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Looking wistfully at the black grouse's private powder stash #respectthewildlife #respectthegrouse

Remember you share the park with many different creatures! Please respect the wildlife and leave them be! 📷 Photo Credit: @odp_vision


Leave no trace - Respect the wildlife. This means don’t feed the wildlife. Feeding wildlife makes them more comfortable around humans (which can potentially be unsafe for them and you) and alters how they find food and what they prefer to eat. This has a negative impact on their diets, health, and the environment. Sure, a tiny bit of food seems harmless, but think about how many people think the same thing. Please look up leave no trace principles if you’re unsure of what this entails exactly or if you want to learn more! 😊 Keep wildlife wild. .
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We did not catch the turtles and other critters under the water on camera but we did get some sea turtles we found on the coast. There are three in this (poorly filmed) shot and on the back side there were two more. All in all a fantastic day of wildlife viewing❤️🌴🐠🐢 #seaturtle #kauai #respectthewildlife #oceanislife #oceanlife #oceananimals #natureismagic

UPDATE: WE GOT BLACKED BY THIS POS. OF COURSE COWARDS LIKE HIM TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT. WATCH THIS: Look at pos from dubi of course @moemoneyofficial @dubai how is society allowing assholes like this idiot carry around a poor hopeless drugged up cheetah with a rope around its neck. Rich assholes like that need to be locked up and Throw away the key and do society a big favor. Sooner or later things will turn against him.
Repost @save.big.cats #respectthewildlife #norespect #wildlifeabuse #cheetah #endangeredspecies #cat

I guess I’m in Far North Queensland then! No sightings on my early morning walk, but I can promise you I was NOT getting off this footpath for a closer look 🙅🏻‍♀️🐊🚫❌ #exploretnq #respectthewildlife #cairns #crocwatch #crocodiles #morning #tropical #warning #achtung #safetyfirst

When you are operating unconsciously in life, your perspective and outlook will always be an echo and reflection of the society in which you live.

What this means is, if you do not consciously determine what is important in your life and what has special meaning and value, the system will determine it for you.
This is dangerous because society is always molded according to the agenda of those who rule over it, which is ultimately inspired by self interest, greed and exploitation. They view you as a commodity and they will use every means they possibly can to turn you into one.

The obsession with external appearance, material wealth, celebrity gossip, incessant shallow competition and envy; along with childish publicly propagated topics that incite childish public responses, amongst countless other methods that invariably constitute forms of control, are not "normal" or a part of human nature but are geared towards turning a human being into a mindless consumer and commodity, born out of conditioned nature. This is largely rooted in the exploitation of our innate desire to have an identity of some sort. Being aware of this will help you avoid their clever traps.
With that said, don't let anyone define the meaning of life for you, or what you should pursue and what you should not. Realize that EVERYTHING your mind sees is influencing it and teaching it to one degree or another. If you constantly allow the media to feed you hate and fear you will become hateful and fearful. If you constantly watch inspirational videos on YouTube, on the other hand, you will begin to become inspired. This does not mean you should be willfully ignorant about serious problems in the world that require action to be remedied, but it does mean you need to become disillusioned and realize there is a psychological war being waged against you. This is not a theoretical statement, it is a irrefutable historical fact.

The only way to really find out what makes you happy, is to go within yourself, block out the world, if just for a moment in time,and discover you are deep within and what simply gives you Peace and makes you happy 😃 #livelifehappy #livelife #livelifetothefullest

We get excited to see manatee. Sometimes it's disturbing... this young guy had 2 very fresh prop scars. We could tell he was newly injured and just trying to rest. We saw other kayakers paddle right on top of him trying to get a picture ! We tried to educate in a positive form but eventually had to paddle away from the nuisance Yakkers. We find that when encountering wildlife, it's best to treat them how you'd like to be treated! Do you like to be woken up while napping? Or when you're trying to relax and people are obnoxiously taking photos of you? Ya... I bet they don't either 😔
#distancebetweenus #safedistance #MANATEE #manateeawareness #courteous #houserules #respectthewildlife #respectwildlife #floridaproblems

Après un hiver rigoureux et plusieurs jours passés à se faire poursuivre par le chien d'une gentille Mami, ce magnifique vieux seigneur est mort de faim et d'épuisement 😠😡😡😡!!! Bravo madame.

A little pause in the day waiting for the coyotes to re-enter the wash, so we can go view this Paradise Valley home. #respectthewildlife #desertlife #azrealestate #scottsdale #paradisevalley #westusarealty

Native American Ruins Meditation:

As I stand here I imagine a peaceful life hunting and gathering this area, and enjoying existence during a different time. Mother nature is so beautiful. Please respect the land, and if you visit these areas please pick up after yourself. And please don't take what the natives left for us to learn from.

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