A Testimony on Dementia Worth Reading :) Testimonial of my 89-year-old Mom ~ I started giving my Mom 5 drops am and pm on the CBD 2 month ago. She had major signs of dementia. She could not remember dates she would ask me minimum 3x a day questions I had already told her she would sleep all day and up all night. Well, she is now as swift as when she was 85 remembers her dates talks about yesterday with recollection. Sleeps Nights and up through the day. My sister was talking to my Mom last week over the phone then asked to talk to me and said Lynda do not ever take Mom off the CBD, my god, she remembers like she use to After I hung up the phone I teared of joy! Also, I noticed my Mothers eyes are crystal clear.I want to thank God for giving us this amazing hemp plant with pure CBD to heal our Bodies I am more than amazed by all these results. I have My mom back and she is no longer in the sadness of this horrible sickness Dementia :) CBD Oil info Here: www.everybodyneedscbdoil.com
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