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I know You love me
I know You found me
I know You saved me
Your GRACE will never fail me
#restinChrist#Grace#heavenlivesinme 💖

To all those who posted and reposted the flyer of my missing friend, thank you very much. Sadly, my friend was found and didn't make it. It's really hard to type this and even acknowledge that this is real. I ask that you please pray for my friend Veronica's family and friends. I definitely at a loss for words. And Veronica, you were one of the sweetest, kindest, loveliest people I've known. When I moved into my new apartment a couple of weeks ago, I had or convo about buying a house in mind. I loved how we would randomly get together (thanks to Ailish) and just talk effortlessly about life. You were always encouraging and authentic. I am proud of you and will cherish our interactions. You are absolutely gone way too soon. Thanks for being a light to so many people. #RestInChrist #LoveYouVeronica #GoneTooSoon

I see the love pouring out from my old high school and the community most of all my old friends... a few days ago we lost one of our dearest friends.. Monquie clark, Rest Easy.. To the kids and family, we love you and we are praying for you. #MVHS #SD #moniqueclark #restinchrist

Somehow this week moved in slow motion and hyper-speed. The reality of my grandmother not being here hasn't set in, but I'm happy to say she had a wonderful homegoing . She would be so tickled. #RestInChrist

Welcome to a fresh week, 6 days of great opportunities & achievements! Be purposeful & focused. Be the best at whatever you do this week. Preacher said yesterday, it's too late to go back... Honestly it's too late to regret, too late to complain, too much time wasting on a pityparty!
Do not trust in nobles, in man, who cannot save. Who when his breath leaves him returns to the ground & on that day his plans die. Happy is the one whose help is in the Lord his God. Psm146:3-5. I totally #restinChrist! Have a beautiful week, it's the #rainbowyear

Motherhood. It is NOT easy. It is NOT glamorous. I FAIL a lot...honestly daily I am asking my kids for forgiveness and begging God for wisdom. I am a perfectionist at heart and God has been showing me lately how much I am robbing from my kids by not allowing them to do things because it won't be done to the level I want. Why do I want to suppress their servant heart just because I want it done perfectly? Why do we expect perfection from our kids when we fail at perfection daily? I have started saying yes more. Yes, yall may way the dishes. Yes, Elise you may sweep the kitchen...she is 3 and misses a lot of crumbs. The other day I pulled out dishes from the drain that these two had washed and food was still on it. I just smiled💜 A month ago I would have been like why...why do I even let them try...now I have to wash it again. God is working and helping me see the bigger picture. We are molding and shaping these hearts to serve their family and we all work together as a team. One day I will miss scraping food off the dishes before I use them again. They will get better with time. Since we have been done with school this is the biggest thing God has been teaching me. Slow down. These things are more important than working through a math book or a reading lesson. Invest in their hearts. Mold them to be servants for Christ. Praying I continue to carry these things into our normal routine when we open school books back up in a few weeks. #thankyouJesus #discipleship #slowdownmama #restinChrist

No work for me today and able to rest, but in Christ you find rest for every moment of life! #RestInChrist #coachella4christ

Akhirnya saya sadar, saya telah mati di dalam Kristus. #restinChrist #surrender #matiadalahkeuntungan #newborn


I made this wood urn for my brother Bo. Eucalyptus burl, walnut and maple. #nomorepain. #restinchrist. #neverforgotten.

In Christ we work out the vision and #theblessingofthelord enables us to have reward for our labour but in the world they #hustlehard like Jacob even everything in vain. Friends you are not permitted to #hustlehard like you are not conscious of #thestartupanointing which you receive in Christ Jesus when you became a #newcreation .
We are #theblessedofthelord therefore everything we do will prosper in Jesus name.
#tbt #throwbackthursday #totaltruththursdays #suitsupply #wheniwasyounger #restinchrist #theblessing #londonlife #christians #christinme #burberybag #guccishoes #hackettblazers #hackettshirt #tissotwatches

#Filmmaking is so much fun! This is the #storyboard of our current project, which I just finished today. Please keep praying for us as we finish up looking for locations, extras, equipment, etc.
#storyboarding #restinchrist #missionarylife #film #preproduction #director

JOHN 10:6-9 Everyday I wake up and decide to follow HIM again... Its not about a religion or about culture, JESUS came and died for all.... HE died for me, I live for HIM. #faith #UnAshamed #ChristFollower #NotReligious #SavedByGrace #Free2Live #RestInChrist #LivingLife #OneDayAtATime

"Ele será nossa paz."
Quase que diariamente amigas e amigos falam comigo sobre como eu sou de boas.
É uma regra praticamente sem exceções que quem for falar sobre mim vai falar sobre a minha tranquilidade, meu sossego, minha calma.
Mas não foi sempre assim.
Eu já fui muito ansiosa, estressada e barraqueira. Desesperada com as coisas, apressada e chorona que não sabia nunca o que estava acontecendo, o porquê meus quereres não eram realizados ou como eu conquistaria as coisas que eu almejava.
Não sei porque ou para quem, mas Deus me pediu pra deixar essa mensagem aqui hoje.
O Senhor - e o Senhor apenas - traz paz.
Não há lugar que você possa ir, amigos que possa ter, empregos que possa trabalhar, curso que possa fazer ou relacionamento que possa cultivar que vai te trazer qualquer sossego ou tranquilidade a menos que Deus seja o lugar de descanso da sua vida.
Quando a gente entrega tudo nosso nas mãos de Deus começamos a ver as mãos de Deus em tudo nosso.
A calma, tranquilidade e paz que vocês enxergam em mim não é minha, mas vem daquele que criou o próprio descanso.
Paz não é um estado de espírito relacionado a tudo dar certo. Paz é saber que o único capaz de fazer tudo dar certo é quem cuida da minha vida.
O mundo inteiro é um lugar cheio de maldade e desespero. Não vamos encontrar nele motivos para acordar todos os dias, ser feliz.
Descansem em Deus. Entreguem a Ele todos as coisas - não apenas os problemas que vocês não conseguem resolver, tudo.
Porque Ele vai cuidar das coisas se vocês deixarem.
Eu sei disso, porque Ele jamais me deixou de lado desde que eu pedi a Ele que cuidasse de mim.
Fiquem em paz. Na paz de Cristo.
Boa semana, gurizada.
#verseoftheday #godisgood #peaceofmind #restinchrist

Rest in Christ . Rest in His finished work as there is nothing for me to add to it . I got to learn to labour into His rest . Love our jubilee home wall mural . #restinchrist #jubilee2017 #ourjubileehome #blessed #loved #content #home

Just as God opens Doors, God closes Doors. One day when He brings it all together, you'll sit/look back and thank Him forever...... May DOORS of the #Heavens be open unto you. Any evil #door is being shut and we open #Divine doors in #Jesus name! .... #WorshipWarrior #AbundantLiving #ForChrist #WarriorClothing #RestInChrist #JesusMyDoorOpener☝️

tiadak ada perjuangan yang sia2...💪
semua yg kita lalui ada maksd Tuhan tapi semua yg terbaik buat kita ,
ketika kita mulai gagal,bangkit lagi,,
ketika kita mulaii jatuh,berjuang lagi, Tuhan tidak akan pernah biarkan anak nnya perjuang dengan sia2,,
so andalkann Tuhan dalam hal apapunn..

Ruth could have gone back to her own ppl after her husband died & mother-in-law told her she could go, BUT she CHOSE to stay because she fell in love with Naomi's God. The God of Israel. He is the God who offers COMFORT in SORROW, BREAD in a time of FAMINE, BLESSING in a season of BARRENNESS, and JOY that overcomes all SORROW. He is the God of good news. #Ruth

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