reverse and prevent diet-related disease and sickness. In Vive, we teach you how to partner with your body to give it the foods it was designed for to be healthy and whole.#plantbased

What’s all the buzz? 🐝 Just Vive at the hives. Saturday field trip with Dr. Hatcher and his unbeelievable bees. At Vive, we want to experience how you are moving to share your time, talents and truths to love and encourage others! Come bee ☺️ apart of the adventure! #beeyourself

Thanks to everyone who came out to Vive. I love helping women remember who they are and how they are naturally designed to be healthy and that great strength only comes through the practice of love and truth. Every day we can practice to receive amazing gifts that nourishes our whole-person by giving ourselves and others amazing gifts that nourish our whole-person. Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look, Move #vive

Reminder to return back to the basics. Amazing what 5 deep breaths can do! #simplethingsinlife #returntothebasics #pranayama #breath #breathe #prana

Trust the process and keep moving #returntothebasics #movetogive #familytime #nature #greentherapy 🌳🌿🍃💚

It’s unfortunate that there is still so much misinformation surrounding #protein. Thanks to @veganbodybuilding for the pic. Seriously, we are all getting enough protein and there are so many #plantbased professional athletes competing at the highest levels. I encourage everyone to do the research.

Ladies of Knoxville, If you ‘d like to see what we do at Vive and start to think about your health in a different way that is void of diets but full of help and hope, then please come to this free event. Vive Summer Workshop and Open House Link in bio to sign up.

Summer is a perfect time to go plant-based. Fresh fruit and local vegetables are everywhere. We would like to help you transition to eating Plant-based with the ease and convenience of our ready-to-go plant-based meals and vegan treats. I personally love inviting you to eat what I eat and experience freedom and rest that nourishment provides.

I have been super fortunate to meet this amazing lady @ahbekelsie She’s not only awesome, she’s already an Olympian and currently training for her second Olympics. I like to call this little pic “Buns of Gold”. 😁 I am really excited for you to meet Kelsie and encourage her in the pursuit of her Golden dreams. Oh yes, The Vive Basic Workout is part of a progressive training system built on a strong glute foundation. Discover how you can Vive with Us at vivealchemy.com

Say chickpeas!!!! 😁No filter needed on this amazing #plantbased by Nourish by Vive. BLT Bowl with Bacon Roasted Chickpeas, Heirloom Tomatoes, Power Greens with Vegan Ranch over Lemon Pepper Quinoa #homemade#local#vegan#healthy#LiveBetterTN

We are so excited to partner with @neighborhoodbarreknox to spread the good news of plant-based eating and whole person health.

VIVE Alchemy is the result of me being wrong. That’s right. For 15 years, I followed and taught what the fitness and diet industry says is the way to lose weight and stay fit, “CONTROL yourself, your food and your workouts”. What were the results of 15 years of busting my butt in the gym and managing all my food?

I had a good looking body. I was setting personal records in my lifts at 40 and I was experiencing a complete breakdown in my back, foot and hip. I was obsessed with food. I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from dieting, daily gym workouts and living life as a result. In fact, it was these results that forced me to start asking a lot of questions and those questions led me to the truth about the way I was designed to eat, exercise, feel, think and relate as whole-person and not just a body.

Alchemy happened for me when I GAVE UP trying to control my body, heart, mind, spirit and relationships with programs and formulas to get results. Think about alchemy… Alchemy is a PROCESS that invites you to give up control and allow your whole-person into a space where you can be honest about how you feel not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.
Alchemy takes basic things like breathing, listening, asking, looking and moving the way you are designed to nourish yourself, without pills, powders, programs and pressure, and turns it into Gold. Your Gold. I know it sounds cheesy… But it’s so basic and yet so hard, to trust your design and just nourish your heart, mind, body, spirit and relationships- not TRY to control them. In VIVE, we learn to trust our bodies to work as they are designed and our bodies trust us to give them the basic things they are designed for.

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