objects with very specific uses department: these are Victorian grape scissors. They were used to clip a few grapes off of the larger bunch on the table and to deliver them to your plate. Part of the very elaborate set of manners that defined the elite social classes in the 1800’s. This pair is pretty banged up. I found them in a drawer full of screwdrivers and nutcrackers. — There was an entire industry that manufactured these things, that stemmed from the hierarchical rigor of society and manners. I’ve been thinking about that; the very specific objects that are created for and by wealthy ruling classes and both the segregation and creativity that such eras create... An era that allows fine art is an era of prosperity (at least for the few who can pay or command others to make beautiful things.) How that prosperity plays out is more complicated. I find these scissors odd and restrictive. I prefer a useful object any day. ————————————————————
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