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Sunday fun. Go do that work and always keep it over 100 #ResetAndRecharge #Chestacular #pecs

Love Sundays... rain or shine. M- Sat is usually hustle and bustle. On Sundays, it's nice just to slow it down and appreciate. #koolbodypersonaltraining #mindfullness #resetandrecharge #thestrandhouse

A Victoria Crowned Pigeon named William - he's helping to build a nest for his girl, Mary. 🐦🐤#nationalaviary #crownedpigeon #resetandrecharge

Has anyone else had a week like this? Looking forward to hitting the reset button this weekend...Kicking it off with a slow flow and a loooong savasana 💕
#iloveweekends #ilovesavasana #bemindful #resetandrecharge #mindfulkidsyoga

Who you were,
who you are,
and who you will be
are three
different people.

I’m hitting the reset button on Insanity Max 30 after a, well, insane week and weekend of Clint being back to work (still rocking the ankle boot) and LilyMae deciding she’s the next Simone Biles.

I could’ve said “See, I don’t have time for this.”
I could’ve said “This isn’t the right time to start.” Here’s what I’ve learned: Life will always be busy—stressful job, running the kids to three different practices, late nights and early mornings…there is NEVER a perfect time.

Don’t make change too complicated…just BEGIN.

#resetandrecharge #day1 #insanitymax30 #yougotthis #sweat @shauntfitness

Running on 3 hours sleep, b12 and bronzer. #resetandrecharge #wakeupandmakeup #quinceañera #saturdaze #weout

All-time favorite "activity" to do on the evening of a cleanse. Feels so good to let my body and soul rest. ❤️ #resetandrecharge #fitforme

Inside the Old Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail, now a museum.
To get this shot, I squeezed myself at the corner of the two joining wings of the building, bent my knees so I can fit the ceiling and the floor in my frame, and the most difficult part is to wait for any person to clear out the area. To describe it in one word, patience.


Ilocos Sur Provincial Capitol Building can be found near Plaza Salcedo.

A few minutes away from Calle Crisologo is the Plaza Salcedo, another tourist destination in Vigan. The plaza was named after the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo who first established the settlement in Vigan and named it Villa Fernandina.
Here's a monument in Plaza Salcedo honor of Josè Rizal, Philippine National Hero.

Inside the Old Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail, now a museum.
To get this shot, I squeezed myself at the corner of the two joining wings of the building, bent my knees so I can fit the ceiling and the floor in my frame, and the most difficult part is to wait for any person to clear out the area. To describe it in one word, patience.

The museum was just inaugurated when we went there and there were few people touring that day.
This gallery shows the 14 Basi Revolt paintings by Esteban Villanueva, done in Naif style.

Adaptive Reuse. The Old Ilocos Sur Provincial Jail now an art center and part of National Museum complex in Ilocos. This is what the marker says: "This building was constructed to house the Municipal Jail, 1657; made provincial jail when Ilocos Sur became a province, 1818; repaired, 1855; seized by the revolutionists under Col. Juan Villamor, 1898; taken over by the Americans who detained in it political leaders. Mena Crisologo, Estanislao Reyes, and Enrique Quema, 1899; President Elpidio Quirino was born in this building, 16 November 1890, when his father was the warden; converted into a library, 27 October 1948, in honor if President Quirino's mother Gregoria Rivera Me doza de Quirino."

View at the top of Bantay Belfry showing the green forestry area beside the church and a nearby cemetery. From afar is the Cordillera Mountain Range and the nearby province of Abra.

The Shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, popularly known as Bantay Church, was dedicated to St. Agustine of Hippo. The church was established in 1590 but was heavily damaged during World War II. The restored facade was Neo-Gothic in design with pseudo-Romanesque elements.
The photo was taken during sunset and shows how the sun illuminates further the church.

One of the main tourist destinations of Vigan is the Bantay Church. Its bell tower or the belfry sits on top of Calvario Hill, meters away from Bantay Church. The belfry was built in 1591 and was used as a watch tower during World War I and II.
Source: vigan.ph, Wikipedia

It looked very easy through the hands of a master creating the simplest burnay design but when it's our chance to try, it was really difficult!
Here's sample product that was created in front of us. I thought we could take this home but it would take a few days to 'cook' the mud. We just bought a ready made miniature burnay instead.

Its earlier use were for tea drinking, and as container for salt, brown sugar, water, local wine (basi) and bagoong (fermented fish). It is even said that basi and bagoong taste much better when stored inside burnays. Nowadays, people buy them mostly to serve as decorations inside their homes and gardens. Miniature versions of the jars are also made in abundance because they have become a favorite souvenir item of foreign and local tourists.
Source: vigan.ph

Pagburnayan of Vigan.
Jars made from Vigan are much sought-after by foreign and local visitors. This earthenware is called burnay. The industry that has grown from the making of burnay dates back to pre-colonial times when immigrants from China came to settle in Vigan. They practiced the craft of making earthenware using the grade A clay that was found in plenty in the Western area of Vigan. The making of burnay is done with just the use of the potter’s skillful hands and use of pottery wheel and kiln. Fine sand is used to temper the clay, which once fashioned into the desired shape is placed inside high-temperature ground kilns made from brick and clay. Compared to terracotta, people say that the burnay is hardier.
Source: vigan.ph

Brewing loose leaf tea that tastes good 😋 🔉Preorder your TeaRado at tearado.tech or click the link in my bio) We @tearadotech are going to be in production 🔜

P.S. this entire process is handled by the TeaRado so you don't have to do a thing after adding tea and water to the cup.

#doitrightordontdoitatall #teatime #resetandrecharge #howtobrewtea #steepingtea #infusingtea #onthego #tearadotribe #matetea #noteasnobs #howto #preorder

The use of the handlooms and other weaving accessories can be traced from early Spanish occupation. This equipment was used in homes to weave abel cloth for blankets, pillow cases and clothes. These crafts were said to be a major export during the period of the Spanish galleon trade. It is said that the abel was so popular a product that it proved to be a big competition to the Spanish weaving industry, threatening its very existence. At present, only a few of the barangays in Vigan have maintained this age-old weaving industry.
Source: vigan.ph

The abel is made from yarns of cotton or sagut that are sourced from the many lands in northern Luzon that are dedicated to the growing of this plant. After the cotton is harvested, it is prepared into yarns and dyed. The different colored yarns are then arranged in a wooden handloom to create varied and unique designs. The process is intricate and labor-intensive. Weavers must master synchronizing the movements of their hands and feet to properly use the wooden handloom.
Source: vigan.ph

Collection of family's old photographs inside Syquia Mansion. If my memory still serves me right, the closed door on the left is the chapel which is filled with antique statuettes and religious figures among others but off-limits to visitors. While the opened door on the right leads to the mansion's receiving area.

At the mansion's second floor is a patio where dining and other recreational activities was held. The patio is an open area adorned by plants with a fountain at the center. The moorish designed tiles are similar from those that can be found on other parts of the mansion.

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