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Saat TUHAN memandang Anda, DIA tidak saja melihat Anda. DIA melihat KRISTUS.

Rahasia kemuliaan itu ada dalam Anda sebab KRISTUS sudah ada dalam Anda! Tugas kita bukan lagi membawa KRISTUS ke dalam kita, melainkan membawa-NYA "keluar" dari dalam kita.
Kemana Anda pergi dan apapun yang Anda lakukan.. hanya KRISTUS yang tampak, hanya KRISTUS yang bersinar, hanya KRISTUS yang bekerja, hanya KRISTUS yang dipermuliakan.


Kolose 1:27 "Kepada mereka Allah mau memberitahukan, betapa kaya dan mulianya rahasia itu di antara bangsa-bangsa lain, yaitu: Kristus ada di tengah-tengah kamu, Kristus yang adalah pengharapan akan kemuliaan!"

"When we ignore the reality of who we are as sinners, we diminish the holy work of Jesus Christ and the amazing transformation that the Holy Spirit is working in us.
Dear God, grow me that I might more fully see the reality of my sin and therefore my need of You. May the Holy Spirit work through me so that I can rest in You alone."
- Camilla Griffith #First5 #sufferingandsovereignty #job #restinchrist #godsgreatness

I know You love me
I know You found me
I know You saved me
Your GRACE will never fail me
#restinChrist#Grace#heavenlivesinme 💖

#GoodMorning #AmenWord #RestInChrist #JesusChristIsLord #HaveAGreatDay:- Keep your heads up, after the rain and storm a sunny day will come 🙏✌🙌

Love thy neighbor 💕🙏🏻 #christian #trustjesus #benice #lovegodfirst #restinchrist

I see the love pouring out from my old high school and the community most of all my old friends... a few days ago we lost one of our dearest friends.. Monquie clark, Rest Easy.. To the kids and family, we love you and we are praying for you. #MVHS #SD #moniqueclark #restinchrist

To all those who posted and reposted the flyer of my missing friend, thank you very much. Sadly, my friend was found and didn't make it. It's really hard to type this and even acknowledge that this is real. I ask that you please pray for my friend Veronica's family and friends. I definitely at a loss for words. And Veronica, you were one of the sweetest, kindest, loveliest people I've known. When I moved into my new apartment a couple of weeks ago, I had or convo about buying a house in mind. I loved how we would randomly get together (thanks to Ailish) and just talk effortlessly about life. You were always encouraging and authentic. I am proud of you and will cherish our interactions. You are absolutely gone way too soon. Thanks for being a light to so many people. #RestInChrist #LoveYouVeronica #GoneTooSoon

Somehow this week moved in slow motion and hyper-speed. The reality of my grandmother not being here hasn't set in, but I'm happy to say she had a wonderful homegoing . She would be so tickled. #RestInChrist

Welcome to a fresh week, 6 days of great opportunities & achievements! Be purposeful & focused. Be the best at whatever you do this week. Preacher said yesterday, it's too late to go back... Honestly it's too late to regret, too late to complain, too much time wasting on a pityparty!
Do not trust in nobles, in man, who cannot save. Who when his breath leaves him returns to the ground & on that day his plans die. Happy is the one whose help is in the Lord his God. Psm146:3-5. I totally #restinChrist! Have a beautiful week, it's the #rainbowyear


Enjoy your daily Hope injection. You need God's eye view! #restinChrist# #ephesisans2:6# #neverlosehope#

Sometimes to move forward, you need to slow down. Allow for times of rest. Look around you. There is beauty and sweetness everywhere you look.
#shazzyfitness #setupforsuccess #dancingforJesus #Christianhiphop #dogsofinstagram #restinChrist #godisbigenough

Glamour Shot! Arlene, MUA on the run. In 2010 this shot was streaming all over the net.
Shiny and sparkly, born to amuse, to inspire and delight..✨ #MUA #sister #makeup #digital #love #restinchrist

Miwa Sado, a 31 year old journalist, clocked 159 hours of overtime in the month before she died. She took only two days off during that month. She died of congestive heart failure. In Japan, where exhaustion is often seen as a sign of diligence and devotion to your company, karoshi (過労死), or “death from overwork” has become a recognised phenomenon. Pray for Japanese who work under much pressure to find rest and hope in Christ.
#thisisjapan #prayforjapan #japanstories #karoshi #worklifeinjapan #japan #livinginjapan #japanlife #omfjapan #omfint #taskunfinished #hopeinChrist #restinChrist

Sitting in carpool and I needed this as I rush from one scheduled activity to the next. #taketime #restinChrist #GODisGOOD #HEisourRefuge

I remember I was DD this night but ended up faded, I couldn't drive so Daniel drove and he was sooo happy since I trusted him cause I rarely let anyone drive my car hehe. Wah it's hard to believe that it's your one year 😔 I'm always thinking about you my dude ❤️ #RIP #restinChrist #2011

I cried out, “I am slipping!” but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me. When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer. (‭Psalms‬ ‭94‬:‭18‬ NLT)
#heisthere #anxiety #peace #joy #restinchrist #HisLoveNeverFails #amen #ThankYouJesus #bible #Scripture #Washington #LaPush #beach #rain #cold #beautiful #Twilight #Water

The most dangerous time in your ministry/life is at the height of it (when you are experiencing success). - David fell into sin with Bathsheba at the height of his ministry as king (2 Samuel 11). - Elijah experienced a spiritual breakdown right after experiencing a great victory as a prophet of God vs the prophets of baal at the mountain (1 Kings 18) - Peter experienced a huge failure right when he felt he was on top of his spiritual game with Jesus when he denied Him. (Mark 14:66-72)

This says to me that you are most vulnerable to failure when you have reached a stage of "perceived success" in your life/ministry.

Success has a tendency to give us that false sense of "nothing can happen to me now" attitude and that's when we find ourselves at the bottom in no time, the bible says "pride/arrogance comes before fall" (Proverbs 16:18). One thing about going up is that you leave the ground (stability), which then requires one to be stable within themselves. That stability comes when you rest in Christ.

Some people we think are humble are not, they are just at the bottom/ground of their lives/ministry. The truth is that the true character of a man is not revealed in their lack but in their abundance (height of their success). Yes, abanye bethu asithobekile ngoba sithobekile kodwa senziwa yinhlupheko.

Hence I make the statement
"The more I grow, the more I know that I need God even more." Spiritual growth is not a stage of independence from God but its when you become more dependent in Him, because at the height of your ministry/life thats when you are most vulnerable to failure.

Pastor Sifiso Twala

Can I admit something? I am weary and heavy laden. I need rest. Even more honest, if it wasn't for the rest God brings, I am not sure how I would even keep my head above water. ⠀

So today, in the midst of this crazy life, I choose rest. I am so grateful for a God who cares about my little problems and the struggles I face. ⠀

Thankful for the peace and hope that only He brings. I know I am not alone. ⠀

#wearybutnotalone #restinChrist #hope #peace #love #neveralone #grateful #nottrialtodifficult #noburdentogreat #Matt11v28

•// He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. //• #thankyouJesus #templecare #Herestoresmysoul #restinChrist

Learn to rest in the grace of God today. #bringithome #rest #restinchrist

You are our inspiration ... 😇

May we received it by faith tomorrow as we again rest in the complete work of God in Christ for our salvation. #RestInChrist

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