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#MondayMotivation...I will keep pushing and #BossUp to eventually be in the 3%! Did you know that “Scarface” is my favorite movie? What’s yours?

A few hours away to take in the beauty of Colorado and fellowship with these ladies.
This old barn door made the perfect photo op.

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Action taker always wins, excuses always make you loose.
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Regrann from @iam_ega1 - How To Obtain Financial Freedom .

Imagine someone journeying from Ibadan to Lagos everyday just to attend a training? It sure isn't a simple thing. .

That was exactly what @akinalabi, author of Small Business Big Money, went through some years ago before he became a multi-millionaire today. .

When a person doesn't have enough money, life definitely won't be so easy for the person. When other people are getting things done with ease, such person won't find things easy. .

Akin Alabi was in that state before. However, he desperately needed to be financially free; that was what made him travel every week some years ago to attend a training which later transformed his life. .

He shared this story, last year, at his event which I was present. Why did that training change his life? Simply because he was taught how to make money passively and he effectively put into practice all that was taught. .

What many people know about making money today is that they need to be physically present at a particular place to make money. This is why many graduates are still seeking for white collar jobs. .

But what if I told you that you can make millions from the comfort of your home continuously by being a boss of your own? .

What if I told you that for two years now, I have made millions just by working from the comfort of my home? .

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is the truth. But there is a secret to it: I've mastered how to make money passively. .

I can boldly tell you that I'm financially free today not because I can be anywhere in the world today and still be making money legitimately. .

And because it's my dream to see a lot of lives transformed, I've decided to run a 21-day training where I will be showing participants these secrets. .

If Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase didn't organize a training which later transformed Akin Alabi, he probably have achieved success faster like he did. .

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