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Starting the week like...

Saturday Views /// #cookielove via @rojosbakery

#TBT to this fun shoot with my son 💗

3 spots left in our 1st module- Four Pillars of Stillness!
Immerse yourself for four days of deep restorative healing!
Held at Burleigh on the Gold Coast. Basic Accommodation available at studio.
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🌈 sushi? Yes please! 😋 /// 📸 @lulusdreamtown

New year New Awakening!
Meditation doesn’t necessarily change what happens in life, but it does change our relationship to it. *************************************************** Join Movement Meditation and expand your consciousness! Together we will bring awareness to our breath and the physical sensation throughout our bodies, while exploring a more positive relationship with mindful movement.
Come to @rootsfitness_san_antonio in 2018 and join the movement meditation sensation!
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm
Sundays at 8:30 & 10am

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How to determine the quality of your Post-Workout Protein Shake🍨
-Is it rapidly and easily digested?
Whey Protein Isolates are the fastest digested Protein source there is because during the creation process, the majority of Fats and Carbs are eliminated🤙🏻
-Is it High Quality?
A high quality Whey Protein Shake must be Low Temperature Processed because the lower temperatures allow for the Protein to remain for bioavailable. Meaning you’re actually getting all of the Amino Acids a company claims their product contains👨🏻‍⚕️
-Finally, does it taste good?
Ideally your Protein Shake can And will become a daily part of your routine. It’s a simple solution to a major dietary problem. With that being said, I’ve tried some High Quality Protein Powders that tasted like straight 💩. Let’s face it, nobody is going to stick to their goals very long if they have to be miserable to do so🤷🏻‍♂️
This is why I chose @1stphorm 🤙🏻 Their attention to detail and desire to create actually useful products is what sets them above and beyond the other companies I have tested out in the past. Who’d of thought you get what you pay for🤷🏻‍♂️
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Got it!! /// @cpgpasadena
After being a part of the #Upforanything @athleta campaign, one of my biggest take aways was to try new and fun things!
This is definitely one of my new favorites! I’m up for anything that makes me feel like a kid all over again!

Happy MLK Day! /// 📸@wendywanderstheworld

Color courts 🌈 /// 📸 @p.e.nation

Friday mat ✔️ @revcycle- DONE! Ready for the weekend!

Soul searching in 2018 ✌🏻/// 📸 @sweatsandthecity @soulcycle

[insert me here] Sunshine and water- that’s all I need ☀️

Here is a clip from my new wrist mobility exercise tutorial video on youtube about practicing a general sequence recommended for self-healing and injury prevention of the wrists, hands, fingers, elbows, and forearms. This is meant to be used as an asset to assist in a complete recovery of minor issues, as well as the build up of strong and resilient joints to prevent specific problems.

In this clip, we are highlighting closed kinetic chain wrist mobility exercises. This specific idea came from the concept of Controlled Articular Rotations and End Range Rotational training from Functional Range Conditioning. The point here is to gently explore your range of motion by shifting forward and back; side to side; diagonally; or in circles while keeping the palms planted. For the full video, including an entire self shiatsu, joint mobility, and stretching routine just for the lower arms, check the link in my bio: NaturalMobility.net

Whether you are trying to get over an old injury, training for a competition, preparing for surgery, or just trying to "bulletproof" your joints, this is a great routine to hone in on the upper extremities and get started. Keep in mind that this has been designed to be as one-size-fits-all as possible. More case specific sequences should be put together, preferably integrated with manual therapy to facilitate the healing of specific problems.

Jumping into the weekend like... /// @athleta 🙌🏼

《 E U P H O R I A 》 •
♡ Day 4 of 365 days #gratefuleveryday exercise #mindfullnessyogi
Wow today has just inspired me so much and has felt like the best early birthday gift day! I am just so grateful for life and this euphoria of energy I have had all day!! 🌟
Today I am grateful for:
• ❤ A New Heart- one of the patients that I have supported for over 8 months finally got her the heart she needed. A bittersweet moment but so grateful to know this patient has had her Christmas wish come true and someone in their heartache made this beautiful decision. Thankyou #organdonation 🌟 .
💛 My Class tonight!! Wow I'm on top of the world!! Had what felt like a packed class tonight, after a slow December and I felt so grateful for each Yogi that was there. Starting up as a freelance Yogi is tough but I'm cherishing moments like this for sure, as the feedback was amazing!! 💖 .
💚 My haircut! It's funny how hair can totally lift you or break you! If you want to feel a bit more springy in your step, new hair is the way! 🙌😚 .
💖 My amazing friends! Those that support me, lift me and cherish the moments in life with me that I don't want to forget. Thankyou Leo and Soph for being there tonight! You beauties! .
" Just be and enjoy the minutes that make you feel so much joy. They are the special moments " 💓 #joyeous #gratefulforlife #euphoria #nightnight

We love this simple psoas release! Down regulating the nervous system and releasing the psoas muscle (this amazing muscle goes right across pelvic bowl and is important for birth, pelvic floor, core and more) is so important for pregnancy, motherhood, and life. Pajama pants optional.

So grateful to be apart of this with @athleta!
Definitely one of the most memorable , challenging  experiences I’ve gone through (and most vulnerable if you watch to the end) 💗 /// @keelya @rusulenni @anneindeed @victoria.dompe @jennmaer @ana_sia @enid_lee

Combination Box Crawl
A movement that is in my streaming video ✅ True Strength: Restorative Movement
Available instantly on STOPCHASINGPAIN.com or @vimeo by searching under my name
A fantastic fundamental neural reset that makes you ‘think’ before you move. Basics groove your brain making you a badass on two feet
The backwards part of the box crawl will frustrate ya at first. You may laugh at how challenging it is
🚶🏻‍♂️Little Tiny Action steps (LTA’s): Because without action it’s just information
1. ✔️Do any exercise you want first as a baseline. For example: A push-up, a lunge, bench press, pull up, deadlift, a squat, etc. Notice how it feels. How much effort? Smoothness
2. ✔️Do the combination box crawl one time
3. ✔️ Repeat exercise from number 1 and notice the changes

4. ✔️ Most often you notice an increase in strength
Neural stimulation increases efficiency which decreases effort. Simply stated: you get more for less
Strength isn’t built, it’s granted to you by your nervous system.’ -Paul Mcllroy
Also listen to my podcast interview with Paul on iTunes under Stop Chasing Pain. It’s one of my top 3 of all time based in downloads
👊 You did know I had a podcast for over 6 ears right? #stopchasingpainpodcast
#baguazhang #movement #stopchasingpain #crawlingpatterns #amazing12 #truestength #restorativemovement #fms
You can also come and learn at my hands on at my Movement Workshop in NYC and NJ next month

Last chance to sign up for my free love online class today at 5pm gmt! All you need is some space on the floor so push the presents over, roll out a blanket and sign in! *we use zoom for this class so sin up and I can send you the invite!
☝link in biog!

#onlineclass #somatics #restorativemovement #postchristmas #move #relax

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