Cute lil bear waving and rocking to say 👋🏻...
Or is it?! Cable resisted lateral trunk flexion for the rectus abdominus, external/internal obliques, and quadratus lumborum. 😬 #abs#
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This is one of our favourite workshops, as it involves:⠀

- Problem solving⠀
- Practical application, and⠀
- It's a lot of fun⠀

We can explore exercise mechanics all day long (we do), but if we cannot apply it in a pragmatic way with clients, it's no use to anybody.⠀

This one-day workshop is focused on designing exercises for real-life clients.⠀

The course is Saturday 28 July at Integra HQ, Spitalfields, London.⠀

Sign up using the link in the bio or read on for more details⠀


Exercise is your prime stimulus to create change in your client. It's one thing to understand the variables of exercise, but it's quite another to use them while working with a client.⠀

In this one day workshop, we'll use real-life case studies from Integra clients to cover everything from strength profiles to designing exercises, and how to modify and improve exercises to achieve your client's goals.⠀

We'll work in small groups to analyse some of the industry's "best" exercise, and challenge some traditional myths as we build new exercises.⠀

This course will give you the tools and confidence that you need to create a truly customised experience for your clients. ⠀

Sign up using the link in bio.⠀

Train to have strong, healthy, and useful shoulders. That’s how they’re designed to be! 😎🤓🐻🦅🦍
Another strategic press-type variation. Honestly the worst part about using dumbbells is cleaning them up to your shoulders and not looking like a fool!
📖 Look out for the upcoming book - ”Why You Should Exercise, Eat Healthy, and Die Anyway” by William M. McNeely 📖
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🛡 No man maintains a story–free view of reality. We all seek to make some sense out of our bodily lives. We should train and maintain our bodies towards the perception we have of our Creator. That is what His story consistently points out to us – our bodies are designed to rest, work, and enjoy all that we perceive life to be because that is what He wants for us. God wishes us to be the best version of ourselves.
Getting stronger in all aspects is the ultimate form of perception enhancement – the ultimate life hack. Thomas Ryan points out, “Virtually the only thing that I can achieve for myself in this existence is the quality of my experiencing. And the quality of my experiencing is directly related to my perceptions or vision of the world. By some delightful arrangement, could the only gift I can offer be precisely the gift God wants – quality of experience, of relationship?”[1] God wants us to experience and perceive Him in the totality and best version of our character – and strength moves us towards that. 🛡
[1]Ryan, Thomas. Wellness, Spirituality and Sports (Paulist Press, 1986).
📖 Look out for the upcoming book - ”Why You Should Exercise, Eat Healthy, and Die Anyway” by William M. McNeely 📖
#understandingstrength  #gethealthy #designed #fitnessgoals #garagegym #wholistic #powerlifting #humanbody #traininsane #understand #deadlifts #squats #body #cardio #strong #trainhard #gymlife
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Inflammation comes in various forms with various outcomes. Check out this article about how the relationship of Exercise and Inflammation is important to understand in order to get the results you need.
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🛡 To be fruitful with creation is to cultivate a culture towards wholeness, thereby showing the glory of creation as revealing of its Creator. Since the beginning of time, God has wanted man himself to bring out the creation – a culture. With fruit, man can serve his initial role as priest of creation. He presses the fruit of the olive tree and consecrates the creation to honor God with its oil. With grain, man must be more industrious. Cracking it, threshing it, what have you, man must go through a process to bring about an end product of bread. And shrubs – how are we to see them? What we know as shrubs today in our fallen world is that they can be considered as vines, bushes, thorns, and thistles. But it is from the vine that we can have grapes, and it is from grapes that we can make wine[1], a process involving even more technology and labor.
These are the fruits of culture. But more importantly, they are also gifts. That we can rearrange what God created, turning them from olives, grains, and grapes and into oils, bread, and wine says more about the character of God then what it says about us. Creation and the fruits of culture should posture man in humbleness and understanding of our Creator. That God created us to stand in the middle of all that He created to hold and cultivate it should stir up loving thankfulness in every man’s heart. The work God originally created man to do was the best work, leading man into an awesome awareness of the goodness that is God and the joy that it is to live. God intended for all life and even with the cultures we would make to be very meaningful and joyful ways of living to which there was no end. Be fruitful, and multiply, and enjoy the earth.
🛡 [1]Check out James B. Jordan’s book Creation in Six Days where he gives excellent detail and insight into the role of fruits and culture in our servanthood as priest and kings of creation.
📖 Look out for the upcoming book - ”Why You Should Exercise, Eat Healthy, and Die Anyway” by William M. McNeely 📖
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Triceps! Want to “tone” your flabby arms or add serious mass to your triceps? Work the longhead of the triceps with an incline skullcrusher or reverse tricep overhead extension (call it whatever you want, I prefer incline skulls). When your arms are straight make it shoulder width.
Why’s this a great way to hit the triceps? Scroll over and look at how the moment arm is longest to the elbow joint then shoulder, placing the most stress on the triceps longhead.
Also puts the tris in a lengthened position for greater contractile output 💪🏻 Frontal view: see how there’s the yellow moment arm to the arm pit? You don’t want that! That shows there is now stress loaded to shoulder internal rotators thay should be on the tricep.
Get a coach to make sure you do it right! Perfect practice!
Arm’s small?
Try this for the next 6 months.
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Novos Masters em Lisboa!!

▪️29 e 30 de Setembro

Garante já a tua vaga!!


🛡 "What is the point of standing up for rights in a world where few stand up for their responsibilities? Your rights will do you little good unless others are responsible." Quote - Dallas Willard.

A simple sentence such as "Health care is a responsibility" is sure to conjure up a mix of emotions or politics. I don't mean to hurt anyone and try to be very careful with my words. Is health care more of a "responsibility", or should it be seen of as a "right?" How do we even go about answering such a question?
One of the reasons that health care is such an emotional issue for many is that they are fundamentally unsure about the world that they live in. Is their really a loving God Who created this world, or did all of this just "naturally" happen? Why is there death and suffering? Why is there evil? Is there such a thing as sin?
When it comes to the big question social issues of our society, we must first ask what - or Who - overstands our standards? Our standards of living, standards of health, etc. - Who or what tells us how we ought to live? Once standards are given, we submit to them (we under-stand them). Standards are meant to be understood. 🛡 What I myself understand is that we live in a fallen world. We currently live under the harmful and limiting effects of the fall – which is made most apparent to us by our own bodies. But as I have also argued, we live in a world lovingly created and designed by our Creator – and the masterpiece of the creation is made most apparent to us … by our own bodies. We were never meant to grow old and weary. We were designed to be strong, useful, and to live forever. To be a man of understanding and to look responsibly at health means that you must understand the Creator Who overstands His creation. He sets the standards from which you are able to understand. So it is important to understand His story - it speaks of His character.
To understand health, you need to first submit yourself towards an understanding of your Creator. This is what I, as a follower of Christ, make myself responsible towards. 🛡 ——
📖Book - ”Why You Should Exercise, Eat Healthy, and Die Anyway” by William M. McNeely 📖

Heading to Oklahoma!🤠
📚RTS MASTERY Science 1 Week!
🏆Personal Smartphone App
🏆Exercise Execution Demos
🏆Phased Workout Programs
🏆Customized Nutrition Coaching
🏆Ongoing Coaching From Me
🚨$97/month to first 20, $147 after🚨
🤳🏻Link In Bio! Let’s GO!!!

Do you ignore your check engine light?
Is it frustrating every time you turn your car on and it’s still there? How do you make it go away?

The more aware you are of your check engine light, while strategically going in for pit stops, then you’re performance is at its optimal level.
Same thing goes on with your body when you have tightness, discomfort, muscular weakness or even pain. That’s your check engine light you need to quite ignoring or mask it with medication. - The engine light doesn’t tell you what’s wrong.
- Stopping the engine doesn’t necessarily make everything better or improve what’s going on with the inside that the engine light was telling you about. - So what needs to be improved or optimized?
- What is actually performing or functioning on the inside that’s required to fly or drive anyway?
- Raising the hood has to be the place to start.
- The problems are always inside, it’s never the paint job.
- You want your car fixed or not?

Your body won’t get better if you continue to ignore your check engine light.
Call Muscle Activation of Tampa and see if your check engine light is due to muscular tightness, weakness or joint instability. This may be the cause of your overall pain. #muscleactivationtechniques #biomechanics #rtsnation #resistancetrainingspecialist #rehabspecialist #southtampa #soho #bayshorefit #motorcontrol #musclepain #muscletightness #muscleactivationtampa

The good old lateral raise is a classic deltoid exercise,

Though for me and my dodgy left shoulder (and ridiculously long arms lol) the cable variation works much better,

It enables me to play around with my position so that I can get the resistance to drop off at the top when I’m in the weakest position (muscle shortened), The DB variation unfortunately gives the greatest resistance at the top where we’re weakest (and moment arm is greatest) and provides little resistance around the middle to bottom range where we’re stronger,

I really have to credit @michael.goulden @resistancetrainingspecialist course and @integra.education as the catalysts that adjusted the way I look at exercises, looking to match the exercise to the person and their needs as well as the need to understand biomechanics in safe exercise prescription#resistancetrainingspecialist#integraeducation#biomechanics#longevity#healthyjoints

Weekend 2/3 - Lower Body for @resistancetrainingspecialist
Learning joint mechanics of the leg, anatomy, and how to use that anatomy to get better results and get more musle activation.
Discussing shear forces and how people don't know what they even are, ACL, strength profiles of exercises/joints, cueing+ coaching, and so much more.

Can't wait for tomorrow and then the upper body weekend!

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Am I cute, or am I CUTE? 😜
Repping #rts #resistancetrainingspecialist because @ottfitseminars is teaching it this weekend!
#fitness #exercise #liftweights #shortshorts

Most people say getting healthy and in shape is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Those numbers are outdated. It’s really about 95% diet and 5% exercise. 📷: @withlovefromding

Muscle Activation of Tampa will have a special promo for those attending the Tampa Bay Fit Expo. Whether your a participating athlete or a spectator, this can greatly benefit you! Come on out September 1st at the Tampa Convention Center to receive this great promo! Also come and have your questions answered on how Muscle Activation Techniques can help you with your muscular instabilities. #muscleactivationtechniques #muscleactivationtampa #tbfitexpo #rtsnation #firefighter #exerciseismedicine #tampafirerescue #resistancetrainingspecialist #powerlifting #ninjawarrior #crossfitcompetition #crossfit #biomechanics

Na passada segunda-feira dia 2 de Julho fui à Sporting TV para falar sobre Treino Funcional.

Discuti o que é de facto a definição de treino funcional, bem como a questão do isolamento versus integração.

Este último trata-se de um não assunto. Em primeiro lugar porque o isolamento não é possível ser alcançado no corpo humano, tal como discutido e explicado no vídeo. Em segundo lugar porque ambos são importantes e necessários.

No entanto, este tema ainda suscita muito debate entre os profissionais de exercícios devido a conceitos extremos, que ainda são transmitidos em algumas formações, bem como algum desconhecimento que gera preconceito relativamente a algum tipo de equipamento como as máquinas guiadas. Todos os instrumentos de treino são válidos quando devidamente aplicados de forma contextualizada.

A tomada de decisão relativamente ao uso de exercícios mais "analíticos" ou "focalizados", como prefiro designar, ou mais integrados depende sempre da resposta, entre outras, das seguintes questões:
- Que tipo de cliente temos à frente?
- Qual o seu nível de controlo da habilidade motora em questão?
- Qual o objetivo do exercício?

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