Live music is a crazy environment to photograph in. It’s low light but there are multi-colored lights constantly in motion at the same time. Combine that with a subject who’s moving around on stage through those lights or an energetic crowd. On top of all that you have limited time to catch those peak moments of the performance, you can’t redo a shot. .
It’s absolute chaos for a photographer but in that chaos you’re forced to build muscle memory with your cameras settings. It’s like exercise for your technique, you’ll see 100s of different lighting scenarios in a single performance. What does blue light look like? Red light? Green catchlight with a red fill? .
I like taking an approach to shooting live music as if I’m shooting the artist in a shifting studio setting. I watch how the lights move and the emotions the artists project. Then I try to line it all up into a single frame.

Young doggy!! 🐕

Mountains for days 💚 #canterburynz

I really appreciate everyone’s help and support during this time of creative struggle. I’m hoping it doesn’t have to go for too much longer.

a collage of sunny coast days

I’m so proud of my daughter Delaina actoring/modeling#brownagency# #beauty#kidmodel#kidsphoto#bighair#resourcemag

Rising behind me on Long Beach. I track the moon all the time but these better photo ops always catch me a off guard, and I’m extending the tripod in a panic.

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