Winning the lost for Christ..

Have a blessed week!! Remember to win the lost #GodsHeartBeat #RescueThePerishing #ItCanOnlyGetBetter

I truly believe that a christians devotion to seeing the lost found at any cost is directly proportional to them realizing the cost for their own salvation. To know that amazing grace which washed me clean causes a inward reaction, a inward fire that cannot be extinguished but fuels me to press on and press onMatthew 28:19 therefore go and makes disciples of all nations...
Jude 1:23 save others by snatching them from the fire. @firehousechapel we have been called and raised up by God for this task, to follow His command, to stand one foot from the gates of hell. There’s no apology for this, there’s no retreating from this, there is ONLY pressing in to fulfill His plan. #godsplan #savedbygrace #rescuetheperishing #mercy #goesbeyondme #greatcomission #equipedbygod

#555fitness #weremember Please pray for all our Fire, LEO as they serve and try to help many in California from these fires. A reminder of my calling as a child of God #rescuetheperishing

This is why I chose to follow Jesus Christ, not to be saved, because I already had salvation, but to glorify my Savior and inviting others to receive Him as their savior so they can know they’ll go to heaven when they die! I don’t want people to spend ETERNITY in a place of torment called Hell. I’m one voice, but I’m one voice who is going to tell others about Jesus so they can escape eternal hell until I die. It really boils down to this child of God. Do you hate the thought of people going to suffer in Hell forever because they don’t know eternal life in heaven is a free gift of God? If you do, then become a disciple and let Jesus train you how to tell them. Do you care more about yourself than others? Today is a good day to determine you are going to follow Jesus in order to RESCUE others from this horrible place!! #discipleship #surrenderedlife #tellingothers #glorifygod #rescuetheperishing

Do you dwell on the promises made, by God Himself? Are you diligent to live in light of the truths of the Gospel daily?
Trust in Christ alone, live as a light💡 to the world🌎 !
#2peter3 #rescuetheperishing

This is what a real evangelist looks like....one of the most moving pics I’ve seen in a while! Jack Patterson & his wife Karen. #RescueThePerishing

I know I’m kind of weird but it gives me pleasure:) #rescuetheperishing #careforthedrowning

I've been doing some thinking lately,,
So Why don't we just put it, #SayNoToDrugs but rather #SayNoToDrugAbuse ???(Well I know, not all drugs are harmful,,,😕)
But it sounds as if the drugs(that we all know) is OK to take, but not in excess, hence abuse
What are we actually preaching???(If its bad, its bad)
Well, I stand to be corrected, Please educate me, otherwise am confused🙅😤😷
#Ampationateaboutthis #MyGreatestWorry #RescueThePerishing #CareForTheDieing #OurYouthAreFallingApart #OurYouthOurFuture
No hard feelings please✋

You cannot get a harvest if you are afraid of disturbing the soil, nor can you save souls if you never warn them of hell fire - Spurgeon


I see everyday, the love of many waxing cold....Jesus Lord and Savior, save us from ourselves! #dying #death #savesouls #rescuetheperishing #careforthedying #jesussaves #undefiledlife #wakeup #redemptiondrawsnigh #undefiledlife

"We are not imparting the gospel in a way the next generation can grasp. Of course, the message of the gospel hasn’t changed, but the way people think has changed dramatically. Therefore, we must speak the truth of Scripture in the language of culture." Ken Ham in his new book, Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant
Gospel Reset offers help and hope for everyone passionately trying to reach this generation with the gospel. Ken Ham gives biblical perspective and practical ideas on how to do that when the growing majority do not have the foundational concepts of sin, Jesus, or the Bible.
Gospel Reset has already been #1 on Amazon in Evangelism and Apologetics Christian Theology. Learn more about this great evangelism tool at MasterBooks.com or Amazon.com. Link in Bio.

These two are among the many mommies and babies, who benefited from our medical mission last year.
This mom willingly and patiently waited in line so that her baby could get free medicines and checkup from our pediatrician.
Having this opportunity to some people in the Philippines is huge. Some of them, if not most of the people we saw, wont be able to afford paying for a physician’s consultation and buy medicines so whenever they hear opportunities like this, they wait patiently. It is indeed a great way to share the love of Christ through serving them and sharing the story of His unconditional love for them.
Hubby and I are looking forward to doing this again soon.

Can’t believe we are only 24 days away from our flight to the Philippines for the medical mission. Time flies so fast.
These photos are flashbacks from the our missions trip in Baguio City Philippines last 2015. These lovely ladies were among the volunteers, who willing offered their time, talents and treasures. What a blessing it has been to work with them.

We took our evening program to the street this evening. Bringing the word of the lord to those who need to hear. #streetsideevangalism

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