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I wrote this one year ago today and it couldn't be more true. ❤

To the monsters that tried to break my boy:

I look at this face and to me, it feels like I've been looking at and loving it forever. I can't imagine life without this gentle, handsome, loving, oversized baby boy in it. It's almost unfathomable to me that this very time last year you were looking at this same face and saw nothing but a disposable tool that held no worth. This time last year you were putting him through the very torture that has left his sweet body riddled with scars.
Sometimes I look into his deep, knowing eyes and I wonder to myself, how long did he have to endure it? How long did he take the beatings without letting you beat him down? How many times did you try to rob him of his strong will and his beautiful spirit? How much pain did you put him through in an effort to break him before you excepted defeat and tossed him out with the trash?

However, your answers to all of those questions are irrelevant. You see, the real answers, the truth is, you didn't, you couldn't, because he wouldn't.

Please know you lost this fight. You made him the "bait" because you thought he was weak, he proved that he was a fighter. He waited you out. He lasted longer in the ring than you did. He persevered against the odds and now it's he who has the Rocky theme song playing in the background, not you.

You will never know one second of the love and adoration this dog feels every minute of everyday. You will never get your disgusting hands on him again. The scars you left are only on the outside and now just serve to add to his charm.

So to you, the monsters who tried to break my boy and failed miserably, if you would like to see how a dog is supposed to be treated, please feel free to follow us on instagram!
Charlie's Forever Family

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Pickle loves a car ride, but has no clue he is on his way to be neutered. He is a character & loves giving kisses!! Good luck with your neuter! ✂️ ❤️#puppickle -
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"Just 5 more minutes ok?" 😴😍 8 year old foster dog Suzie is proving to be the dream girl, dream dog, dreamboat who we knew she was! Suzie has slept soundly through the night and peacefully hung out home alone during the day while her foster moms were at work. Her foster, Katy, updates: "She is amazing. She's such a little sleeper! All day just hung out and snoozed on the couch. 😊She's great. So adaptable and easy. She also knows all of her commands: sit. Shake. Lay down. And wait for her food." For those just learning Suzie's story, she had been surrendered to the city shelter with the reason given as "new baby and no time" for Suzie. Thankfully, with the teamwork of @fosterdogsnyc and @shelterchic, Suzie was able to move into foster care (thank you to her fosters Katy and Julia!) while she waits for her forever home. And Suzie is every bit of amazing that we knew she would be! Senior dogs are awesome dogs! ❤️ #seniordog #fosterdog #adoptdontshop #adoptdontbreed #rescuedogs #bestdogs

Riggins, the 2yr old mutt. Showing off his Versace accessory poop bag.

Gma apologizes for her glass-cuttingly piercing tone. That Cat's cuteness undoes her is her plea. #youdecide #apugnamedcat

I don't know why my toys need a bath. They smell fine to me!
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But wait, there's more! For the low, low price of $19.95 (plus S+H), we'll throw in this special edition window cleaner. You won't find this limited offer anywhere else! Act now!
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Check out @northcentralshelter if you are interested in Frodo! 😀


In honor of #nationalpuppyday here's these 2 lazy bums not wanting to get out of bed... #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogs

This little one came for a morning snuggle and a face lick today #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #shesaprincess #stillacrazycatlady

Some mean human left these babies in the street last night. Luckily Daddy was working and saved them!! #rescuepups #animalrescue #savethepuppies #adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescue #rescuedogs

Never a dull moment around here. 🌳🐕Or is she a 🐈? 🤔
I wonder what Powders thought process was here? #dogsofinstagram #dogintree #neveradullmoment #rescuedogs #fureverhome #adoptdontshop #pitbull #rescuepit

All Smiles in the Elevator! #happy #smile #happydog 📸@blowmearainbow

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