Killer Queen is such a cutie

Killer Queen shed!!! His shed is 20.5 inches long
I’ll have to get pictures of him he’s really pretty after a fresh shed

I bought Jolyne this cute ass cat candy bowl as a hide for her. The other hide I used to have is just too small and this one she likes. I had it filled up with aspen so she could still go under it but she decided to move it all out of the mouth and chill there. After taking photos she always comes to the edge of her tank to hiss at me. Silly girl. I also have another one I bought that I’ll be using for themes. 🐍no permission to repost 🐍

Kiddos grow fast, Killer Queen is about maybe a foot and a couple inches. Jolyne was a 1’ 1/2” and I’m sure since I just upped her meal size she will be 2 feet in no time :,^}

Hoggies have the cutest faces don’t @ me

She’s such a cutie ❌NO PERMISSION TO REPOST ❌

Jolyne has moved up a feeding size and I want to cry what happened to my little babe ❌NO PERMISSION TO REPOST ❌

Jolyne is a big gal now she isn’t a lil baby anymore and I miss it. ❌NO PERMISSION TO REPOST❌

Last of my son ❣️

Son is living his best life ❌NO PERMISSION TO REPOST ❌

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