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We practice within the biodynamic model of midwifery care, which is based upon the notion that birth is a natural process which can be greatly impacted by the environment in which we birth. We see that birth progresses much more smoothly when women are given freedom of movement, freedom to eat and drink as they please, freedom to surround themselves with many trusted support people or to seek solitude, and freedom over their own bodies--that they will only be touched after consent has been given, that their bodies will be treated with the deepest of respect, and that they will remain in control over what happens to their bodies. Our hope is that our client's birth experiences can translate into a more empowered life for themselves as they enter parenthood and beyond. We strongly believe that positive and respectful birth experiences will be the foundation for a better world.
📷 Beautiful photo by the beautiful and talented @daronaliya.

Medical mistreatment and abuse against laboring/birthing people is an epidemic. The World Health Organization gets it, why don't all OB/GYNs and many of the L&D nurses? Shoutout to all of those OBs and nurses who are doing what they can within their means to treat my clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. I hope everyone else catches on soon!

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All women have a right to a positive #childbirth experience that includes:
-Respect and dignity
-A companion of choice
-Clear communication by maternity staff
-Pain relief strategies
-Mobility in labour and birth position of choice

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Never underestimate the power of a woman.
Gage & I talk about his birth often. He pretends to be a newborn baby sometimes, crawling up to my chest making little whiny cries. He asks to be held like a baby. It’s sweet. He watches his birth video whenever he wants - “I want watch Gaju boooorn!” And since basically my whole Instagram feed is birth photographers & midwives, he sees tons of birth videos there, too. And he always asks to see more. He only likes the videos where you can see the mom, though. If she’s not shown in the angle, we go onto the next. He needs to see that this baby is coming out of her, belly or vag doesn’t matter but he loves that connection. I’m grooming a future birth advocate over here + it feels gooooooood.
Also I love how absolutely over it & in pain I am (hour 33), while Wes is so stoked cause I had just reached in to feel how close his head was - & discovered that he had haiiiirrrrr 😍. Ps he still wasn’t born for another 3 hours.
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mahaalmusa.com #mahaalmusa #maha_al_musa💕 - There is an insistence that I take offence to that “older” mothers (insulted firstly by being called geriatric) have birthing bodies that fail them inclusive of their “age”- we need to stop with these unfounded assumptions that chronological age dictates biological age - I had beautiful home waterbirth at 46
My body opened beautifully and I birthed in a respectful environment with the most amazing homebirth midwife and now postnatal midwife @jaynealder 💕💕 #oldermom #oldermumbirth #physiologicalbirth #naturalbirth #homebirth #love #respect #respectfulbirth #waterbirth ##mothersmatter #motheringbody #oldermotherbirths #baby #pregnancy #ttc #childbirth #birthing #midwife #doula #listentothis #valuemothers #birthwithoutfear 🌸🌸🌸

Babywearing: convenient, bonding, life saving when chasing after an older sibling or getting stuff done 🙌🏽. BUT done improperly(especially in the early postpartum) it could be preventing your body from healing properly by hindering the healing of diastasis recti or cause structural issues that could lead to pelvic floor dysfunction or back and shoulder pain. So when you wrap that baby up remember to check in with your body! Untuck your pelvis and neutralize your spine keeping your rib cage down (left 📷)Now you can #wearallthebabies!

"Failure to progress" in labor could be called "just not quite ready." Give yourself all the time you need.

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Welcome new interns ✔️ Celebrate the new year ✔️ Congratulate each other on another successful year ✔️ Our sincerest gratitude to all who make our work possible, and CHEERS to 2018! 🤩💥🎉

Una tremenda noticia para Chile. Esperemos pronto se convierta en ley!
✨“Felicidades a todos y todas quienes trabajan y se esfuerzan a diario por transformar la atención del #embarazo, #parto y #postparto en nuestro país (y el 🌎 ). Solo quien conoce un poco sobre la relevancia de proteger la salud mental perinatal puede dimensionar su trascendencia para el futuro de la humanidad”✨ @mariadoula
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Artículo completo en link de la bio.

Is this program for you? Are you pregnant and feeling emotionally unprepared for childbirth and motherhood? What if you could step fully into trust and confidence, letting the your sacred truth lead you? Comment or PM me if this is you! #thebirthpriestess #consciousbirth #trustfulparenting #apppah #respectfulbirth #birthwithoutfear

Bria Sommer, CD(DONA) started Barefoot in Boise Doula Services to support families in achieving healthy, positive birth experiences. Nearly 3 years later she is just as passionate about helping families have a birth experience that they can draw strength from for the rest of their lives. "I trust in the wisdom and power of a woman's body and believe that by working with our care providers and learning about birth and birth practices, we can make informed decisions and achieve the birth that we desire.”

We are proud to introduce Katie Powell as the newest addition to the Barefoot in Boise Doula Services family!
Katie is a life long Boise resident who is passionate about helping families in a nonjudgemental and compassionate way, "I want to help women have a positive and fulfilling birth experience, whatever that looks like to them. I realize birth is extremely personal - it's not a "one-size-fits-all" model, and I will support each woman to achieve the birth they desire."

Spent the day at the Transforming Care Conference. This talk was awesome! #2017TCC

Lucky’s newborn exam last week happened on my bed surrounded by her sisters while I rested and watched. I knew she was in good hands and had the loving support of her sisters holding her hand and softly (and sometimes loudly) talking her through the gentle exam. Our midwife, Carrie Duncan and the student midwives showed us the placenta (that thing is so big!), weighed and measured her, checked her hips and spine and everything else all right there with us in arms’ reach. Thanks to @the_wise_woman_nextdoor for such a respectful and gentle exam for our Lucky who had just left my body to be in the bright active world with us. Lucky was back on the breast in no time, still surrounded by her sisters. #homebirth #birth #newborn #newbaby #respectfulbirth #family #andaluzwaterbirthcenter

The last postpartum appointment with a sweet family, and enjoying one of the perks of my work- hanging out with awesome babies like this one! ❤️

Another amazing #gentlecsection film. This breech baby is born with such calmness, kindness and respect. Sometimes breech babies can be born vaginally. Sometimes a #plannedcsection is the chosen course of action. Either way, how lovely to see a birth of such beauty matched with exemplary clinical care. Note that the drapes are lowered and the mother can watch her baby emerge. The birth was followed by #skintoskin and #delayedcordclamping.
Thanks to @fertilugo for continuing to post these films, which highlight the best examples of doctors working together with parents to bring about the sweetest possible births.
#breechbaby #motherledbirth #respectfulbirth #birth #birthfilm #hospitalbirth #baby #newborn #csection #caesarean #mindfulbirth

Nature reset. Going into the woods calms and slows the nervous system. Today I am extra grateful for these woods. 🌲🍂

We are excited to announce a new service we are offering to families in the Treasure Valley! Our private childbirth education sessions will guide you through the process of childbirth, help you discover your options and values for the birth of your child, and instill in you the confidence to seek out the positive birth experience YOU desire!

To learn more schedule a complimentary consultation today! 📷: @gleanandco

Beautiful sightings, like this old barn, are one of my favorite things about driving to a client's home visit.

Birth is when love condenses into form. ❤ Today is my mamaversary.
We celebrate the birth of the child but forget to honor the birth of the mother. No woman fogets the day she became a mother. Perhaps if this day is recognized for the sacred initiation and transformation that it is, birth would be an empowered experience for all women. .
For 9 years, I have been learning all about birth from mothers who have experienced positive births, from birthworkers who generously share their wisdom at doula trainings and meet-ups. I know now that the birth I experienced is not how birth should be experienced. I know that even in hospital births and Cesarean births there is so much that can be done to create a positive birth experience.
I now have a perspective on my birth experience that allows me to see that the failures were not mine but of a broken system that does not respect the physiology of birth nor recognize the dignity of the mother. I now can clearly see the full power of the breathing and relaxation practices that enabled me to overcome the unexpected and unforseen pathological pain of my birth experience. Now I can fully and wholeheartedly reclaim the transformative power of my birth experience.
On this ninth mamaversary, I wish for all mothers to find a way to reclaim the power of their birth(s). I wish for all mamas-to-be a peaceful, respectful and dignified birth. It would be my privilege to support you in your journey of motherhood. With great respect and love. 💗Maharani Joy🌺

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