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The beauty of human reproduction system #thebeauty #human #reproductivehealth #reproductions

For #givingnovember we are currently donating 10% of every Daysy sold to @womensvoices - we are proud to support an organization that has determinedly campaigned to #detoxthebox and worked toward safer menstrual care products like tampons and pads. Hormone disrupting chemicals in products we use - from tampons to cosmetics to cleaning products - are an obstacle to healthy fertility and reproductive wellness. Read their report #chemfatale and learn more. #womensvoicesfortheearth

@elleboxco might just be my new bff because it showed up at my door this month with organic feminine hygiene products, chocolate, body butter and essential oil spray. This is pretty much the ultimate way to do a monthly subscription box. Check out my latest video to see what showed up! #periodpositive #pamperyourself #ellebox #myperiodstory #subscriptionbox #youtuber #unboxingvideo #reproductivehealth #organiccotton

✨Newly listed! ✨ We paired our Ritual Steam (which is pretty awesome in itself and can be used as either a face steam, yoni steam or a sacred bath tea) and paired it with a beautiful yoni egg of your choice (rose quartz, labradorite, or clear quartz). This Yoni Gift Set is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who is looking to naturally heal their sacred space and increase their creativity, confidence, self-empowerment and connection to the divine 🙌🏻 Have you used a yoni egg or yoni steam before? What are your thoughts? 😊💗

Não. 🚫
Isso é proibido pelo Conselho Federal de Medicina e pelo Código de Ética Médica. Através da reprodução assistida é possível sim determinar o sexo do embrião, mas a seleção do embrião de acordo com o sexo só pode ser realizada na tentativa de evitar doenças genéticas ligadas ao sexo, como, por exemplo, a hemofilia.
#reproductivehealth #medicinareprodutiva #reproducaoassistida #meninooumenina #fiv

You know what’s really unfun? #ReproductiveHealth stuff! But you know what’s totally and utterly necessary?? Reproductive health stuff and check ups. So let’s start talking about it and let’s tear down the veil of secrecy surrounding women’s bodies and our health. I mean we have men in power that know absolutely nothing about vaginas and uteruses and yet they think that they deserve to make decisions about ... well those exact body parts. It’s maddening. I am so so lucky to have healthcare. But that in itself is a ridiculous statement because #healthcareisahumanright. Let me tell you a story. All this year I have been steadily gaining weight despite having a reasonably healthy diet and exercising frequently (five days a week usually). I have been spotting in between periods. My periods have also been unpredictable. And also I have to pee. Constantly. And when I have to go I really have to go. But the weight gain didn’t make any sense to me and to be honest I was starting to feel nuts. But also sad because most of my pants don’t fit right now and that’s depressing. After my pelvic exam my doctor was like “wow, did you know you have fibroids?” Big ones too. The biggest one is about the size of a small lemon. And one that’s pressing on my bladder (hence the frequent bathroom use). I’m glad to finally know because some days my stomach looks like I’m pregnant and it’s really depressing because most people are pregnant right now and my body is like “here’s some benign tumors, bitch”. All this is to say, get your check ups. Especially if you can. And feel free to talk about. And even if weird shit is going on, just know you aren’t alone because actually fibroids are super common but that doesn’t make them any less sucky. I have my follow up appointment with my OBGYN on Monday to see how we proceed from here. I have a feeling they’re coming out. Because I haven’t decided whether or not I want to rent my womb to some ingrate who will later tell me I’m ruining their life ... but being as that sounds pretty cool ... I want the option. In my current state my options are limited. But I feel better already just knowing.

11th Oct.2017.
Intl' Day of the Girl Child 👭
#WCW to every other Girl Child out there in the universe.
Yes.... We do matter!
#ReproductiveHealth #Contraceptives #GenderBasedViolence #relationships

Beyond Beijing Committee is using the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure women in Nepal have the reproductive rights they deserve. Click the link in our bio to meet four more groups working to advance #reproductiverights worldwide! #MyBodyMyPower #feministfriday #reproductivehealth


Fertility tonics are just one of tbe beautiful things we as naturopaths get to make up for our patients.
Supporting them with balancing stress, fertility hormones, digestion, and nervous system is all part of ensuring the body is working towards preparing for conception.

The holidays always bring that awkward silence where everyone in my Mormon family interact with me as if I have no career at all. They've never once asked me how my day was when they see me in scrubs. But let's not pretend- I am defiantly proud of the work we do. I make no apologies. #werolldeep #redstate #prochoice #reproduction #abortionrights #abortion #feminist #girlgang #tentoesdown #reproductiverights #reproductivehealth #reproductivejustice #ihadanabortion

"Prevention Meets Fashion" event is about raising awareness about #safesex, #sexual and #reproductivehealth, #HIV, and #AIDS, and #STI Prevention... So, let's start the conversation while having fun and enjoying #fashion made out of #condoms! @onecondoms #preventioniskey #sexeducation #sexpositive
Interested in being a designer or sponsor, Contact, Nhakia aka @prevention_is_key by email in bio or preventioniskeyconsulting@gmail.com

Here's one more reason to love 💟 your body and to not ignore the signs of a urinary tract infection:

According to an article from NewsNation.In, "If the (urinary tract) infection continues to prevail or recur frequently and affects the upper tract (uterus, kidney or fallopian tubes), then this might impact the ability of a woman to conceive." .

#UTI #UrinaryTractInfection #FightUTI #womenshealth #fertility #reproductivehealth #askyourdoctor #cathaydrug #cathaydrugph #heart #love #health #fertility #conceiving

When My Tummy Hurts Donate-A-Copy drop made to @familytreeclinic
Family Tree Clinic is a sliding fee reproductive and sexual health clinic putting the focus on education, accessibility, and understanding. They have an online info center and chat option at www.familytreeclinic.org or can be reached at 651-645-0478.

Family Tree Clinic writes, "we’ve never turned a patient away if they couldn’t pay. Why? Because we have a deep understanding of the importance of reproductive and sexual health services. Poverty, oppression, lack of access and discrimination are just a handful of the barriers the people we serve face when it comes to getting their health care needs met.

We are determined to change that.

We believe each individual person is deserving of not only high-quality and affordable services, but also of affirming, individualized, and respectful care. It’s what people should expect from their health care providers. And that’s exactly what we deliver." .
If you would like to donate a copy to an organization, school, or library of your choosing for $10, PM me or donate at paypal.me/pointacu/10

#tummyhurtsbook #kidsbook #childrensbook #adultstoo #acupressure #selfcare #health #accessability #reproductivehealth #sexualhealth #familyhealth #familytreeclinic #donateacopy

🌿 have decided on a big, fat Latte if its a BFN ☕
I'll test in the morning and if I dont see my positive, I'll make one by treating myself to a sweet caramel latte! Sure, I'll get the runs and sure, the sugar rush will give me a headache but dammit a womans got to find even a hint of joy sometimes! 😅
Either way, two pink lines or a tall, corrugated paper cup... I'm going to have a good day and I'm not going to be disappointed.... (*maybe a little...)
#ttccommunity #ttc #infertility #clomid #support #reproductivehealth #100mg #confirmedovulation #2ww #tww #testtomorrow #nervous #hopeful

Holiday Rejuvenation 🌹Celebrating All Women! 🌹✨$35 V-Steam All Month✨. Book today 704-458-2070. 🍃Black Friday🍃Thanksgiving 🍃Christmas🍃#chaiyok #vsteam #reproductivehealth #yonisteam #wombhealth #vspa #wombcleanse #yonilove #chai_yok

My birthday is coming up on Thursday and I want to donate it to @plannedparenthood. You can donate on FB! https://www.facebook.com/donate/295617124258562/
If everyone donated $1, I’d reach my goal!
#plannedparenthood #birthday #birthdayfundraiser #fundraiser #money #birthdaygirl #charity #donate #donation #birthcontrol #reproductivehealth #reproductivejustice #facebook #goals #thanksgiving

Does mental health affect fertility? According to our latest survey, the majority of women think so. (🎨 by @4ndreadesantis)
We asked over 1,000 millennial women for their thoughts on reproductive health and fertility, and over 70% believe that mental health conditions can adversely affect fertility.
Click the link in our bio to read more about our survey findings on @bustle

Holiday Rejuvenation 🌹Celebrating All Women! 🌹✨$35 V-Steam All Month✨. Book today 704-458-2070. 🍃Black Friday🍃Thanksgiving 🍃Christmas🍃#chaiyok #vsteam #reproductivehealth #yonisteam #wombhealth #vspa #wombcleanse #yonilove #chai_yok

Holiday Rejuvenation 🌹Celebrating All Women! 🌹✨$35 V-Steam All Month✨. Book today 704-458-2070. 🍃Black Friday🍃Thanksgiving 🍃Christmas🍃#chaiyok #vsteam #reproductivehealth #yonisteam #wombhealth #vspa #wombcleanse #yonilove #chai_yok

Holiday Rejuvenation 🌹Celebrating All Women! 🌹✨$35 V-Steam All Month✨. Book today 704-458-2070. 🍃Black Friday🍃Thanksgiving 🍃Christmas🍃#chaiyok #vsteam #reproductivehealth #yonisteam #wombhealth #vspa #wombcleanse #yonilove #chai_yok

Estos son cuatro embriones que están en su día 3, es decir, 72 horas de evolución.⏳⏳👀
El día de hoy 21 de noviembre fueron transferidos a dos pacientes, 2 de ellos a cada una.✔
Esperamos pronto darles la noticia de que tenemos dos embarazos👐
¡Contáctanos, tu caso nos importa! #LIVV #GrupoLIVV #Fertilidad #Fertility #FIV #Embarazo #ReproductiveHealth #ReproducciónAsistida #Embriones

Dr. Danett Bean couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Stuyvesant Indie Bazaar! This year’s theme of Women Working With Women speaks to her heart. Come out starting Friday and see the unique and beautiful items that the vendors have for sale, informative workshops and then catch Danett at “Keeping Your Tank Full Through The Holidays” on Self Care Sunday!

Keeping Your Tank Full Through The Holidays: 3 Tips To Replenishment
Sunday, November 26th
at the Stuyvesant Indie Bazaar
489 Quincy Street
Price: Free

Join Dr. Danett Bean, women’s health specialist, author of the online bestseller A Taste Of Our Own Medicine, and speaker as she shares three essential and practical keys that can help you get through your holidays healthier and more intact. Autographed copies of her book, herbs and other wellness products for women will be available for sale. #bedstuy #stuyvestantindiebazaar #bazaar #holidays #blackfriday #holidayseason #communityevent #brooklyn

The Rashti Women’s Care team is proud to be Santa Barbara’s exclusive provider of @Femilift. Restore your feminine health by correcting concerns such as urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and dryness with FemiLift, a new laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is quick, painless and has no post-treatment downtime!

#FemiLift #FeminineRejuvenation

The countdown is on! In one week, MFHS will be eligible for up to $50,000 in matching donations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Every donation made on our Facebook page, or through Facebook fundraisers set up for MFHS will be matched. #GivingTuesday #FamilyToFamily

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