WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions:
Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Rusev
This match is so weird. As we all know, it was originally this, before Jericho replaced Rusev, only for them to put him back in the match. It’s interesting that Taker is actually on the card, I’m super intrigued by that. Plus, it’s a casket match. So he doesn’t need to do anything crazy. We all know who’s winning, the real question is how long the match will be. Taker beat Cena in under 3 minutes, and because this isn’t a traditional singles match, that could be an excuse to make it go a little longer. But, it’s such a stacked show, how long does this need? It’ll be fun to watch. I’m thinking Taker gets in 1 or 2 more matches after this. After all, this one certainly can’t be his last.
PREDICTION: The Undertaker

So glad I was able to say goodbye. Got a candle lit for you, beautiful. Until we meet again. Rest In Paradise ❤️ #rip #restinparadise #restinpeace #loveyou #missyou #untilwemeetagain

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Exclusive portraits by jefstar shirt kings
Sleep in paradise Saddiq
#restinpeace #customjeanjackets


Dear Dee,
Wherever you are, we hope you don’t have to be after the landlady to fix the heat or the window or some other thing. Wherever you are, we hope you have peace. Wherever you are, don’t worry about Leo. We’ll take care of him.
Your friends from the apartment next door,
@gauti_16 and Sachin
P.S.: You can still call us whenever you need any help.
#neighbour #neighbours #restinpeace #rip #dee #life #death #shewasold #shewasfierceandstrong

this is a very old video of princess when we had to shave her and she got some kind of “rash”
in the background you can hear gabby saying the most ridiculous things lmao! #restinpeace gabby <3
next up is baby luna playing with her toy!! #dogsofinstagram #dog #doglovers #petsofinstagram

Oh, #restinpeace 💔 you beautiful bird glass. You started out as a candle about 15 years ago on the beaches of Wildwood, NJ and I loved you so much that I dug out the wax and #repurposed you into my favorite #drinkingglass. You have brought me so much #joy and none of my #drinks will ever taste the same again. 😭 @marieoppedisano123 always told me never to put glasses in the sink, a piece of #motherlyadvice I have always listened to, so I don't know how you ended up in there, but I'm so very sorry. I would have gladly chosen you over the crystal vase that you were sharing that fatal sink with, but, #alas, I didn't get to choose. Thanks to #Instagram, you will live on through the #magic of #socialmedia, and your #beauty will never be forgotten. I loved you so much, that you warrant possibly the #longest #post I'll ever write. 🕊️😢 #rip

*Shot and Killed In The Line of Duty*
Rest In Peace Police Officer Rogelio Santander
Dallas Police Department, Texas
End Of Watch: April 25, 2018 (1st of 3 deaths today)
Officer Rogelio Santander, 27, was shot and killed when he responded to assist with an arrest on a theft call. A second Dallas Police Officer was also shot and critically wounded as well as a civilian Loss Prevention Officer(details within). Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, Ofc. Santander had been Saving, Serving, and protecting the People as a Law Enforcement Officer for three years. He was assigned to the Northeast Division.

Courageous and Compassionate, Fearless and Fair, this Brave and Benevolent Son and Brother of Blue simply wanted to make a difference in his small corner of the world. May we take a part of Brother Rogelio's legacy with us when we enter our daily arenas as we continue to create our own. May we vow to continue with the same Honor, Integrity, and Bravery as this True Blue served.
May we always remember how Police Officer Rogelio Santander Lived As Only A Hero Could.
May we never forget how his life was taken so coldly, and with malice, when he came running to assist a fellow Officer ... On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 1612hours(local), a call for assistance came in from a Dallas Police Officer who was working a detail at the Home Depot located at 11600 block of Forest Central Drive regarding a shoplifting suspect and arrest needing to be made. This Officer was assisted by a civilian Home Depot Loss Prevention Officer.

Dallas Police Officers Rogelio Santander and Crystal Almeida responded to assist. While speaking to the theft suspect, the suspect pulled out two handguns and began shooting at the Officers at near point blank range.

Officer Santander was shot in the back of the head.

Officer Almeida was shot in the face

#RestinPeace #OfficerDown #BacktheBlue #ThinBlueLine #Love #Prayers #LawEnforcement

Still not signed pops....
Been waiting to make you proud... But that day will come

I miss you everyday baby. I still have the shoes and dress you wore on this day. Every day hurts without you, but everyday I feel more alive living with you in my heart. I love you, like no other katerina rose 🌹
#restinpeace #baby #imissyou #imissher #shewasmyeverything

Throwback Thursday. Grieving is hard. I miss you everyday and can’t believe your just physically gone 😔
#imissyou #memories #tbt #waterfall #kingalex #alexelliott #iloveyou #restinpeace #mylove #foreverinmyheart #boyfriend #pnw #camping #nature #pnwonderland #goodtimes @elliott.alexander_life

#STTE MY BROTHERS 4EVER! #RESTINPEACE MELLY G! YOU WITH US FOREVER! @crack_frame_tagg @10kgoodgame @popit4bobbyy

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