All worries and tensions are created by humans himself. Everyone is indulge in the anonymous race. Which ends with nothing. Money is power no doubt this is true enough but power is Always difficult to handle. You have money but not sound health and mind it's value is zero.
Their should be a balance of everything because excess of everything is bad.
Too much of everything creat problem wether it's love,hate,money,tensions,happiness and many more.
Keep your body and soul in balance. Stay positive. If someone disturb your mind then donot react over his actions. Give it a time. Karma do it's work.
Do your best. #appriciate this life #respectparents #respectmotherearth #loveyourself

Work in progress - inspired by such awesome music, awesome life, awesome day with gratitude #music #gratitude #workinprogress #illustration #artunites #respectmotherearth

You are his best creation. Keep believing yourself. Keep doing great work and live your all dreams. Life is one time moment only. What people think of you is none of your business because they are the one behind you and makes you famous.
Donot get effected by others actions. Remember his blessings are always by your time. Remember to realise happiness we first know about pain. Same if you are suffering now , struggling now , your best time is on the way to take you on ride of success. Keep hard-working and doing your best.
#respectmotherearth #respectparents #respectyourself #respectnature

We are not just humans but the wonders which is not yet explored completely yet. Comes out of your shell (means expectations, need,greed,fame,name). We always try to become like others or better than others. When you think in this way you just lost yourself, we never know our own potential. We are full of secrets which is undefined yet. Explore yourself.
Love yourself.. find the truth of yourself. Why we are here? There must be a special reason behind it. Instead of working on self we start looking after others vaguely.
Trust the timing of your life. Good things are coming your way. #respect parents #respectlivingbeign #respectmotherearth


Have you ever stopped to think about how truly lucky we are to be alive? That the EARTH has provided us with everything that we could ever need to survive? More than that though, she provides us with everything that we could ever need to THRIVE!! The EARTH is our mother, start treating HER with LOVE, RESPECT, and CARE!! 🙌🏼🌍💙💚
#lovemotherearth #respectmotherearth #respectmothernature #lovenature💚 #lovenaturesbeauty #natureishealing

Living over the acceptance of others always hurts you because with that expectations arises. Do the things which you live. Do it for yourself. Because your acceptance matters in your life not of others. People will judge you anyhow. And you are incomparable .
You are the blessed soul of almighty. You didn't know your own capabilities. You have wonders in yourself. Believe me and moreover believe yourself. Throw negativity from your within. And believe you are on the positive way. Everything will be fine with you. God is Always besides you. And you see magic happens to you.

#respectparents #respectLivingbeign #respectmotherearth #respectyoursoul and your body.


Here’s all the cruelty free beauty brands in my makeup routine:
@physiciansformula, @nyxcosmetics, Annabelle, @tartecosmetics @toofaced @thebodyshop @morphebrushes @colourpopcosmetics @wunder2cosmetics @burtsbees @essence @palladiobeauty @fentybeauty @jeffreestar @katvondbeauty
All pretty accessible, so no excuses! Let’s all radiate love AND beauty!! 💖🐰

I absolutely LOVE the Body Shop and their stand against animal testing! They’ll always have a special place in my heart as well as a spot in my make up collection! Today we will be a voice to end suffering for billions, and loving for forever after. 🌸

Flower -

Beauty is not the colours
Upon a flower
Beauty is not the flowers scent
In a midday breeze.

Beauty is the life of a single flower,
The power that, that single flower can inspire.
The power that the flower can awaken, Fragile in its perfect state.

The flower is like any other flower,
At first sight
If you take the time to appreciate the flower
You will see the difference of the flower.

In a seed
As a bud
In bloom
The flower in every shape or
Beauty in its depth

Unable to save itself it smiles towards the sun,
Life enclosing,
Petals all a strewn,
Grace, power and beauty
Ready to bloom
-Author unknown

Sydney in a photo to me, when the ocean and the land meet. . .
#Sydney #Straya #neverstopexploring #theworldisourplayground #respectmotherearth

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