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second little killed squamata friend I found in less than a day, please watch where you are going y'all. pretty sure this one is a pine woods snake, can anyone confirm this id? #brakeforsnakes #wildlife #reptileawareness #floridafauna

The children are the future!! Education is the πŸ—, #reptileawareness #reptilesrule

Today I became a turtle whisperer🐒 #todayinTC #reptileawareness #teacherslearning

Meet Oscar the Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko. He's absolutely gorgeous, and has been a part of my life for a little over a year. But I just want to give a little heads up about #reptileawareness make sure that this coming winter that all your captive little friends have everything they need. Just because they live indoors, doesn't mean they won't get a little chilly. I'm even half tempted to knit him a little sweater πŸ˜‹ #reptileappreciationpost

A little throwback photo from a few summers ago when I first started getting to know the creatures in my backyard. Let's give ALL animals the respect they deserve 🐍#ReptileAwareness

Doing what I love. πŸ’šπŸπŸ’š
#reptilesrule #reptileawareness #reptileeducation #bekindtosnakes

EFFIE making herself comfortable in the Lilley Clan. Welcome baby girl #southwestcarpetpython #reptileawareness #loveourreptiles #snek #noodle


The children are the future!! Education is the πŸ—, #reptileawareness #reptilesrule

RIP Flinn πŸ’šSorry to share such a disgusting and sad video but this should be an eye opener to those who buy reptiles and do NO research on how to care for them. He went from sluggish to this in just 4 or 5 days. This exact situation happened to Smeagol, his previous owners didn't use proper uv lights, dirty tank, he was dehydrated, no vitamin powder, list goes on. I moved him to a bigger tank, proper lighting, food, vitamins, baths everyday, humidity, etc but this can be alot of atress to a beardie with MBD !!! The vet confirmed yesterday he did in fact get mbd and with reptiles the stress of a new environment even though its what he should have been living in, his bodies immune system cant handle it, whole body turned black, very sluggish, and sick. In just 4 days he was lifeless, Im so glad I got him to the doc when I did, it was flashbacks of when Smeagol did the same thing. Reptiles can get sick from simply not using correct lighting or not using calcium and then can go from bad to deathly sick in days. It's your job to do reaearch and take care of them. I made the decision last night to peacefully put him down and save him from anymore suffering. He's burried next to Smeagol outside my back yard. I'm so glad I could save you for the ahort time I did and you had a peaceful death rather than live like that and slowly suffer from mbd. #reptileawareness #doyourresearch #theydontdeservethis #brokenheart #reptilesareamazing #mbdisnojoke

Sparkles from The Unicorn Project, dropped in to meet some locals. #caringforreptilessouthwest #theunicornproject #lampinc #room226 #mentalheathawareness #reptileawareness

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