"Our bodies are innately intelligent. We are either listening to them or overriding them" - Susanne Conrad
It's often easy enough, to push through and "get it done" and what happens when your body starts to send you signals of pain and discomfort?
I've been in the kitchen the past couple of weeks for extended periods, on top of 30+ hours at a desk.
My body is definitely speaking too me!
Working here with a foam roller to increase mobility in the mid-spine which has correlations with the sacrum, which is where the pain is strongest.

“and then my soul saw you and it kinda went ‘oh, there you are. I’ve been waiting for you” ✨
Woke up this morning with a grateful heart. Remembering to be thankful for what I have, where I am and all the lessons I have learned along the way. This is especially true when it comes to my son, who has taught me so much about myself 💗

Mid day break: Just wanted to share this video as a challenge to re-center things. Connect with your purpose today!
Dr. Sandeep took a break from doing some work by focusing her energy into some mindful movement. Yoga is not necessarily easy or comfortable all the time...but a healthy body and mind can thrive from a change of pace and activity.

Changing your focus and breaking up the normal routine has the possibility of changing the direction of your day, week, life.... Take a breath and reflect...where's the focus today?
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* Lazy Bum *
I know how to move
In my asanas
Yet somehow
My body has a hard time
activating the right muscles
in a regular movement
such as walking
And I never knew
Until injury started happening
Turns out I have a very
Lazy Bum
When walking
Or squatting
My body just works around
My glutes
Like they don’t exsist
Leaving my hipflextors,
hamstrings and QL’s
(Among others)
to do all the work.
Which kind of explains
Why even 200 squats and lunges
A day
(Yup, tried that some years back)
Still didn’t get my but
out of it’s pancake shape
Now I tell this about me
But I see many many
People in my classes
and private sessions
With the same issues
And somehow
This is often overseen by
personal trainers and
physical therapists of all kindes
The glutes just don’t do
what they should
(Maybe because we sit so much
time of our lives
ever since going to school)
Leading to related injuries such as
* back pain
* SI joint pain
* pelvic pain
* hip pain
* piriformis syndrome
* knee pain
* extreme tight iliopsoas
So what’s there to do?
Re-learn to move
the more sublte moves
Re-learn how to get
the joints to work
Re-learn to activate the glutes
In your movements
Skipping waights
Skipping heavy squats
Go gentle and slow
but super aware
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Monday Movement

CONTROL and BALANCE. A blue spring to challenge myself from hinging forward and back as I lift and lower✨
Slowing things down to appreciate the moment you’re in now, in life and in Pilates

Ankle mobility! You want a healthy dose of it to protect your knees and also strengthen the foot and ankle complex against an increased risk of sprains.
I like to incorporate several exercises and restorative movements to keep my feet and ankles healthy. 👣 including this one...a little sassy ankle gliding. And who doesn't love sassy? 😋

I always start with rolling my foot on a lax ball (if your feet are sensitive a softer ball is a good idea) and then this exercise involves using a half cylinder to play with range of motion with your ankle. I start with forward and backward, making sure to have the movement come from the ankle (and not the knee! Placing your hands on your knees offers a tactile cue for this) This one is great for anterior tib and shin splint prevention, too!

Next I put the half cylinder length wise and rock my foot gently from side to side (using my natural range of motion and keeping the movement controlled). Easy, accessible movements like these may seem simple but help pay dividends for happy, healthy feet and legs. 🤗

Happy Monday!


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when your fave person wakes up in the middle of practice

When you lay your mat down to practise it's obvious that this is what it was for ! 🤦‍♀️ #homepracticelookslikethis

Sunday’s are for #givingupthegram.......
After my morning restorative yoga practice with @gwendolynren I am giving up the gram with @fruitfullyher.

Thank you both for reminding me to take time for me.
@briscogalbreath always joins in the yoga room. He was taking some deep breaths as well.
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Staging my excitement when I found out I am now a certified RMM practitioner. Slo-mo style... wait for it...😁#selfcarehealthcare #therapyballs #selfmassage #rollmodelmethod #chronicpain #paineraser #nervoussystemregulation #restorativemovement #livebetterinyourbody

I enjoy meeting new yogis and going to new studios. My first time @thepinkmoonyogi studio. It’s so pretty at the studio. I taught a restorative lavender yoga class, last night. Thank you @karlirae.1 I appreciate teaching this special class in your studio.
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NTS : “Don’t just be good to others, be good to you” #selfloveclub 💗

Relax and Restore....
So grateful for the students who came to class tonight. I love helping students relax and restore their mind, body, and spirits.
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Do you have days where you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Too busy? I imagine you do. I know I do. Today, was one of those days. I looked at all the things I had on my agenda and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe. From finalizing a YTT manual, doing homework for a certification, planning a party, planning upcoming events, family obligations, and so much more. I felt so much anxiety, I skipped Bible Study....I needed to chill with no thinking and simply be. i needed to BE STILL. I prayed and I meditated. Now a good nights’ sleep and all will be well.
How do you handle moments of busyness? Stress? Anxiety? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Wearing gifts from very special people and one mala bracelet made in a workshop! Thank you all!
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#restorativemovement and #soundhealing w/ gemstone bowls, planetary and elemental #gongs and more ✦

Join Magnolia Rasak and Shane Thunder ✦ SAT, 7/21 ✦ 2:00-4:00pm ✽
Return to Balance + 432hz Sound Healing with Magnolia and Shane *Link in bio*

Doesn’t this look like the most wonderful set up? I love using blankets to fully support the body in restorative poses. Letting the body fully let go. Letting the body release.
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Did you know that for every inch your head moves forward of your neck and shoulders it adds an effective weight of 10lbs?
So if your head is jutting forward of your shoudlers 2 inches, the muscles which hold your skull to your neck bones are working as if they were carrying an extra 20lbs!
The head was designed to sit directly on top of the neck, stacked head, neck, shoudlers, hips, feet. With all the time we spend looking at phones, computers, driving and many other activities, chances are your head is forward a lot more than you realize
An easy way to help release tension in the back of the neck is to roll out the suboccipital muscles (the ones that join the skull to the top vertberae).
A pair of #yogatuneuptherapyballs will do the trick - place them just under the suboccipital bump, then rest your head on balls on block / stack of books / or a slightly raised surface.
Nod your head a little, shake it slowly side to side - gentle movements.
What do you feel?

“Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it” - maya angelou
Yesterday I turned one year older! Every year on my birthday before blowing out my candles, I wish for the same exact thing. It might sound cliche but I truly always wish for happiness in life
Although it doesn’t need to be your birthday to wish for something want, believe in the power of your words and thoughts and how it can effect you every single day, negative or positive 💗

The body was designed to move
Sometimes it seems that there is so much to do and so little time. Getting things done and being places and helping others out often takes precedence over taking care of ourselves. It’s an easy thought “I can just run/swim/yoga…. tomorrow instead” and then tomorrow comes and something else seems to be more important again.
Taking care of your body is essential, you are the one that live in your skin. To set aside 20 or 30 mins for a stretch session, schedule in an exercise class, commit (and turn up) to a workout with a friend, or a decent length dog walk. Your body is important, taking care of it is important. And if you have less aches and pains and more ease in your body, the ripple effect spreads to how you feel and interact with other people (*bonus*)
This goes for all ages too – your body is with you for life, taking care of it and making time for it is one of the best investments you can make. It’s not selfish, it’s essential

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