A couple of years ago @jasaug said to me, "I'm the Mailbox Money Mama!" -
Me: "Lol...what's that?"
Jas: "I want to create a six figure residual income so I can stay home with the kids, when we have them."
I'm cool with that. So we found a company that gives us the best opportunity to do that.
Mailbox Money is what you used to call Residual Income. Before direct deposit you would walk out to the mailbox in the morning and get your check in the mail. Nice right?!
Some examples are Rental Property Income, Creating a Song or piece of Music, Making a Movie, or any type of Subscription based business. The idea is you did something one time and you continue get paid on it even after the work you did is complete.
Along the way we have found like-minded individuals who want something more out of life besides working a job for 40 years hoping and praying they will have enough for retirement. So we created the Mailbox Money Team. And we're JUST GETTING STARTED! 💯📪💵

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