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My eyes are closed but I see and feel you dad,you are missed every second of everyday me my mum my 3 daughters today celebrated you for being the most important man in our lives #restinpeacedaddy

😩 He has gotten older and boy I Wish you could witness every moment with him along with me. From school, baseball, to just being at gma house on Sunday. We miss you 😔😢 #RestInPeaceDaddy

Daddy, today marks 3yrs you became my Angel. Grandpa, today marks 2yrs you became my Angel. Losing the both of you so soon kills me. Daddy, these past 3yrs have been the worst years of my life. We are in pain everyday living without you. We act like we are okay but deep down we still can't deal with the pain. It comes to me all at once, all in a rush, the day I received that phone call and I still can't forgive myself for leaving you alone Daddy... Grandpa, I had the most amazing time when you came to America the year before God made you his Angel. I just wish I got to spend just a little more time with you. I miss your stories, I miss your singing and especially playing cards with you… God I love and miss you both so much! #redzoradoncic #zaimlukovic #Restinpeacedaddy #restinpeacegrandpa😇 💕😇💕

If I ever wanted to know what real love is, this is it , I legit just cried looking at this cause I know the way my parents love eachother my heart feels for my siblings it feels for all of Harlem cause they lost the realest nigga , but my heart really hurts for you ma cause I know the way you loved my father I never thought we would go through something like this but these past two weeks was so hard and now that daddy’s laid to rest I want you to know you will have me forever , beyond forever cause you was his world so that makes you Mine 😍💔 #RIPTrell #harlem #restinpeacedaddy

my MCM's 😘💚... i owe it all to them 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Lord knows i wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't for these men being there for me 😘💕 Love em with all my heart #RestInPeaceDaddy #AlwaysDaddyBabyGirl 😘 #ImMyBrothersKeeper💯

Gibbs family reunion #restinpeacedaddy

Papa... You're going so fast. But we know that God will always give the right time for us and make all the best.

Rest in Peace
F.X Jeffrey Pranata
(March 8th 1956 - January 11th 2017)

We will always love you, thank u for everything

Last Tuesday, a week ago today, I lost the most important man in my life. My dad. 💔 April 26th, 1945 - April 25th, 2017 🌈 I'll always be Daddy's Little Girl 👨‍👩‍👧💕💙 #restinpeacedaddy

May your soul continue to rest in peace inshaallah.. Innalillah wainna ilaihi raaj'un.😢😢🙏


my MCM's 😘💚... i owe it all to them 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Lord knows i wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't for these men being there for me 😘💕 Love em with all my heart #RestInPeaceDaddy #AlwaysDaddyBabyGirl 😘 #ImMyBrothersKeeper💯

"Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten."
Ber months na Dad.
Tugtugin na pang pasko'y lagi ko nang naririnig.
Ngunit hindi kasiyahan ang kanyang hatid.
Alaala ng paglisan mo'y laging nababatid.
Hatid nito'y lumbay at sakit.
9th Month Since you Left Us daddy!

No words I write can ever say how much I miss you everyday.
As time goes by the loneliness grows,how I miss you nobody knows!
I think of you in silence,I often speak your name ,but all I have are memories and photo frame .
No one sees me weep,but the love I have for you is in my heart to keep.
I've never stopped loving you. I'm sure I never will.
Deep inside my heart you are with me still. Heartaches in this world are many but mine is worse than any.
My heart still aches as I whisper low, I need you and miss you so much.
The things we feel so deeply are often the hardest to say But I just can't keep quiet anymore,so I'll tell you anyway. There's a place in my heart that no one else can fill .
I love you so,Dad
And I always will.
A million words would not bring you back,I know because I've tried Neither would a million tears I know because I've cried. We love you but God loves you most.Keep resting at the blossom of the lord 💐💐💐💐💐🌺🌺😨😪😩😰😭Daddy 🔥💦💦💧#sept24th #remembrance #lifewithoutyouissodifferent#restinpeacedaddy #iwillalwaysmakeyouproud @mzshileola @olaitan23

💞AN ACCORLADE TO A GREAT ARCHIVER💞My dearest daddy, my first love, the one that gives me everything like his my Aristole smiles 💔 u were my everything daddy u were my support system, u were my teacher, the most humble and understanding soul on earth, i guess its truly a world of vanity. indeed if tears could build a staircase, I would build a ladder high up to heaven and bring you back home. you were the perfect dad, u were more than an icon of hope to me and so many, u were a philanthropist,u had a heart of gold, I could go on and on 💔💔 I love u daddy I will always love u rest with God your maker your omaonu misses u immeasurably it is well in Jesus name amen

My coworkers are such a blessing!
I love my little G7 fam bam!
Thank You Debra!!
*continues to cry in this galley 😭
#ThinkingOfMe #rip #weMissYouDaddy #WeLoveYouDaddy #RestInHeaven #RestInPeaceDaddy #encouragement #FlightLife #FlyGirl

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