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True! 🔥⚽️

ga jadi ikut olimpiade matematika international karena ga ada biaya 😢


Kabar mengejutkan datang dari Arema FC. Tim besutan Aji Santoso batal mengontrak bek asal Australia, Brent Griffiths. Sebab, stoper kelahiran Inggris itu tidak lolos verifikasi Liga 1 karena klub terakhir yang dibelanya bermain di kasta kedua atau semiprofesional Australia, Bayswater City.

Sesuai regulasi, jika pemain asal Australia harus bermain di kasta tertinggi atau masuk timnas senior. "Dia tidak lolos verifikasi. Jadi dibatalkan untuk merekrutnya. Kami dapat informasi semalam," jelas General Manager Arema Ruddy Widodo.

Padahal dalam sepekan terakhir dia sangat diharapkan bisa dikontrak sebagai pengganti Jad Noureddine. "Sekarang kami harus cari penggantiny karena jeda transfer masih dibuka," lanjutnya.

Arema menyayangkan tidak lolosnya Griffiths. Dalam putaran pertama Liga 1 banyak pemain asing yang harusnya tidak lolos verifikasi. "Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) memperketat verifikasi di putaran kedua. Harusnya kalau diperketat sejak awal musim atau musim depan," tegasnya.

Griffiths mengaku kaget jika dia tidak lolos verifikasi. Semula dia yakin akan mendapatkan kabar bahagia dari hasil verifikasi itu.
Selama sepekan di Malang, Griffiths baru sekali ikut latihan. Tapi setelah latihan kemarin (27/7/2017) justru dia dapat kabar kurang mengenakkan. "Sebenarnya masih ada manager meeting pada 2 Agustus. Aturan memperketat verifikasi bisa batal kalau semua klub menolak," tandas Ruddy.

Namun khusus Griffiths, Arema tidak akan kukuh memaksakan untuk lolos verifikasi karena LIB sudah mengambil keputusan sebelum manajer meeting digelar. (Bolacom)
Semoga sukses di klub lain @brentel, wish you success at another club 🙏 #respect .
Salam Satu Jiwa
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Neden Reis 🤔💬#Neymar #Barcelona #İspanya #Brezilya #Football #Goal #Respect .
Daha Fazlası İçin 👉🏻 @futbolunbilinmeynleri

Beberapa Coreography yg di lakukan oleh supporter klub liga Indonesia... #Respect #savepalestine #savealaqsa

Supporter sepakbola dari berbagai negara yang mendukung Palestina.



Mario Götze vs Argentina 🔥😍
Who will win the 2018 WC?🤔
🎥 @skillunited via #AP7 👈🏻

What you think?🤔💅🏼 @ig_therapy go follow this awesome page @ig_therapy .
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Rip ricko andrean

So Nelson Semedo pressures Neymar and gets in a fight with him in training. Neymar then walks out of the training as if he owns this shit.. As much as I hate saying this, but Neymar needs to FUCK OFF.. Barcelona is bigger than EVERYBODY !! ✋🏻The fact that he kept quiet and didn't deny the rumors is disrespectful and I do NOT appreciate that. I think his time with us came to an end.✋🏻 Fuck it, let him leave @fcbarcelona 🚶🏻#Football #Respect #Neymar #mesquenclub

Did you know winter sun can still damage your skin? It’s just as important to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen now as it is in summer.
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masak kalian kalah sama PASANGAN ...
Kakek Nenek ini aja Romantis.... 😂😂 #Respect

I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and I’m far from owning an empty closet, but I’ve learned something from every time I fail, and I’m willing to see where I could have chosen a different approach. The point is though, is that there are things in this world that we as humans, and professionals, can, and cannot do, also known as self awareness.

We know what we’re capable of, and what we aren't capable of, whether we care to admit it or not. Understanding these limitations and capabilities are crucial to our success as individuals, but also to ensuring and perpetuating the cohesive bonds within our teams.

The problem is that there's two types of people here. The rational side that understands all of this and has no problem being honest when they get a little over their head, and the other side that can't admit it. Those are the smartest ones in the room, perpetually running their mouth into a corner they can never back out of. This usually ends with them having no discernible choice but to agree to something they have no business doing; ultimately compromising their clients and the teams around them.

Detrimental ambition happens, I get it, but you're not doing yourself any favors. Being able to accept a little guidance and advice from time to time really does pay off throughout life, no matter how high on the food chain you think you are.

Between you, your team, and your clients, there must be a reciprocity of confidence that everyone will be where they need to be, operating in the best interest of the mission. Any deviation from that is unacceptable. Maintaining the discipline to operate in a team-focused manner day in and day out, can become a taxing endeavor, and much less lucrative at times; but it’s a lot easier than trying to rebuild a compromised reputation because your ego blinded your focus & fractured your relationships.



Only for the month of August, we're excited to bring to you @brewlander #Respect Porter, a rich and chocolatey stout with aromatic coffee notes! We love it with Salted Egg Pork Ribs and Prawn Paste Chicken 😍

Eden and Noshi came from a different tragedy but share similar injuries. Both with broken hip, Noshi ( the beagle) was found in the street hit by a car with broken arm and hip. Eden was found raped by a human with many injuries, broken bones and pain. Both came To the Sanctuary with broken spirit... Eden was no good with other animals but after our veterinary work few hours with her... she have a new BFF because Noshi the beagle is friend of everyone! The are available for adoptions and can fly direct to your place!
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