Пригадаєш ті волошки, наші квіти,
Що мені волосся пестив ніжно вітер,
Десь на обрій п’яну ніч тверезив ранок...
Все минуло, промайнуло, мов в тумані.

Не нашла в Москве курсы украинского, кроме как в Доме украинской книги, но там они ещё нескоро начнутся. Что же делать? Намагаюся навчитися самостійно за допомогою @duolingo_official . А как вы учите иностранные языки?

The #memories will last forever. Made with #Pixomatic by @bigcol Colin said: So you take the original photo into the @pixomatic_app and layer it with clouds taken this afternoon. Change the #blendmode to Soft Color and reduce the opacity to suit. Finally convert the image to #monochrome and add a #vignette #creativephotography #photomanipulation #retrophoto

Many of those who exist as part of our society be dilluted by desire. A desire that festers within them as they long for that which be untrue to their heart. Dont you see? Each of us have taken sip of an intoxicating posion that only sickens us further as we long for a temporary exisistance filled by impermante objects that withold great value only because those who are not us poses them.
I urge you, fellow member of society to ask yourself what it is you desire behind closed eyes. I ask such a question to you alongside all members of society for it puzzles me that so few have an answer.

Move past that which you have been told and forward towards that which you tell yourself, and if at this time you are unable to hear yourself, listen close, constantly, and before long you will be all that there is to hear.
It's from listening to that which comes from within that you come to walk a path true to you. Following of a true path leads you to the antidote that cures you from endulgence in societies illusionary comfort that relentlessly tempts us all.

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