This is a full scale 3D rendering of a Barton Springs Salamander was converted from a CT scan. It's sitting on a full scale penny. Check out the size of this thing! 馃槷


TRINOTA - A New Dimension In Medical Imagery

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馃挋馃挋Introduction to Transformational Breath Workshop with Elif Clarke @elifclarke_justbreath 馃挋馃挋
Date: SUN 29/04/2018
From: 11:00 - 13:30
LOCATION: Light Centre Moorgate INVESTMENT: 拢47 馃槉馃槉
BOOKINGS: Online and on 02076287780
馃尭馃尭Imagine what it would feel like to #breathe in the most #powerful way for your body - It would feel pretty #fantastic, right? That鈥檚 what we want to help you to do.
Transformational Breath is possibly the most #amazing self-#healing process on the Planet.馃尭馃尭 1) Is this #workshop for you?
Did you know the average person takes nearly one thousand breaths an hour? So yes, everyone regardless of age, #health or condition can benefit from learning how to breathe using their full #respiratory system.

2) What will I learn?
The four basics of Transformational Breath.
The physical, mental, emotional and #spiritual levels.
How to identify your breathing pattern through breath analysis.
The use of different modalities including body mapping, toning and pounding for energy release.
How when you return home you can integrate this tool into your daily life.

3) What are the benefits?
More #energy ; #detoxification of the body; integration of #stress and tension; #relaxation of the mind and body; improved mood, relief of physical and emotional pain; boost the #immunesystem ; and access to #spiritualexperiences .
Experience immersion, insight and something profound; let our professional team take care of you during this facilitated Transformational Breath session with guidance and support

Llega la primavera, y con ella se agudiza el #asma. Como sab茅is se trata es una afectaci贸n respiratoria que se controla fuera de la gestaci贸n con antihistam铆nicos e inhaladores, en funci贸n de la afectaci贸n de la paciente. Durante la gestaci贸n, la adaptaci贸n al tratamiento, es fundamental, y en ocasiones se retira tanto el antihistam铆nico como como el inhalador, de forma erronea, se ha de adaptar el tratamiento a esta situaci贸n que es la gestaci贸n, NO siendo incompatibles.
Hay una falsa creencia, de que todo medicamento es incompatible con el embarazo, hay que estudiar caso por caso.

Ya que estamos teniendo un invierno e inicio de primavera lluviosa, quiero recordaros que deb茅is de seguir con vuestro tratamiento de base para un buen control durante la gestaci贸n y/o adaptarlo en consulta a la nueva situaci贸n, nunca retirarlo porque puede producir complicaciones m谩s dif铆ciles de manejar.

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Here鈥檚 a diffuser blend that鈥檚 like sunshine with a little chai spice. Perfect for a nice quiet morning while you enjoy a cup of something warm and prepare for the day ahead.
Cardamom has a unique, pungent aroma that creates an inviting, warmth that fills the room. It is calming to the digestive system and supports the respiratory system, promoting clear airways.
Clove essential oil is a stimulating and energizing oil that produces a warm, woody aroma.
Bergamot bright citrus notes are stimulating, yet calming to the emotions. It helps to dissipate anxious feelings and create a more relaxed thought process.
If you want to purchase oils at retail, visit the LINKINBIO and click 鈥渟hop鈥. If you want to save 25% off all purchases for a year, open a wholesale membership, click 鈥淛oin & Save鈥.

馃崈B R E A T H E 馃崈馃憙馃徎馃尙 Who is suffering and needs allergy and sinus relief ? 馃ぇ

Therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oil blend to clear congestion and offer respiratory relief. 馃憙馃徎馃崈馃憣馃徎 http://mydoterra.com/sarahhelstrip

Save 25% with wholesale option馃専

SAVE MORE.... 馃挵

FREE wholesale option available with Family Essentials kit which includes the "Breathe" respiratory Blend PLUS 9 other oils / blends to help your health naturally! 馃挌

I'm here to help, message me for more details. 馃挰
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No-one likes seeing their babies sick and unwell am I right?
As a parent, I could only imagine that at times you would feel helpless and wish it was you sick instead of your children. (See my new insta story)

With it coming into our cooler time of year, this is when you would be wanting to help build your babies immune system up maybe a little more then usual as the dreaded cold and flu approaches. Don鈥檛 wait for your kids to get sick and then try and help them, make up an immune roller and start applying to them every single day to help avoid any unwanted sicknesses
馃崅 Frankincense 鈥 Known as the 鈥榢ing鈥 of essential oils. Promotes cellular health and immune support. Promotes feelings of relaxation and a balanced mood. One of doterras most versatile oils that I add to everything and take daily!
馃崅Copaiba 鈥 Helps calm, soothe and support the nervous system as well as supporting the health of the cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory systems鈥 In other words one of doterras kick ass oils that I add to a lot of my blends for extra support
馃崅 On Guard 鈥 Otherwise known as the 鈥榩rotective blend鈥. On Guard is well-known for its ability to protect against environmental and seasonal threats. Can be used to support our bodies natural antioxidant defence, immune and respiratory systems.

Repeat after me鈥 鈥淚 will apply this to my kids (and self) every day to keep our health on point & sanity in check鈥 馃馃徏

Apply this blend every morning to the souls of your babies feet. I would also apply down their spin and again on the souls of their feet after their night time bath / before bed.
For Everly I used 2 drops of each oil and topped with FCO!

Guess What?? Two of these oils are part of the top 10 oils that also come in the Home Essential Kit. (This blend will still be affective without Copaiba)

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If you keep your entire life thinking "why me?" you will miss all the blessing that comes with the "why not me?". Embrace the challenge of your soul contract and you will see how magical life is!
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|| s i n u s d i s c o m f o r t || In my last post I shared a little about respiratory issues and how to support clear breathing. But what if you feel something sinus-y coming on? Something that doesn鈥檛 seem to want to go away. This combo is proven over and over to swiftly knock out and clear up even the worst sinus trouble. Here's how it works:
1-2 drops each p e p p e r m i n t + o r e g a n o + l e m o n + m e l a l e u c a added to a steaming mug of hot water. Lean in, close your eyes and inhale....
Do this 3-4 times a day until symptoms subside. This has saved me from countless sinus infections and it is used by so many people I know!
And great news 鈥 all four of these oils come in my popular Family Essentials and Home Essentials kits! Are you ready to get started with essential oils? Through the end of the month get started with any kit and receive your choice of $50 with of essential oils. DM me for info or follow these steps to get started:
鉁 Click the link in my profile 馃憜馃徏
鉁 Click "Join and Save" at the top of the page
鉁 Choose Wholesale Customer
鉁 Complete the enrollment process (enter my number 192891 if it doesn鈥檛 populate)
鉁 Choose your starter kit Home Essentials kit if you want to scoop up alllll the amazing goodies this month
鉁 Enter your cc and check out!
鉁煉涒湪 Keep your eye out for a purple box of oily goodness on your porch early next week!


This is the first #kumarahou I've planted out of 8 馃尡 6 have been planted in 2 #marae where I work from and the remaining 2 are @kawakawa.spa 馃尡馃挌
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Happy Medical Monday! 鈾ワ笍馃懚馃徏馃彞
Today, let鈥檚 introduce the isolette! Technology in the NICU has truly improved neonatal outcomes & this is probably one of the most important technology advancements in our unit!

The Isolette! Why is this such a key tool 馃敤 in the care of our NICU preemie population? 馃懀鈥

Well.....growing a premature neonate or healing an ill infant can be a complicated & delicate process. One of the our top priorities is 鈥淣eurodevelopment.鈥 Positive Neurodevelopment & Growth are much more successful due to isolettes!

Key points how ISOLETTES Function: 鈥

1. NEUTRAL THERMAL ENVIRONMENT: 馃尀鉂勶笍the isolette can maintain a neonates core temperature between 36.5-37.5 C 馃尅 with a temperature probe connection to the isolette 鈥

2. HEAT LOSS PREVENTION: 馃専If portholes are opened, 鈥淎ir Boost鈥 馃挩 is enabled to protect the baby from heat loss & support thermal stability. 鈥

3. WATER LOSS PREVENTION: 馃挦Helps regulate body temperature & features humidity control to avoid moisture loss through thin skin.

4. MIMICS THE FUNCTION OF THE WOMB: 馃ぐ馃徏A warm, moist, muted (or dampened) noise, stress-free (goal) environment. Isolettes can help promote peaceful healing, while fostering a closer bond with the baby.

5. EASE MEDICAL NEEDS. 馃彞馃拤Built-in scale for weighing and an unobtrusive x-ray tray make diagnostics eaiser for babies too fragile to tolerate the movement and temperature changes imposed when using a simple warmer or bed.

6. MINIMIZE NEGATIVE TOUCH: 馃檯馃徏鈥嶁檪锔廤hile some handling is needed or may be beneficial, most handling is stressful to neonates. Isolettes can help us to minimize stressful touch. 馃檶馃徎

Fun Fact! These isolettes (BRAND NEW, TOP OF THE LINE, COST a cool 馃槑 $65,000 馃挵) Baby stuff is expensive! 鈥

鈥 (pictures from Google & Pinterest)
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This morning was my first day on the job!
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Learn CPR today and save a life tomorrow!

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