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I say 🖕🏼🎗 just happy u not suffering anymore but yuh left toll on a lot of hearts 💔 But u left a name and a logo out i these streets #FOREVAFLEXING #STREETFAMJEFF #RESTUP😢

I was SO happy this day. My big brother surprised me at work after being locked up for a year. I miss my brothers so much, this hurts. I look forward to seeing y'all again. #RestUp😢

Man Uncle Dj It Aint Ah Day That Go Pass Iont Think About Cha Niggas Was So Geeked Last Night It Was Only Right I Drop Tears For You & Da Rest Of My Niggas I've Lost But I Ain't Gon Write Too Much Jus Happy New Years Uncle Dj & All My Niggas I've Lost In 2014 I Love & Miss Yall 🙏😔 #RestUp😢

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