Our little guy was beyond excited to have our first horse at the ranch today. Thanks to @tealriverhorsetransport
for hauling her for us from Langley safely and @hayburnerhaven for the opportunity to adopt her.
#arabianhorse #mare #rescuehorse #theelementsranch #falklandbc #horseboarding #newfamilymember

My poor baby can't catch a break. He got hives last week, then he got bit on his back..then he got bullied again and this is on the other side. Breaks my ❤️ #bullyhorse #recklessthearabian#rescuehorse #horses

Nakita did SO well tonight.
I lunged her a little bit this evening. Just have to work on her stopping and changing directions when cantering. @equestrians_finest is going to help me with that this week. I feel like it’s both our faults, Nakita isn’t really getting it and I may not be asking correctly. So jade is going to try to see what the issue is and help us. 😊
But after I lunged her, I took her to the big arena and Jade and I got her to jump over some jumps for the first time! It was super fun! I think Nakita really enjoyed it. After she jumped she would hold her tail up super high and like prance away. 😂💕 I was afraid that after we were chasing her around, she would be too scared to come up to us (since previous owners had problems catching her) but she everytime I walked towards her, she’d walk to me too. I really think she’s starting to trust me and I feel like we already have a huge bond. I love her so much. 💕😍
#rescue #horse #rescuehorse #quarterhorse

Monday! Can you guess the theme? 😁✏️📓Here in our neck of the woods, it’s the first day of school! Zena, our sweet Shire, has your back! 🍑 Let’s kick Monday’s 🍑! We will be showing extra kindness & smiles to new students. I had to start 7th grade at a new school not knowing one soul. I am extra sensitive to this! Hope y’all have a great start to your week! ♥️ #mondaymotivation #backtoschool #zenatheshire

Let’s help find old man Lazaz a retirement home. This boy is an old Selle francais, that is over 20 years old, just left to die in the desert. After the person that gave him live and care, to nurse him back to health had to urgently leave the country, I am trying to help find him a retirement home. He can be ridden and still have a lot of life left in thin. Please help share for Lazaz. #lazaz #sellefrancais #rescuehorse #oldhorse #retiredhorse

I love this horse. Ransom is very attached to me. He knows he is loved and spoiled. No it’s not easy to get a horse to follow you like Ransom does me but when your horse follows you on their own free will it’s definitely a sign of trust and respect. #horses #horselife #quarterhorse #rescuehorse #horsesofinstagram #horsemanship

What’s up guys! I’m so sorry for being inactive today I’ve been superrrrrr busy. I’m super hyped for this week because it’s my bday week and I’m gonna start practicing for show season! Anyways, thank you guys for so much support this quickly!💕🤩- ava

@life_with_violetrose and her buddy horse 🐴Jax out enjoying their time together at the S.R.H.A. summer play day. Thanks @foxequinerescue for letting her ride Jax and for all the hard work you put into the show today! The stick race was the best! 🤣🐴. #santacruzmountains #srha #horses #horsesofinstagram #horseshow #rescuehorse

What an angry little mare. 😂😤

Rolly time! At least I waited until I got to the grass today instead of rolling on the concrete 😂 .
#minihorsesofinstagram #rescuehorse #minihorse #miniaturehorse #pony #ponies #horses #farmlife #rolling #redroan #rescuesofinstagram #havingfun

Tarp work is always fun! Testing our trust and respect and then went for a nice walk on the trails. No hesitation around our usual spooky spots so definitely a win for today!
#hersheythesecondchancehorse #horsesofinstagram #horselife #rescuehorse #rescuedismyfavoritebreed

The horses are wondering what Bill & Roadie are doing up on the hill.😜🚲🐶 #virginia #rescuehorse #blueridgemountains #minihorse #minifarm #farmlife #australiancattledog #acd #rescuedog #takingabreak @mtnview_minifarm

Fick frågan ifall B stegrar för att han är rädd, så jag saktade ner klippet lite så får var och en avgöra för sig själv 😄
Hans uttryck vid tillfället kändes väldigt positivt och det tycker jag fortfarande att det är, även när jag ser det i efterhand✨

Han har växt något otroligt den veckan han nu har stått här och det märks verkligen på honom i precis allt han gör. Jag är så väldigt glad för hans skull! ❣️ ————————
#rescuehorse #firstweek #tricktraining

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