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When brothers know just where to scratch that itch. #mrpoman #babyboytad

No Sunday Scaries in sight for these Badasses, thanks to @casper! Only nap preparations for what looks to be a perfect Sunday Funday -- Our adoptable doggos are loving these super comfortable and durable dog beds:
📷 #1: Bette Davis. 📷 #2: Cleopatra (brindle/low right corner) supporting her foster brothers' use of her bed. 📷 #3: Mr. Big. 📷 #4: Christian Slater. 📷 #5: Cleopatra.
#badassbk #caspermattress #adoptadog #adoptables #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescueismyfavoritebreed #sundayfunday #brooklyn #brooklynrescues

Mack's totally stressed that I made him do something crazy, like sit without collapsing into his fave pancake position, so Coco enables his insecurities with kisses while Willy gives them his classic side eye. #personalityfordays #dramamamas #lovetheseweirdos

Manager - we are not happy with the fact that you keep saying you are busy and keep neglecting our social calendar. We are supaw sorry we are late furiends for your birthday parties but better late than never! As you can see I, Copper, am ready for @wiley.the.beagle #wildflowerhasflowerpower birthday pawty and if you swipe you can see #OliverQueenTheBeagle is all set to attend @pawsome.ida #Idas1stBarkdayPoolPawty Happy Birthday sweet girls! 🎂🎁🎉🎊🎈

CONGRATULATIONS to Brian Girard and Search Dog Keila, who achieved their advanced SUSAR Type I Certification in New Jersey on June 10th! The team put their skills to use this week when they deployed to a building collapse as members of New York Task Force 2. Way to go, Brian & Keila! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Charlie & Thor 💭 Happy #SundayFunday furriends! 🤗 We just got back in from playing outside! See our wet feetsies? 💦🐾


#monday haz bin a gud day afta da struggle to get up!!
The mum took me for a walk wiv my friends dat I uzed to play wiv at the rescue centre!!
Little Henry in front iz our bodyguard 😊
#bodyguard #shelterdog #rescuedogsrock #walkwithfriends #americanbulldogsofinstagram #bulldogsofinstagram #monday #funday

Look at this happy little face <3

If he looks familiar, he is. He's been at the Sutherland Shire Council Animal Shelter a few times now... his name is Rumble.

Little Rumble is having a bit of a tricky time finding the right forever match. He is so much fun to be around... he and I spent ages playing fetch together a few weeks ago and he was absolutely awesome at it. He brought the toy back every time... and yes he did kill the squeaker in my mini rubber chicken but he had fun doing so. After that we moved on to the humble tennis ball and he had the time of his life. Everyone knows how much I love Jack Russells and little Rumble brings a smile to my face every time I see him... but also a little tear as he really deserves to be in a forever home.

He's sweet and affectionate and loves to perch up on your lap. From what I can tell, he is not a pushover so needs a family who will be firm with his ongoing training. He can be a bit boisterous when he sees other dogs, so have a chat with shelter staff about how to manage his daily walks if you are interested in having this little face in your life <3

Marley and Sydney saved their allowance and got tshirt for their Dad! Thanks for sharing @flawedgrace, love it!

Never miss a Monday!

Celebrated with new kicks and enjoyed doing something at 42 that I couldn't at 24.

Extra help from the fur kids to cheer me on.

I just need to lie here a few more minutes. :) #ageisamindset

Are you kidding ❓⠀
What do you mean mum that this is not the bacon stick ❓⠀
I'm sitting in sugar cane mulch and chomping on that 😤⠀
I really thought I'd found it... way to burst a guys bubble ⠀
Monday was a bit different for me today. I usually have mum at home but she worked an extra day today. But don't worry about me I was pretty pooped after the pawty yesterday so I was pretty excited about the all day sleep. But ssssh don't tell mum⠀
In between naps I took some time to review my goals from last week because we ran out of time yesterday. I know goals should be prioritised but when there's a pawty.... come on!⠀
🐾⠀ ⭐️ G O A L R E V I E W ⭐️⠀
My goals for the week were :⠀

🔹find the bacon stick...⠀
Now hasn't this been fun we have created a world wide hunt to #findthebaconstick and whilst I myself have not yet found it I am so grateful to have such amazing help from my furiends. Check out my story for breaking news on this 🙌⠀
🔹destroy something I am not supposed to...⠀
Well I have excelled in this I have ripped up a whole roll of paper towel all out in the yard and just for a bit extra I destroyed and ate a pencil ✏️👊🏻⠀
🔹try something new...⠀
I got to try the most delicious pupcake made my mum of @theadventuresofzeusandp it was delicious and I'm just waiting for more.⠀
🔹go to the beach...⠀
This was a tough one because mum really wanted to take me to the beach but we had to make a few changes so it's ok because that's how goals roll!⠀
🔹play with the hose for 1 hour non stop...⠀
Now mum and dad refuse to let me play for 1 hour non stop because they said that's ridiculous. Between you and me they are ridiculous BUT sometimes you have to compromise so I played with the hose for 1 hour total across the week. Not bad really 🙌⠀
Hope you all enjoyed the review of my goals and enjoyed your day!⠀
#amosadventures #goals2017

Hold me Dad, it's Monday! #caseofthemondays #spottedsocks

Meet Samirah! This 3 year old Kelpie x came to us after 80 days in the pound. She is smart, loving playful and cuddly.

This loving girl would love a family who can give her loads of affection.

For more information or to meet Samirah please contact her foster carer Joy on 0410 733 914 or email joy.was.here@hotmail.com

@petrescue ID 552427

Another hot day today! I hope you all are keeping cool 😎 I have just discovered that water won't kill me (Although I'm still suspicious) so I like to play in the paddling pool with my favourite toys. Mila won't entertain the paddling pool.. maybe it's cos she knows I'll try splash her 🙃😈
#pug #blackpugs #blackpug #puglover #puglife #adoptedpug #pugsofig #rescue #rescued #rescuedog #rescuedogsrock #rescuedogsofinstagram #adopted #adoption #adoptdontshop #paddling #pool #coolingdown

❤️REENIE UP FOR ADOPTION❤️ Reenie is a 2 year old gorgeous girl. she has a twisted front paw but this doesn't affect her in anyway .
Reenie loves her food! She will need ongoing training with waiting to be fed as she gets very excited. She walks well but does pull and hates noise and traffic and needs more training with that too. Loves cuddles but does jump up a lot. She also chases the cats but will listen when told to leave them! They have never got up close and personal.
We think she will benefit from someone who is home most of the day and can give her plenty of attention, love and care. She seems fine with other dogs, she can be boisterous and playful. She sleeps in a crate but with the door open most of the time. But has been left for short periods of time with it closed. Has had one or two accidents but on a whole is house trained.
Due to her boisterous nature very young children wouldn't be suitable unless you are used to this behaviour.
She travels well . Reenie can't be spayed till the autumn she needs to have Two teeth removed and her nostrils may need widening. We will cover this cost.
Reenie can't be rehomed with entire males for this reason. You will be asked to sign a covenant and her Adoption will be official after she is spayed .
If you think you can offer Reenie her forever home please fill in our online Adoption form via the link below.
Good luck sweetheart your forever home awaits you ❤️🐶🇬🇧

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