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It is never ok to put hands on your significant other. A lot of us Women have experienced this and try to stay in the relationship all in the name of LOVE. Get out while you can. So much more the WORLD has to offer than constant black eye, bruised body, or emotional trauma. I applaud you @emmanuelikubese for strongly standing on your beliefs on Violence against Women. I can only pray for anyone being who is in an abusive relationship. May you get enough strength to walk out, trust me it ain't easy but very doable... Coz Adunni says so. #Bless #RAW #RespectAWOMAN

A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.
Her tears flow abundantly as her laughter.
A strong woman is both soft and powerful,she is both practical and spiritual.
A strong woman in her essence is a GIFT to the world.
A strong woman is also a mother who teaches her child to watch and learn and not to be JUDGEMENTAL to others....HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY❤#GOD BLESS AFRICA❤ GOD BLESS NIGERIA cuz' WE ARE ONE!!! #RESPECTAWOMAN'SRIGHT #GODCANBLESSANYBODY #NEVERGIVEUP #ITSJUSTGOD

Please what is this? How do u go to sleep after you've done something like this to someone you love?? Too Bad.. #RespectAWoman #SheIsNotYourPunchingBag #StopDomesticViolenceandAbuse
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Despite being severely abused, wife still sends husband shoutout on his birthday
A woman who fell victim of extreme domestic violence has surprised everyone by sending her husband a shoutout on his birthday and it has since gone viral. She took to social media to upload the pictures of her battered face with the caption: .
"Happy birthday my husband and would be ex-husband James Alphonso Campbell (AKA emma sillah) the most wicked and violent man I have ever known in my life. May this day be the beginning of the time you will pay for all your crimes. .
May God never allow you to skip judgment and may your wickedness be serve as a birthday cake as you celebrate for the rest of your life. As you tortured me day and night when I was in your house may the laws of this country catch up with you one day.
I survived your cruelty towards me because God was on my side but now is the time for the whole world to know the marriage I was in and why I used my hard earn money to file for divorce. See you soon in court James A Campbell."

✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 #respectawoman #projectraw

Only weak and insecure men abuse women (physically and psychologically)! Say No To Domestic Violence!
#RespectAWoman #RAW #WakeUp

Visit www.theprojectraw.org for more info!
Cc @emmanuelikubese

I'll enter His gate with thanksgiving in my mouth , I'll enter His court with praise, I'll say 19th of April is the day God honored us @blowrecords with the Strength of our strength, we call her FAVOR. God made me glad, won't stop rejoicing and praising My faithful God....No pain no gain, it wasn't easy but it was worth it...🙏🏽 #respectawoman #powerofawomanthatprays #motherhoodbegins #overwhelmedwithlove, thank you Jesus...

@payporte has dressed me for a whole year and I have not failed,so if you are a man or a woman with style,you better get on that site www.payporte.com now and get your unique fashion items now! @payporte #mensfashion #payportefashion #TAYONATION #VICTORYLINE cc @emmanuelikubese R.A.W #respectawoman


We cannot over emphasize how deadly and dangerous Domestic violence can be.. Please stay away from any form of violence in relationships. They are harmful and can cost you your life.. It's a good thing that people are now speaking out and telling their stories to encourage other people to stay away.#RespectAWoman #RAW #StopDomesticViolenceAndAbuse #SpeakUp


I am a mother...but I would't be one if this beauty didn't decide to be my mother. Happy Mother's day to all the mothers and people who play a mother role! Big up to my sisters..love you all. @hot_jule2002 @prissypouchie @laurastevenson48 @madisonnmiasmom @miss_tatum1 #happymothersday #mothers #respectawoman #love #live #happy

I support this movement. #stopdomesticviolence# #realmenneverhitwomen# the day a man hits a woman, he is no longer a man, he becomes a baboon that should be in the zoo😁 #respectawoman# that is all we ask.>>>>>Repost @peterpsquare (@get_repost)
But seriously some MEN can fall hand.😕 Next time if u want to beat or hit a Woman. Pls try beating @anthony_joshua or @floydmayweather or even Me @peterpsquare then you will be called a reeeeeeeeaal MAN!😡Baboons! #StopDomesticViolence #RealMenDontBeatWomen #WomenAreNotPunchingBags 🥊🤕

Mother's Day is upon us. #respectawoman

If i was a gurl. Lmao. #womenspride #respectawoman

Please Enh what's up with this thing called marriage turning into, why do men feel they have the right and strength to lay their hands on the bone of their bone, flesh of their flesh and supposed soul mate.... No matter what a woman does dear HUSBAND MAN, you have no right to lay your beautiful, manly hands on her. If you cant hurt yourself, then don't hurt... Wait first aren't there still responsible, loving soft and gentle men out there, aren't there still soft but masculine men out there... Let's say no to domestic violence of any type.... #respectawoman#ifhehitshourun#itnotokay#runaway

I'm proud to be a single mother with my two kids

Heavy is the crown yet she wears it like its a feather, there's strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will to survive resides within her soul. She is a warrior, a fighter, a queen, she's you.
This is for every struggling woman, the struggle is real and I see you, I respect you and I promise you that it will be better, you will scale through just like you have always done. #Everywomanisaqueen#strongwomen#thestruggleisrealbutiseeyou#respectawoman#Godseesitall#itsgonnagetbetter.

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