Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😊
No matter what, dance has always been my biggest passion - from 4 years old in my first solo choreography competition to 14 years ago in my first lead musical role, to Brisbane Bollywood, or to last night after teaching students and then dancing for a crowd of hard working local farmers. Just thank you! 😊

@joel.bow and @melissaraeprince, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do more of what I love most with beautiful people, I truly had an absolute blast. ✨

When you enter a trade, you are essentially opening a position, hence the orders "Buy" and "Sell." If you are buying an option, you must enter a "buy to open" order. Same regards for the sell, if you are selling..
To exit an order, you need to close your options position. Which is essentially like owning a stock where you sell it back into the market to close out the position.
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Thanks cousin Alexander! Jackpot! #retirementplan

If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, RISK it! Life is too short, and happiness is too rare 🧡 #elated #retirementplan #startfromthebottom #dontlookdown

Here is a top tax advantages investing alternative beyond company 401k plan
Consider cash value life insurance 👉🏼If you are healthy and relatively young, a cash value life insurance policy could be an attractive option to both gain much-needed protection and defer investment income. Annual premiums are after tax, but gains are not taxed until the policy is liquidated, which typically comes later in life when individuals tend to fall into a lower bracket. It’s also possible to borrow against the value of your policy at rates that are typically more favorable than what most banks would offer for personal loans. Just beware, though, because a poorly constructed cash value life insurance policy may become a modified endowment contract by IRS rules and lose its tax advantages. Make sure your tax planner is aware of the pitfalls.

Another successful and informative session  learning about how to protect ourselves from ID Theft! Make sure to watch for our next theft protection session, you won’t want to miss out!! #SeniorCare #Events #EventsAtFullerton #FullertonEvents
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• Blend. Eat. Repeat.
• Feel great. Look great. Repeat.
• Share. Earn. Repeat.

It’s really pretty simple - and simple is pretty dang glamorous. 📷: @kelseyhalmphoto

Managing your finances during retirement can feel stressful at times. This article explains four great ways to stretch post-retirement income. You won’t have to do any extra planning to utilize tip number 2! http://bit.ly/2HChsZo
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Friends, here are 5 simple questions to ask yourself about your precious face👇🏻 🌸am I happy with my skin?
🌸does my skincare do what it claims? 🌸is my skin improving? 🌸do I feel confident with no makeup? 🌸do I want my skin to feel & look healthy?
If you can't answer a big Y E S to those - I would genuinely love to help you! ✨ Rodan+Fields is the #1 skincare brand in the country because IT WORKS! Over and over and over again, it works.
I want you to L 💕 V E your skin!

Make it all residential or make use of the R6, C2-3 zoning. Contact us for more details. 🔑🌇🏘💵

Love the Grand Canyon!! Love being able to travel and take my business with me!!!

*Victory Begins in The Heart 2018*

Pernahkah anda terfikir satu kerja yang anda lakukan boleh dapat gaji macam anda buat 4 kerja dalam satu masa tapi anda ada banyak masa dengan keluarga dan kawan-kawan.

Kerja yang setiap tahun boleh pergi travel oversea PERCUMA?

Menjadi unit trust consultant di *Vision Victory Empire* adalah jawapannya.

Kami akan mengadakan special event yg akan menceritakan segala-galanya. Sepanjang event ini kami akan kongsikan dengan anda;

1) Bagaimana ingin menjadi Top Unit Trust Consultant dalam Malaysia.

2) Apakah kebaikan dan benefit Public Mutual.

3) Apakah kelebihan menjadi Unit Trust Consultant Public Mutual 😎

4) Perkongsian Pengalaman orang yang berjaya from hero to zero 😱😱 5) Sesi Q&A 🤔

6) makan-makan disediakan. *_Masa_* : 8pm - 10pm
_*Tempat_* : VVEmpire, Sri Rampai
*_Tarikh_* : 25 April 2018 (Rabu)

Kepada kawan-kawan yang ingin dapatkan income 5 angka sebulan, FREE travel oversea setiap tahun, waktu kerja fleksibel, kerja partime 4 angka, yang masih menganggur boleh PM saya nama penuh anda untuk book seat kerana seat adalah terhad kepada 200 orang sahaja!!! First come first serve!!! Kalau ade kawan2 or family member yg sedang mencari pekerjaan sila SHARE peluang ini

Peace ✌️😉 🤙🏻😘 Mohd Haziq Fauzi
Agency Supervisor
Public Mutual Berhad

click 👇🏻 http://wasapp.me/+60172152536

Sesiapa yang mencari peluang pekerjaan boleh hubungi kami.
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We are Unit Trust Consultants. Join our team today!

The NUMBERS are IN!!! Not only are we the #1 Skincare Brand in the U.S. for the SECOND year in a row, we are also the #1 Skincare Brand in North America, AND the #1 Fastest Growing Beauty & Personal Care Brand in the U.S. in 2017!!! This category includes make-up, fragrance, AND skincare 💁‍♀️ There’s MORE...
▪️Over $1.5 BILLION in sales last year!!! ▪️42% Growth in 2017!
▪️On track for $2 Billion in sales this year! ▪️#1 Fastest Growing Brand in the U.S. since 2010
▪️#1 Fastest Growing Brand in Canada in 2017

And it doesn't stop there! We also received the following rankings: ▪️#1 Premium Skin Care Brand in the US in 2017
▪️#1 Premium Acne Brand in the US in 2017
▪️#1 Premium Acne Brand in Canada in 2017
▪️#1 Premium Acne Brand across Canada & the US in 2017
▪️#1 Anti-Aging Brand in the US in 2017
▪️#1 Anti-Aging Brand across Canada & the US in 2017

This train is not slowing down! These numbers are a true testament to our mission of Life-Changing Skincare. The next life changed could be yours with a simple decision just like I made. Message me for more information 💕

Music corner with an old bicycle. Stay here and play some good music, but not too loud. www.sancgarden.com #arau #sanctuarygarden #perlis #piano #retirementplan

Look what I found! Look at where it is from! #busdriver #retirementplan @zippotrickster57

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