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#AGonIGSoapbox: I know many of you read Dr. Dre's GENERAL apology to the "people" he may have "wronged" when he was younger to which many of you screamed "BULLS***!!!!!!" This was done not because he had a sudden epiphany but because he is OFFICIALLY CORPORATE. He an officer of one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple. A company that has...STOCKHOLDERS. They do not want their bottom line messed with so, "Mr. Young we have written you a blanket statement which you will FULLY ENDORSE. You understand?" Besides which did you think he was going to address the women he has beat up by name??? Michel'le, Dee Barnes, Tairrie B, Plus countless others? Hell to the No! "Take this statement and watch My movie do $200 million at the box office!" Posted years ago:
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As illustrated by this letter, even the biggest and baddest rappers are insecure. Dre met his wife Nicole while she was married to former Los Angeles Laker Sedalle Threatt. From 1992-1994, Sedalle, who took over for Magic Johnson as Laker point guard(go back in my posts), was the Lakers best player. Sedalle's biggest problem was he LOVED mixing groupies recklessly. This allowed Dre to slide in and scoop Nicole. The same tactics Dre used to get Michel'le from Ice Cube, the "I CAN LOVE YOU BETTER" strategy, is what Dre used with Nicole. For Dre to even mention Sedalle in this "love letter" shows how fragile even the richest and toughest of tough guys can be. I guess the plan worked as he has Nicole, two kids and the "wild savage" that once was Dr. Dre is now tamed also known as "no more good good music".
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TRUTH!!!!!!! @Regrann from @mj_t_818 - I don't understand why people can't get it together and why people still "buy" #pits there's No Shortage of #dogs
Number one #bred and number one #killed 😤😢 My girl #spitting #truth ❤️ this chick
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A reminder! !!! This is happening now !!!!! Healthy litter of puppies , dead ... oh this person thought it was going to be so fun to have their dog get pregnant, have cute lil puppies... or they wanted their dog to experience mother hood lmao oh please..or u wanted to make some cash.. damn u bybs find something better to do like love ur dog , have them as a pet to be loved, u think they want to pop out 9 to 10 or even 11 pups for ur ass? Wake the FUCK UP we dont have a shortage of fuckin puppies or pit bulls at that...
U think its so easy ,u think ur puppies found good homes ,check back in a year or 2 , thats the age they are dumped or even sooner , i know i see it happening, dont try to justify shit to me
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