Fear is the enemy of progress.
We've all had that one moment of panic, and when we interpret a scenario that places our loved ones at risk, we act upon it.
It's okay to be upset, seeing this lizard tethered like this, but know that the motivation of the act didn't intend for hurt (or destruction). And so, we use the opportunity to engage and teach about the monitor lizards in Singapore- how they are skittish with us and running away in a comical gait, yet how graceful they are when they swim the canals or climb a tree. And as they forage and scavenge for a feed, they may be oblivious to their surrounding and our presence (just like we may be when there's a chocolate cake in front of us).
Help us share about Singapore's wildlife, because information is key to learning, and learning is key to self development.
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If you notice the leaves on your plants are looking odd...maybe they look wilted or turned over...don’t assume, INSPECT.
After noticing that my new citrus tree’s leaves were looking wilted, my first instinct may be to assume it needs some water. But since we have had good rain, I took a closer look. And sure enough, there were several Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillars napping away until tonight when the sun goes down and they will continue munching away.

These are NOT pests and I will not kill them. If my trees were larger, I would let them continue eating away but since these are young plants, I can’t afford to let them eat the whole thing.

Instead, I will be relocating them to much larger citrus trees growing in my area where they can eat to their heart’s content and not do any significant damage to the host plant.

Sorry lizard...I just moved your easy lunch.


Another day, another bat. Holes in the bat wing membrane are fairly common, it could be due to a number of natural causes #michiganbats #rescueandrelocate

I rescued this little guy from the middle of a highway. 🐢It’s a miracle that he (nor I) got hit. He is now living a happy life in highland park #🙌🙏💚 #easternboxturtle #rescueandrelocate #savetheturtles #turtlerescue #pennsylvania #pittsburgh #savealife #stopforanimals #iliketurtles #rescueandrelease #socute

Nice healthy shingleback I just relocated; the locals call them bobtails. #lizard #rescueandrelocate #shingleback #me #westernaustralia #lizardsofoz

Made a new friend, needed to relocate him during cleaning.

Saved this little guy from being run over today! I saw him trying to cross the busy road and immediately u-turned. I anxiously waited as a pick-up truck straddled him as they sped by. Luckily, the kind woman behind him saw that I was trying to get to something and stopped. Rescued and relocated to a much safer place. Enjoy your new home, Mr. Turtle! 🐢🐢 #turtlerescue #rescueandrelocate #nj #nofilter #nature #live #life #love

River birch removal got a little squirrely today. #rescueandrelocate #squirrelbabys #treelife #parrishtree

Honeybee rescue.
Upon leaving the pool tonight (kids turn to swim) we saw a honeybee swimming on the surface, surprisingly well. Concerned the kids stopped to figure out how to make the rescue. Fully clothed and already one hour past "no juniors in the pool" rule, we turned to see a kind man lounging still wearing his bathing trunks! Asking kindly if he would rescue the honeybee for us, he gallantly jumped up. @falconsdream quickly put honeybee on her hand to transport over to a flower. But honeybee preferred her warm hand to dry off. Then I tried to help and bee stayed on my hand for a long time grooming herself.
Did you know that gardens that have pools can have a more difficult time with plants getting pollinated because the water is a death trap zone for bees. They look for water to drink but often drown in big bodies of water.
Be sure to leave out shallow water dish with pebbles so bees and wasps and butterflies can safely stop for a drink.
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Yesterday I learnt how to catch a dugite with a little help from Kev cause snakes are HEAAAVY when you're holding them a metre away from your body 😰🐍Thanks again Cameron, Kevin, Bob & Anne for such an incredible experience! #bobcooper #rescueandrelocate

A seriously beautiful example of a wolf spider.
Found this beauty on the reusable bag that @vvictorygardens uses to bring compost or organic soil. #reduceandreuse
The bag had been sitting aside waiting to be returned so I guess spidey took ownership. I relocated her to the corner of the garden. But check out spiders' head...is this why they're called wolf spiders? The markings on the head sure looks like a wolf's head from this angle! I'd never noticed that before.
#wolfspider #spider #rescueandrelocate #rescueandrelease #organicsoil #reusebags #helptheenvironment #avoidlandfills
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Green Back Turtle
1st rescue & relocation...welcome to wildlife everywhere!
Horses tethered at side of road, lots of dogs roaming and saw one cow and calf tethered.
Driving along highway in Belize spotted this turtle making his way across (bad idea - super fast drivers on this road). Currently reading about #carolruckdeschel (via @nutritiousmovement recommendation) #Untamed by #WillHarlan who's life mission has been to preserve sea turtle population. Interesting to be in position to help one. Our driver/guide found a deep waterway to release this sweetheart.
#naturalrhythm #dotherightthing #greenbackturtle #turtle #rescueandrelocate #belize #centralamerica

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