Thanks to God, for giving me a good man with a beautiful heart like my father.❤️
It was not a farewell but it was only a bye. I had the blessing of enjoying my father in my childhood, youth and at all times.
I really miss him physically but spiritually I know that he is with me.😔
Daddy, you always protected me and took care of me, and now that you are an angel I know that you will take care of me even more.💕 Thank God for giving me the opportunity to give my Daddy everything he deserved in life with loving care, and watching over him day and night.
Thank God I could see him and take care of him until his last day.
Thank God for not allowing him to suffer and just go away in peace as if he were in a deep sleep at your side.🍂
I love you and I will always love you Daddy. Rest in peace my beautiful angel💙. #restinpeacedaddy #mydaddy #ripdaddy #fuckcancer #notfair #cancersucks #myguardianangel #dadslove #instamoment #loveneverdies #gonetoosoon #sad #instagrief #lovehimtothemoonandback 🙏🏽 😔#imisshim #myfirstlove #familyiseverything #iloveyouforeverandever #untilwemeetagain #fatherdaughter #myworld #mylife #mipadre #takentoosoon 😔

Our most special diaper to date is finally home. ♥️ All the feels for this one as I miss my father every day & my son will never truly know him.

@smartbottoms #smartbottoms #incognito #diapersinthelaundrynotinalandfill #clothdiapers #embroidery #restinpeacedaddy

#rip Slappy !! ❣️

My heart is broken but I know that you're in a better place. I am forever grateful for everything you did for us. It wont be the same without you but I know you will be watching over us. I Love you Daddy..❤#RestInPeaceDaddy
Juan F. Batz 3/14/44-7/13/18😭😭💔💔

Interred Daddy’s ashes in one of the most beautiful places on earth tonight. #restinpeacedaddy #isaiah40v31

I can sit here and count all the years, months and days since you’ve been gone but that just tells me how long it’s been since I seen and heard you last.. Do you know how long it’s been daddy? Is there any concept of time in heaven? How long does 9 years feel like? Does it feel like forever or does it only feel like seconds?
It sure does feel like forever to me, I guess it is though because it’s been 9 years since I had you with in arms reach, since I got to have you in my arms and since I heard your voice.
Everything I seen that night a 12 year old should never have to see or go through. I would never wish all this heartache on any one it’s constant and never goes away.
One of the hardest things is going through so many milestones with out you, my 13th, 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays completing school, making something of myself deciding my career path. What about all the milestones yet to come? Will you be there ? When I get married ? Have my first child ?
All I have left of you is the memories you left me with, all the photos and videos. I thank god every day for videos because it’s the only way I get to hear your voice any more and I’m terrified that I’m forgetting what it sounds like and it breaks my heart.
I hope and pray everyday that you’re proud of me and I wish more than anything that I could hear you say it just once.
I love you daddy forever and always to infinity and beyond love always your baby girl #9years #restinpeacedaddy #missyou

No more shade all love 💕 #restinpeacedaddy

**After 14 years I finally got enough courage to go to the place that we spent every summer sense I can remember. So many memories at this lake that I will always remember. ❤️ I love you daddy & miss you so much more. ❤️❤️ #blacklake #imissyou #restinpeacedaddy #summeradventure

In this day i lost you..11/7/2014 ملامحك كلها مني...نفس الصور نفس الكلام مافيش حاجة تقول الجوايا..
4 years had passed and i still missing you each and every day, sometimes i wonder if i can see you again , touch you & hug you again..hope to see you in heaven rest in peace my soul♥️♥️
اللهم اغفر لوالدى و ارحمه و عافه و اعف عنه و أكرم نزله ، ووسع مدخله و أغسله بالماء و الثلج و البرد ، و نقه من الخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس ، وأبدله دارا خيرا من داره ، وأهلا خيرا من أهله ، وأدخله الجنة بغير حساب و أعذه من عذاب القبر.#prayforhim#restinpeacedaddy#missingyousomuchdaddy#daugtherfatherlove ♥️♥️

Been through more then a lil bit I deserve to be living my best life .
MY SKIN THOOO 😍😍😍🤸🏽‍♀️

When people say 'Shefo you play too much' my reply is always, you are yet to meet my Dad 😂 😂 This is My Ever Loving, Caring, Jovial, Funny, Prayerful, Amazing, Hardworking Daddy Last Days On EARTH! ♥
Few Weeks Before Leaving This WORLD!
Continue to #RestInPeaceDaddy 😇

Lets talk about love between siblings... nah we don’t need too... we were destined to be siblings and there isn’t a soul who could break us apart! With all of my heart, I love the best gift our dad gave us all!
And yes those are my little brothers... don’t mess with me! 🤪
#siblings #mybrotherisbetterthanyours #mysisterisbetterthanyours #thankyoudad #restinpeacedaddy #greatestgift #ilovemysister #ilovemybrothers

It's been 40 days without you now dad and I'm still thinking about you constantly, missing you always, and remembering all the memories we had together. Love and miss you dad. #restinpeacedaddy

They say that some of the brightest lights fade the quickest, and you, dad, were a firecracker. You were witty and confident and never held back. Your flame burned so bright, and in an instant you are gone, like the burst of the fireworks last night, one of your favorite days of celebration. I am glad we got to spend time together this past year, I am so glad you were my dad, I am so lucky. I drank a Bud for you while sitting with Gram, it’s hard just losing her, but I’m so glad she didn’t have to suffer through the loss of her baby boy.
My father’s Brothers and Sisters in Blue have organized a fund to help get my dad’s ashes home from Thailand, where he was happily retired. My thanks go to everyone who has kept us in their hearts and prayers and also to those who have been able to make a contribution to his fundraiser. Please read my dad’s story and help share his link and donate if you are able to, any amount is beyond appreciated and will help see my dad receives a proper ceremony. Thanks All❤️ https://www.gofundme.com/ron-phuket-memorial-fund #bringronhome #blueangel #rip #restinpeace #restinpeacedaddy #imissyou #iloveyou #lostmydad #daddysgirl #pleasehelp #bringdadhome

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